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  1. I was told no, you can do it in mexico before your 4 years are up if you meet the financial requirements. I am currently in Canada. I need to do a quick in and out of PV before mid feb to do the one year renewal of my temporal. I intend to change it to permanente before the 3 years are up. I would rather control the timing so I don't get blindsided like this year. Wideside, that explains the dif
  2. its not costs, its monthly financial income qualifications. If i applied for permamente at the consulate they say I need $4751 of after tax pension income or $190 K in savings. That is a lot. However when i multiply 500 x the UMA it comes out to about $2600 by doing it in mexico.
  3. i suspected it, but it surpised me how much lower the financial requirements are compared to what they are initially, trying to go permanente in Canada
  4. Is there still a fine during the 55 days? As far as convincing immigration. I have the immigration regs on my server. They are at https://mexicocaravans.com/Reglamento.pdf I intend to have these printed out and ready to show immigration. I guess if they give me a hassle I will ask to see the aduana. Unless your agent teresa can prewarn them I am coming. Its in section 160 on page 56.
  5. Can anyone explain going permanente while you are temporal before your 4 years are up? It looks like you have to prove financials 500 x UMA. Anyone have any idea what that amount translates to? If the daily rate is about 87 pesos, as I found on one site, that works out to about $2700 a month Canadian. If correct, that is considerably less than the $4751 it shows to go to permanete to start with on teh consul page. I would like to convert as soon as i no longer need my Canadian plated vehicle in Mexico. With the experience of covid, I am always concerned about being out of Mexico when my 4 yea
  6. my wife does. Not a big deal, originally it was supposed to be June
  7. heck try that in canada and you would get a $4000 fine, max is set at $750,000 but normally they have been fining $4000.
  8. when i did it at another consulate, I just printed out my bank statements then had the bank stamp each one
  9. Thanks Sonia. That will make it easier. One question. I have an address in Barra Navidad, Jal. If I have your agent in PV do my renewal, do I need to change that to an address in PV? Still in Jalisco. I am guessing the INM office in Melaque still takes 3 weeks or so.
  10. they are a lot stricter at the Canada/Us border, they wont let anyone cross period without an american passport, you can't even transit to mexico if you have a resident card
  11. They sure jumped in Vancouver. Direct to permanente is now out of reach for most retirees, $4750 a month in after tax income or $190,000 in the bank. My wife would just squeak under that for monthly income, I would not. If we can't get back in time to renew our temporal, I guess we will redo it all by having her go permanente, me temporal, then I apply for permanente tied to her. Still trying to find out from Teresa in PV if expiry renewals are now allowed past the 55 day period. She said she woudl check with INM when she can. With 2 friends dead of covid, I am not willing to get on a plane,
  12. still no covid payments for disabled
  13. Medipac was selling travel insurance to the USA to those wishing to transit to Canada by car or RV northbound with proof of IMSS or Seguro Popular coverage. They have now just stopped doing that. You have to purchase insurance before you leave Canada covering the entire period you are out of Canada which is very expensive. I have found some US based companies that will cover the 5 days it takes to transit the US to Canada. The maximum amounts are 50 to 150K depending on company and your age. That may be enough especially if you have skymed or something like that as well, but under some ci
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