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  1. Spencer, when I enter next Oct, my RT expires in Jan, when I get the new card, can I somehow send you what you need to do it for me, assuming they won't give me a 180 day when I cross? I will try but I suspect they will tie it to my 1 year RT.
  2. HMM, just out of curiosity what about a canadian vehicle that has since been nationalized in mexico? I od know someone who was truend back at th eborder. The mexican plated car was being towed by his RV, he had to store it in the US until he went back south. I am wondering how the new USMCA may affect this: For greater certainty, no Party may adopt or maintain a prohibition or restriction on the importation of originating used vehicles from the territory of another Party after January 1, 2019. This Article shall not prevent a Party from applying motor vehicle safety or emissions measures, or vehicle registration requirements, of general application to originating used vehicles in a manner consistent with this Agreement.
  3. Car dollies: Anyone using one, and do you register it at the border? I will be towing a Honda Fit with my motorhome, but I need a 10 year tip on the motorhome as I want to leave it in Mexico. If they add the dolly chances are it will become a 180 day. That is what happened when I towed a cargo trailer in. I may put a bolt on hitch onto the Honda and add it to that one's 180 day, if I have to. I could tow it home empty even with a car that small. The dolly has no place to mount a plate. It needs one in BC. I have it in my glovebox. I would prefer to leave it with the motorhome in Mexico. I will be buying a mexican plated vehicle once I get residente, and may want to use it still.
  4. The car won't be leaving mexico, storing it in my brothe rin laws garage while flying out. I did actually drive my truck back home one christmas and reenter on the same TIP & tourist card. I always cancel the TIP on leaving mexico even with a 10 year. I have seen the scenario you describe more than once. I am now hearing you can actually can have a foreign plated RV in mexico under a 10 year TIP with residente permanente status. if true I do need to confirm this but that is what is looks like on the SATsite and I know a couple that are doing that. I need to have my Mexican partner call SAT and confirm or debunk that. Under regs for cars, they distinctly state you cannot have a foreign plated car when you have permanente. In the section on Casa Rodantes there is no mention of it. Its a new one on me. and Sonia too, if true. I suspect you cannot get a 10 year if you already have permanente, but I am thinking if you already have it, they dont care. Probably can't renew it. If you can read Spanish check it out. Its there in English as well, but I dont trust anything but the spanish version. A mistranslation on truck weights on the banjercito site has caused all sorts of issues with that issue. http://omawww.sat.gob.mx/aduanas/vehiculos/importacion_temporal/Paginas/automoviles.aspx http://omawww.sat.gob.mx/aduanas/vehiculos/importacion_temporal/Paginas/casas_rodantes.aspx
  5. yes but no plate mount, I just carry it in the glove box. In Bc they have to be licensed
  6. just 10 years would work. I am 70, by the time I am 80 I wont care about Rving. it would be nice to be able to leave it in mexico and go straight to residente permanente without having to remove it or nationalize it. I took it out last year and cancelled the 10 year on it. I was going to bring it in this year under my wifes name. Towing a car, but I would use that to get back to Canada 6 months later. I would like to leave the tow dolly down but I may be forced to tow that back with the car (honda fit) , empty.
  7. I will be looking for an older one around 3K, I don't want to have to bother with anything exceptt liability
  8. hmm I just had something pointed out to me on facebook. The Sat regs mention restrictions on automobiles with regard to permanente, but not Motorhomes RVS cars/trucks Could just be an omission
  9. I may want to do this. It is a rental return and only worth about $25 K right now. Wondering what the cost would be. If I get residente temporal I woudl have to do this after 4 years
  10. oh boy this is depressing. I was going to get residente temp or perm and go on imss. I am usually in mexico 6 months a year. Been covered until this dec through my wifes work. Wondering if my wife on tourist visa could go under me. Anyone know that? I am thinking of just good evac insurance and paying up front. Canadian medicare will pay some. premiums for travel medical are real high in canada esp after 71 and you have anything wrong like diabetes. (even controlled by diet) It would be nice if they offered cheaper with just emerg, rather than all the other stuff bundled in I could easily pay for upfront. Even a high deductible does not lower it much
  11. Thanks sonia. 3 years ago you answered the question about whether you could leave car in mexico under a 180 permit while you flew home temporarily. I am assuming you still can. As long as it leaves before the 180 days. That is what you pay the $400 for I have done this on a couple of occasions with no problem. One year i drove it to canada and back within the 180 days. Last year I flew to colombia (mex city) over christmas. The guy at the airport saw I had drivien in and sent me to the aduana. He just stamped the tourist card without asking to see the TIP.
  12. I think I may have my partner call the contact sonya mentioned and see if there is anyway to get that in writing
  13. so this still does not address the question of flying home and back when you have a car under a 180 day tip. I assume as long as the car is removed before the tIp expires thta is all they care about. A lot of conflicting info on this one. Or do you have go the aduana at the airport when you get back and let them know you have a new tourist card? Last year I flew out to Colombia and they sent me over to customs and the guy just initialed without looking at any vehicle permit. I had just a 10 year mootrhome that time. This year I will have a 10 year motorhome and a car.
  14. I usually have people asking me vehicle questions, now I have one. I want to leave my motorhome in mexico and tow a car down this year to drive back. Issue is it is on a dolly. Anyone know if I have to add the dolly to the TIP. That is an issue if its the motorhome, as I need a 10 year permit. I would like to leave it down there, but I am thinking I may have to get a bumper hitch for my Honda Fit and add it to that 180 day and tow it home. Unloaded, it should tow OK. I am wondering if I should simply not mention it. I was going to do the vehicles on line anyway. Anyone have any experience?
  15. OK here si another question can you sign up while a residente visa is pending. IE you have the special stamp in your passport. I may get permanente and have my wife get temporado which is good for 4 years, We would have to remove our RV at that time..
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