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  1. There are 2 kinds of extender One is simply a repeater of signal (but requires a new SSID (Network name) One is to transfer over the power line - It can be complicated if you have 220V in your house because there are 2 different sources of 110V.
  2. I just re-attempted to login to my account It requires me to send them my Mexico election credencial - which as a foreigner, I do no have! There seems to be no way around it.... I tried sending US Passport - but they want what they want -- that we foreigners cannot possibly have And I have never been able to reach the company by any phone number I've seen. I think they have made themselves so proudly secure that they have eliminated customers like me. With no way to complain or ask for help .... or any thing else..... These secure security geniuses have blocked a lot of customers that could buy and pay..... If you have some means of contacting these secure locos, please.... Send them a link to this conversation so they'll know just how stupid their security geniuses are and how they have cut off paying customers thanks
  3. I'll bet Im not the only one..... I have used Mercado Libre in years past I just tried to get on, but its not possible My account has an old and unused TelCel number. They want a foto ID.... from INE or ... BUT I dont have one and Im just permanente so I cant get one.... How can I tell the (mis)management at Mercado Libre that there are many non-citzens in Mexico that cannot give a foto ID that they accept but would like to purchase via Mercado Libre. I could provide my Permanante Visa, a Passport or other official documents. Any ideas??
  4. HI Isn't "gregs" one of the shops in lowerSanAntonio I think the place by Letra is actually Al Rivas' I've used Al and he is good
  5. Harry B? What is your status to "try to get transito to honor...." Are you part of the Mexican government here?
  6. Read the bylaws of your community. I believe you'll find that the conduits are owned by the homeowners. If so, the homeowners could tell telmex to remove their cable and allow another company to use them, Or perhaps the conduit could be shared if the homeowners chose.
  7. What kind of phone? Rooting androids is pretty common You will loose warranty (probably) If you do it, use Magisk
  8. Take a look in SAT at the hardware and/or lighting stores next to the sun???cafe.
  9. Suggestions for person to repair or alter clothes. Thanks
  10. I expect you have some sedimentation filters before water enters your aljibe/tinaco/house If you have 2 filters, replace the first one with the cleanable/reusable pleated paper filter. Replace the second with a charcoal filter. It will remove most odors including the hydrogen sulfide (rotten egg) odor.
  11. I suggest talking to your neighbors. Maybe you can work out a sharing arrangement. I know some houses in PA are owned by weekenders from Guadalajara. It is technically feasible. Good Luck
  12. Repellant yes Mosquitos per se --- I'm not sure - SOme use it for flies Look in El Torito...
  13. It's been several days and I've seen nothing on this board Pepe - yes Aurora's Pepe has died. Stop by her little place (la Casita) She can use the support.
  14. Hi,

    My message was based on the TWO messsages defending the restaurant.  BOTH said that they are a charity.  I do not believe that is true.  You should open the topic and let them reply! If they dare.


    If you are friends of the folks there, perhaps you'll let them know that their reputation is contrary to "We are a charity".  Unless the owner is the beneficiary of the charity...

    Closing the topic as you did certainly shows that Chapala.com is afraid of what might have come next!

    DO you think you did them a favor?


  15. So do you want someone to pay you to share the programming you purchase from Shaw? Does the other person need a dish as well? Would this person get to use his own name, phone number, etcx when calling shaw?
  16. What is water purification? Do you have Reverse Osmosis (really heavy duty filtration including carbon)? Or What most have...UV light plus sediment/particle filters In our house, we have the UV/filter stuff and R.O in the kitchen.
  17. It comes up because it is a set of tests that can be performed as part of a complete water test. It is expensive to get donee. Thats why it comes up. Do you know whats in your water or do you care. Just out of curiosity, why does anyone think the water in plastic jugs or plastic bottles is OK.
  18. Has your condo/coto had water tested for radioactivity. It can be done It is VERY costly.
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