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  1. It is such a shame that I --and probably others --do not know what you're talking about. Is Rosario a pet? A child? On Saturday, the 17th, in addition to the "free-ish" beer does this gathering continue to be a fundraiser? Or are those attending simply welcome to order pizza at their own expense?


    When Rosario was born six years ago, after a 19 hour complicated labor, the doctors had bad news for Maria and Jesus, Rosario's parents. Rosario was blind, unable to move and prone to continuous seizures. The doctors did not think she would survive more than a year.

    Six years later, Rosario’s condition has improved slightly in that her seizures have been controlled by medication, but she is currently suffering from limb contractures due to lack of movement, and still needs 24 hour care. This is very difficult for her parents who have five other school aged children. Jesus feels lucky to have a job, but it pays very little, and money is scarce.

    Among the many tasks they must do to care for Rosario, Maria takes her to Guadalajara three times a week for physical therapy. She has to take three buses and walk a considerable distance, all the while carrying a limp 6 year old, who cannot even support her head, and all the supplies needed for the day (diapers, pureed food, medical documents, etc.) For a 9 am appointment in Guadalajara, Maria and Rosario will set off at 6:30 am and get back to the village at about 5 pm.

    Our plan is to get a solution for the transportation problem. We are going to get her splints and braces that have been recommended to try and help with the limb contractures. And we are going to help out with diapers which are a continual expense for the family.Her needs are quite specialized, so the equipment is expensive. But I am sure there are enough generous hearts out there that can help Rosario.

    For more info and how you can help, visit http://prylett.wix.com/help4rosario

    You can leave me a message or reply to the post. Thank you.

  2. after looking up Gabapentina I wouldn't touch the stuff. This is a serious med...NOT a sleeping med.

    "Gabapentin was originally approved in the U.S.. UU. by the FDA in 1994 as adjunctive medication to control partial seizures (still effective when added to other seizure medications). In 2002 we added an approval for the treatment of postherpetic neuralgia (neuropathic pain that follows shingles, other painful neuropathies, and nerve pain).

    Although it is "right" (ie, approved by the FDA), has been the effectiveness of gabapentin in the prevention of neuropathic pain and frequent migraines nystagmus.

    Gabapentin has also been used in the treatment of bipolar disorder. However, this use "not indicated" is becoming more controversial. There are some statements about the actions of gabapentin as a mood stabilizer and has the advantage of having fewer side effects than medications against more conventional bipolar disorder as lithium and valproate. Some small and uncontrolled studies in the 1990s, most of them sponsored by the manufacturer of gabapentin, suggesting that this drug treatment of bipolar disorder would prometedor.De However, recently, several controlled studies, double-blind, found Gabapentin which was not more effective (and in one study, less effective) than a placebo. Despite scientific evidence that gabapentin is not optimal in the treatment of bipolar disorder, many psychiatrists continue prescribiéndola for this purpose.

    Gabapentin has limited usefulness in the treatment of anxiety disorders such as social phobia and obsessive-compulsive disorder, in treatment-resistant depression and insomnia. Gabapentin may be effective in reducing pain and spasticity in multiple sclerosis.

    It has also been helping patients with chronic postoperative pain (usually caused by nerves have been damaged accidentally qe in an operation, and when they regenerate, are reconnected incorrectly). In this case includes a tingling sensation near or around the area where the operation took place, and intense sharp pains, severe pain after a lot of movement, constant moderate pain that lasts all day and a general feeling of weakness. These symptoms can appear many months after an operation and therefore the condition can progress without being discovered.

    Gabapentin is also prescribed to patients who are treated with anti-androgenic compounds to reduce the incidence and intensity of hot flashes following treatment.

    Gabapentin administered orally is one of the two medications (the other is the flumazenil is administered intravenously) for consideration as part of the treatment protocol known as Promise for addictions to alcohol, cocaine and methamphetamine. Gabapentin was given in doses of 1200 mg taken before bedtime for 40-60 days. Although the combination of infusions of flumazenil and gabapentin tablets is authorized treatment, there is no prohibition for an optional protocol prescribing gabapentin outside the Promise. There have been reports of meth addicts that gabapentin only administered at doses and times listed above have reduced withdrawal symptoms and almost eliminating anxiety and the desire to use methamphetamine (as of July 2007).

    It is occasionally prescribed gabapentin for the treatment of idiopathic subjective tinnitus, but a randomized double-blind controlled found it ineffective."

    Thank you, I was going to reply but you did an excellent job!
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