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  1. Hi, Does anyone know how to reach Martine who has /had the liosk in frint od the hardware store? thanks
  2. Does anyone know about casita rentals by Dr. Leon and how to find out about them? Thanks
  3. Does anyone know how to reach Brian, a tax expert? Thanks
  4. I have been here 7 yeays. And yes I do speak functional spanish. Thanks for confirming that Mexicans seem to prefer Taco Bell. As someone said -, different strokes. I feel there are many good restaurants here and some even serve decent hamburgers. Still miss McD! Call me cheap and commercial!
  5. you claim how wonderfulk the tacos are here. In my experience they have a little mush and a lot of tortilla. Have had some good tacos in Guad. Why have to goi to Guad for good fast food?
  6. First, I love living here and never plan to return north. However,at the risk of a certain reaction of the Expreme Mexico Lovers/Purists, after seeing a commercial for Taco Belle, I really wish Taco Belle would arrive here for higher quality Mexican food. While further alienting the purists, why don't we have good fast food here from McD Or Burger K? The hamburgers here are either bad or very expensive..
  7. Hi, We recently lost our 14.5 yr old bichon/poodle. If you ever should have a poodle, bichon, combo, or an old english sheepdog, I would be very interested. Thanks, Phil Rowlatt 387 761 0125 carphil10@gmail.com
  8. How old is the mattress? Do you have a photo to share of the wood bed? Where are you located? Do you have any way to deliver in exchange for a small fee?



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