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  1. Thank you Spencer. Now if doctors would adopt HIPPA guidelines. I have witnessed so many violations.
  2. How far back does the time of the crime go? My " home invasion and theft " occurred about 2 yrs ago. I went to report it at LCS but the person responsible never showed up.
  3. When Rosario was born six years ago, after a 19 hour complicated labor, the doctors had bad news for Maria and Jesus, Rosario's parents. Rosario was blind, unable to move and prone to continuous seizures. The doctors did not think she would survive more than a year. Six years later, Rosario’s condition has improved slightly in that her seizures have been controlled by medication, but she is currently suffering from limb contractures due to lack of movement, and still needs 24 hour care. This is very difficult for her parents who have five other school aged children. Jesus feels lucky to have a job, but it pays very little, and money is scarce. Among the many tasks they must do to care for Rosario, Maria takes her to Guadalajara three times a week for physical therapy. She has to take three buses and walk a considerable distance, all the while carrying a limp 6 year old, who cannot even support her head, and all the supplies needed for the day (diapers, pureed food, medical documents, etc.) For a 9 am appointment in Guadalajara, Maria and Rosario will set off at 6:30 am and get back to the village at about 5 pm. Our plan is to get a solution for the transportation problem. We are going to get her splints and braces that have been recommended to try and help with the limb contractures. And we are going to help out with diapers which are a continual expense for the family.Her needs are quite specialized, so the equipment is expensive. But I am sure there are enough generous hearts out there that can help Rosario. For more info and how you can help, visit http://prylett.wix.com/help4rosario You can leave me a message or reply to the post. Thank you. Like This Quote MultiQuote Report
  4. Yes, if someone knows please answer. 11 and 12? Try 2-3am.
  5. Check page 37 in OJO this month. Dr. Benjamin Villaran is the surgeon who works with Anne Dyer and she facilitates the process and houses people after surgery in her B&B and provides RN's for post op care as needed.
  6. Wish I could agree. I know three people who do not share your recommendation.
  7. Directions to Love in Action Bazar Take Carretera (Hidalgo)to light... LEFT onto( Madero)...pass Pemex...make sharp RIGHT onto Peppe Guizar..( ship sculpture)continue down pass Mam Chey..at Hardware ( orange) make RIGHT ( will see big sign)
  8. or Love in Action , clothing bazar in Chapala. Big selection, very low prices.
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