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  1. I am not a fan of nafta since the actual factory workers dont benefit with a good factory wage Most of these factories have close to 40% employee retaining problem. They get trained and they leave One company in tijuana has 2,400 workers and they stay an average of 5 years and they leave. Nafta should have gone both ways... allow used tires for the mexican citizens, allow used clothing for the mexican citizens.
  2. Not sure what to think about the article.... i came down with a friend and his lady and we got rooms at chapala real next to the lake. I had decided just to get rooms for 1 night. Next morning i told my friend "we are out of here" i was not pleased with the price they charge for the rooms. We went over to hotel danza del sol and were very pleased. When the reporter says the real the chapala is the most blah blah blah.... that is truly an incorrect statement
  3. I often purchase nob refurbished unlocked cell phones and bring them down to donate Kids tennis rackets would also be grest for the tennis courts at the lake. They are usually very cheap nob If your flying down bring some kids size tennis rackets to donate to the court for kids
  4. Road conditions.change from state to state.. i would replace your tires with 80,000 mile tires Service your coolant and a/c Google traza tu ruta to have your list of towns along the way... so when you reach a sign that says pereferico. You will know thats to avoid the next town and continue south Hermosillo you go through the town following the signs to next city Obregon you go through the town Every time i have made the trip my schedule was different But 100% after you pass obregon.. there is no place to sleep for at least 4 hrs I entered obregon around 6pm and thought i would find a no tell motel in a few miles.... felt very stupid driving at night and finally finding a motel about 11 30 pm
  5. Your stops should be made according to when you cross the border..... Hermosillo is an option Obregon is my personal fav.... The drive after obregon to next state is long.... i passed obregon at 6 30pm thinking a no tell motel would be near by south bound... it wasnt untill 11 45pm i found the place were the military took chapo before he was flown out
  6. Every state will have the 3 types..... nice , decent, nasty I traveled to the automotive factory state and would just remember the one that looked the best and i would turn around and stay at those... if it did not have an electric garage i would put 2 screw drivers in both sides to keep anyonr from opening garage I stayed in one that had 1 unit for 3,500 for 8 hours I asked to see it... 2 60 inch flat screens 1 10 foot bar with striper poles 1 lap pool on the back patio 1 bed 20 feet by 20 feet.... 2 leather sofas 30 feet in lenght 1 bad ### sound system
  7. Months ago we used it... it was in good condition before the rains They do have maint crews to fix issues
  8. International arrivals area has that restaurant right after you leave customs area by terminal exit. Better to be sitting then standing
  9. I always google Mexico sat peso. To get official current rate
  10. At least make sure you have usa insurance and canadian. My reg expired and i got pulled over nob.. showed my current usa insurance and proof i was living in mexico Officer let me go with no ticket
  11. As i said, its better to go into a facility in gdl that does these procedures daily and weekly with properly trained technicians and in environement where things are regulated
  12. I would suggest you make the trip to guadalajara to be taken care by a facility that does these treatments daily and have the proper personal
  13. I want to know the stories and ocean 11's games that are played on this community. Its better to be aware and know what to look out for. Its a shame but greed in mexico is a big problem
  14. I have used dhl plenty of times.... to eliminate any issues i always have the sender write "OCURRE" and the exact address of dhl on lazaro cardenas. This means i will show up to pick up item at that facility. Get tracking # and keep track till it arrives to gdl
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