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  1. Read the bylaws of your community. I believe you'll find that the conduits are owned by the homeowners. If so, the homeowners could tell telmex to remove their cable and allow another company to use them, Or perhaps the conduit could be shared if the homeowners chose.
  2. What kind of phone? Rooting androids is pretty common You will loose warranty (probably) If you do it, use Magisk
  3. Take a look in SAT at the hardware and/or lighting stores next to the sun???cafe.
  4. Suggestions for person to repair or alter clothes. Thanks
  5. I expect you have some sedimentation filters before water enters your aljibe/tinaco/house If you have 2 filters, replace the first one with the cleanable/reusable pleated paper filter. Replace the second with a charcoal filter. It will remove most odors including the hydrogen sulfide (rotten egg) odor.
  6. I suggest talking to your neighbors. Maybe you can work out a sharing arrangement. I know some houses in PA are owned by weekenders from Guadalajara. It is technically feasible. Good Luck
  7. Repellant yes Mosquitos per se --- I'm not sure - SOme use it for flies Look in El Torito...
  8. It's been several days and I've seen nothing on this board Pepe - yes Aurora's Pepe has died. Stop by her little place (la Casita) She can use the support.
  9. Daniel is still in business. I think some things he sells are consignments. why not see what he might create with your old stuff.
  10. so, I thought that passing on the lib was forbidden by the yellow line
  11. The piece you show is a way water is exposed to UV light to kill some biological contaminants. Even if the light is on, it could be old with diminished effectiveness. Yearly replacement is usually recommended. If I came into a rental property, I'd replace it right away. Also, there are probably some "sediment" filters that, where I live, I usually replace every two-three months. I check them monthly since the amount of sediment varies. Near San Antonio, there is a "Home Services" place (also housing "Handi Mail"), and In central ajijic, there is H2Ole in the plaza with El Torito and West of town in the center with "Pacifica" there is Tech Agua. All can repair and replace bulbs , ballasts, filters, etc. Some people use Garafons of water for drinking. Some use Reverse Osmosis. Some drink from the tap. Just depends on how strong your body is and how good the source of the water is nad how clean the pipes are ...and...and...and....
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