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  1. I know better than to try Chinese food here.
  2. I ate the chicken burritos(2) and they were tasty and filling.
  3. What about snowbirds that have birthdays when they are gone. Need more thought before suggesting changes perhaps, in my opinion.
  4. I complain with my wallet and my feet.
  5. It is better to be tried by twelve than carried by six.
  6. TioBob

    La Mesa restaurant

    My wife and I had the best lunch in 12 years in this area. The Cobb salad, La Mesa special, bean soup, tacos pastor and a very nice Cabernet all excellent. Try it you may like it.
  7. Thanks to those that replied. We have enough for your needs.
  8. Free moringa leaves. PM me and you can pick your own. I will shade dry them for you.
  9. I could care less about your ute and it is OFF topic. Can't you follow the rules or are they only for the rest of us?
  10. So coons, how do you feel about increasing the speed on that dangerous section now?
  11. 2.5 inches right below you in Upper La Floresta.
  12. Many (11) years ago I made a soaker tube out of pvc pipe and fittings. I drilled holes around it and have been using it since without any problems.
  13. Amen Gringal. I trust this won't be considered a religious posting.
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