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  1. Would anyone lend me a medium size crate to fly a dog to his new home.

    I am accompanying the dog .  I am leaving Saturday Jan 13 and returning (coming back to Raquet Club)

    Jan 18 so I can return crate to you.

    I had " Beau " the dog for adoption and I am flying him to Cancun on Saturday then on Sunday he flies

    to Vancouver.  New Mom will have a hard travel case.

    If you cannot lend me one, can you sell me one.

    I have spent quite a lot of money between vet, health certificate and food to find Beau a beautiful home and new mom.

    We thank you in advance.


    Kate  9981045060


    BEAU the cuty..jpg

  2. Well dear Pappy.  My car his in order and there is nothing suspicious about my request.  I just don't want to drive it all by myself as a woman I don't feel safe on the highway and driving in Mexico City.  My friend drove the car to her home in Mexico City and now I need to have it move to Chapala.

    I don't understand why you are suspicious about being stopped by authorities.  The driver will have a letter signed by me, owner of the car, giving him permission to drive the car to Chapala, and the car has proper documentation to be on the road and I repeat the car is in good driving condition.

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  3. Hello I am looking for a good driver to pick up my SUV in Mexico City and bring it back to Lake Chapala.

    Please contact me if you offer this service.  The car has Jalisco plate, it is also fully insured and I will cover

    gasoline, highway toll and need to know how much you would charge me.  The car has personal effect in the back

    trunk and back seat full.  Car is in excellent condition.


    montero sport xl 2006.jpg

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