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  1. I would post a picture but I don't know how. There were 2 black medium sized dogs who lived on the lake below me. I believe they were sisters. There was a man who fed them but he was not a squatter. He has been doing odd jobs like herding cows.This has been going on for several years. He had kept the federal land immaculate. I have not seen him for 2 weeks and the younger black dog is missing. The older one is heart broken, they both were always were seeking affection. If anyone knows if a shelter has a new medium black dog . Please pm me. I can send a picture via email. mycasa17@gmail.co
  2. I am trying to pm you...told to wait an hour
  3. If you go on their web site you will see the first page says choose a package and the Basic one costs 35.99 USD. per person per trip If you go down further you can choose 1 check in and it is free. 2 bags are 59.98 USD . You must have signed up on a good day.
  4. Watch the checks when you buy a ticket as they will charge you for stuff you might not want. Look at the details. Or Visa Versa. Absolutely, We had not traveled with Volaris for a good while. So I didn't realize they changed the web site. First you get to choose things like "reserve seat" etc , all have charges, but the way it is set up it looks like to have checked for check on baggage and the charge is$39.00. Well I wasn't happy about that but didn't know there was a choice. Later as I am scrolling down I see there is a free bag you can check in . I couldn't get it to erase, I was tir
  5. When I go to LCS, I park down by the lake. I like the man down there who washes my car (if needed) otherwise I pay him 10 p to watch the car. I really wasn't worried, I just like him but now I think this is a good idea.
  6. I totally agree. Commission is a more appropriate term.Kickback sounds sinister. This is his business. Would you get all those extras he provides from the dealer?
  7. I looked for it when I posted about my car. Where is it?
  8. Sorry but for sale ads not permitted on this board as stipulated by the board's owners. You can post this in the classified. Edited by moderator
  9. Thank you Spencer. Now if doctors would adopt HIPPA guidelines. I have witnessed so many violations.
  10. We have a problem with the fishermen on the lake. Normally they stay a few weeks and move on this time, it has been months. They are slowly approaching the federal land in front of our property. And it is staring to look trashy . I went down and picked up all the junk in front of my home and filled and huge dog food bag. Then went back with several large trash bags and asked them to clean up and told them to leave it at a spot where the garbage men would pick it up. I KNOW, DON'T HOLD MY BREATH. but just maybe?
  11. There are always charity bazars and consignment stores
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