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  1. You cant if you are a canadian resident no matter what your mexican status. Especially in BC. You can drive it into the US and store it below the border. I have looked into it and so has a friend and were told no. If you have a mexican DL and a BC one, keep it quiet and leave the mexican one in Mexico.
  2. I am currently in Canada Dan. My issue is I am very nervous about flying right now. I am not worried once down there. It will be a hassle to let my temporal expire, but I may have to. Fortunately I am only in my first year of temporal, its not like starting over in year 4. A lot depends on vaccine schedules. That seems to be happening faster than predicted, and at over 70 I will be in one of the earlier groups. Even if I get the first jab, I have enough time to go to Mexico between the 2 shots, and one shot still gives you some protection. Terry now qualifies for permanente so she can just redo as that, while I stay temporal, so we can still bring a car in for another year or maybe 2, til I buy a Mexican one. I can change temporal to permanente inside Mexico since its based on UMA not minimum wage. I want to pick the timing myself so I don't get blindsided again. You never know, if it happens once, it can happen twice.
  3. I know that but i have to be Mexico in the month before expiry. I am there most of time, but the experience with Covid has shown you can be blindsided. i am stuck in Canada and my 1 year expires next month. Since I am not willing to risk coming back right now, my only option is to re-apply. I would hate to get blindsided at year 3.5, so being able to choose the timing of going permanente is an advantage. As soon as I don't need to bring a vehicle in.
  4. from what I understand the UMA comes into play if you want to change your temporal to permanente within Mexico, in which case the qualifications are a lot lower amount. Maybe qualification amounts at consulates vary in the US, but in Canada they seem consistent. I may convert my temporal early. I hear you need statements translated into spanish. I am hoping I can get my bank to produce a statement of only my deposits and their source, for a 6 month period and stamp it to make that less complex.
  5. Connie at the Vancouver consulate warned me about this a few days ago. If I have to redo, I still qualify, so I am not too worried about it, but it is putting it further and further out of reach for most.
  6. Ok i need to get this clear since I am still wary. My temporal expires on Jan 6th. So, as things stand, do I have to enter Mexico before March 1st or can I come later (after the 55 days) when hopefully I will have been vaccinated? I have pretty well resigned myself I would have to start over, but if it is still doable past the 55 days, I will still fly down to do it. I do realize qualifications are likely to go up 15% after Jan 1st, but I will still make those (barely)
  7. I don't think any are, I know in Cnada, it comes down from the main embassy, so its consistent everywhere. To make things worse, AMLO is planning to raise the minimum wage by 15% on Jan 1st which will up the amounts by another 15%, putting it out of reach of all but the most affluent retirees.
  8. I live most of the year in Mexico, not full time until my parents are gone at least. I need to buy a car and my intention it to ultimately stay there. My issue is they keep raising financial qualifications and i may find myself priced out if I don't do it now. Either way i spend more time there a year (this one excluded) that the 6 month tourist visa allows.
  9. I can't see ever applying for citizenship. I like to keep a foot in Canada just in case I need to return for medical reasons, so I make sure i spend 5 months a year there. Plus I like summers in Canada. Winter sucks, though and I am stuck here this one because of covid. May eventually look for assisted living in mexico if I get too sick old and stupid to travel.
  10. that is good news. The reason I care is that if I fly down to renew which is not for sure yet, it depends on covid, I will be flying in during the 55 day grace period. I already have the immigration regs printed out to show them if there are any issues over that. If I feel it's still too risky to fly in during Feb, I will just start over.
  11. no i mean the INM slip they give you that you are supposed to produce when you re-enter. I would be flying back in. Confused.
  12. I have to wonder how you translate bank statements. They are just numbers. I will discuss with Teresa when I see her. Whether I can get down to renew temporal or have to start over, I will still use her regardless. BTW I was unable to get the exit slip when I drove across at Laredo the day of chaos (everybody trying to cross beofre it was scheduled to close) in March. They would only stamp my passport, they seemd to have no idea what I was asking for, evne though I showed them my card. Is that likely to cause me issues re-rentering? I am quite friendly with the visa person at the consulate in Vancouver. I am wondering if I should ask her to write them a letter on their letterhead explaining what happened, if she will do that. I am starting to wonder if it would be just easier to let mine expire rather than flying in and out during the 55 day grace period.
  13. I was told no, you can do it in mexico before your 4 years are up if you meet the financial requirements. I am currently in Canada. I need to do a quick in and out of PV before mid feb to do the one year renewal of my temporal. I intend to change it to permanente before the 3 years are up. I would rather control the timing so I don't get blindsided like this year. Wideside, that explains the dif
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