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  1. Thanks. I'll follow your suggestions.
  2. What days are these available, and what time of day? Thanks.
  3. lynleath

    Niisa's open?

    They were open at lunch time today.
  4. Thanks, Rony, for this info. We'll head into Chapala soon.
  5. Thanks. They do the best ribs!
  6. Thanks, Rony. Given that the social distancing directive has been extended, I assume the closure will be as well.
  7. Does anyone know if Jose's Place on the Plaza in Chapala is open for take-out meals, and if so, what hours? Thanks.
  8. When I applied through a facilitator nearly 14 years ago, my IMSS paperwork was also put under my maiden name, though all my other ID is under my married name. It was never an issue, until quite recently when I tried to book an appointment on-line for the local clinic. You have to enter your CURP and your IMSS ID number. Of course, no match was found because the names were different. I asked in the office at the local clinic how I could remedy the situation. The young fellow gave me a sheet of paper with the instructions of how to do it through the IMSS website. There was a form to fill
  9. The phone number on their Facebook page is 765-4546.
  10. Yes, shortly after 7:00 p.m., and it definitely sounded like an explosion. We live near Lazaro Cardenas and Revolucion, and it sounded like it was just west of us. Lots of sirens. I could smell smoke from my front door, but that could have been from a street bonfire at this time of year, or a wood-burning fireplace.
  11. What is the current procedure then for IMSS Renewal? It looks like it is not necessary to go to the office/clinic in Chapala first, nor to have Infantil photos done. What paperwork is required for presentation in the IMSS Office on Independencia Norte in Guadalajara? Thanks in advance.
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