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  1. Medipac was selling travel insurance to the USA to those wishing to transit to Canada by car or RV northbound with proof of IMSS or Seguro Popular coverage. They have now just stopped doing that. You have to purchase insurance before you leave Canada covering the entire period you are out of Canada which is very expensive. I have found some US based companies that will cover the 5 days it takes to transit the US to Canada. The maximum amounts are 50 to 150K depending on company and your age. That may be enough especially if you have skymed or something like that as well, but under some ci
  2. i booked a flight back there in November. No center seat occupants, 2 weeks later they announce they are going to sell center seats. That puts you 12 inches away from someone exhaling and at some point they are going to remove their mask to eat or drink something.
  3. That works in countries Like the US and Canada, but in a country with little safety net, people will take chances because they have no option, so I have to wonder how well it will work. People squawk about shutting down economies in the US and Canada, but they have it good. My parents who lived through the Blitz and rationing say this is nothing in comparison. Still the pits, however.
  4. you would think it would be getting cleaner. The mountains here in Vancouver are the clearest I can remember.
  5. i suspect the same may be true in the US with some areas getting 35% positives. I actually wonder if we are going to see partial herd immunity. If we assume people who have had it can't transmit it, then the number of transmitters will drop and in theory the spread will drop. Nice to think, but a crappy way to get there. It wouldl be nice if it can get down to a manageable level until a vaccine appears. Friends of mine in Melaque have it, he is in hospital in Manzanillo. Hardly any there, but tour buses from Guadalajara started to appear again. I am glad i decided to return to BC (Canada
  6. well may as well resurrect this. I am thinking it is different province by province. There is a guy in Calgary trying to sell an Jalisco plated vehicle back to mexico. They allowed him 3 months. Issue is the border is closed, but they may let someone transit with a resident card. BC ownt let you take one in, a friend had to store his below the border. Maybe with the new NAFTA, rules will change. Now I have a question. With residente permanente, can I drive a Canadian plated car in the Sonora free zone (No TIP required). I would like to store a Mexican car in san carlos and do a swap
  7. Spencer, when I enter next Oct, my RT expires in Jan, when I get the new card, can I somehow send you what you need to do it for me, assuming they won't give me a 180 day when I cross? I will try but I suspect they will tie it to my 1 year RT.
  8. HMM, just out of curiosity what about a canadian vehicle that has since been nationalized in mexico? I od know someone who was truend back at th eborder. The mexican plated car was being towed by his RV, he had to store it in the US until he went back south. I am wondering how the new USMCA may affect this: For greater certainty, no Party may adopt or maintain a prohibition or restriction on the importation of originating used vehicles from the territory of another Party after January 1, 2019. This Article shall not prevent a Party from applying motor vehicle safety or emissions me
  9. Car dollies: Anyone using one, and do you register it at the border? I will be towing a Honda Fit with my motorhome, but I need a 10 year tip on the motorhome as I want to leave it in Mexico. If they add the dolly chances are it will become a 180 day. That is what happened when I towed a cargo trailer in. I may put a bolt on hitch onto the Honda and add it to that one's 180 day, if I have to. I could tow it home empty even with a car that small. The dolly has no place to mount a plate. It needs one in BC. I have it in my glovebox. I would prefer to leave it with the motorhome in Mexico. I
  10. The car won't be leaving mexico, storing it in my brothe rin laws garage while flying out. I did actually drive my truck back home one christmas and reenter on the same TIP & tourist card. I always cancel the TIP on leaving mexico even with a 10 year. I have seen the scenario you describe more than once. I am now hearing you can actually can have a foreign plated RV in mexico under a 10 year TIP with residente permanente status. if true I do need to confirm this but that is what is looks like on the SATsite and I know a couple that are doing that. I need to have my Mexican pa
  11. yes but no plate mount, I just carry it in the glove box. In Bc they have to be licensed
  12. just 10 years would work. I am 70, by the time I am 80 I wont care about Rving. it would be nice to be able to leave it in mexico and go straight to residente permanente without having to remove it or nationalize it. I took it out last year and cancelled the 10 year on it. I was going to bring it in this year under my wifes name. Towing a car, but I would use that to get back to Canada 6 months later. I would like to leave the tow dolly down but I may be forced to tow that back with the car (honda fit) , empty.
  13. I will be looking for an older one around 3K, I don't want to have to bother with anything exceptt liability
  14. hmm I just had something pointed out to me on facebook. The Sat regs mention restrictions on automobiles with regard to permanente, but not Motorhomes RVS cars/trucks Could just be an omission
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