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  1. We have used one of our Children's address as our residence, they sort out the junk and send down any relevant mail via FedEx,., DSL....You can opt for electronic brokerage items,,also can buy and sell securities and have bills paid on-line and funds transferred to and from multiple financial institutions on-line..Never been a problem..Relatives or trusted friends..and on-line answers 95% of all your needs..
  2. If you want good service and good food go to Tango...
  3. Come-on that was many,many years ago long before Uber was even envisioned. Plus the shooters were actually after another drug lord and the Cardinal was either a mistaken victim or in the line of fire..
  4. Remember that used car dealers have a different heaven and hell than the rest of us....
  5. I highly recommend Juan Carlos Perez Hererra. He's not only an architect, but also has his own construction crew - which keeps costs down His style is modern design but with a touch of Mexican charm. 33 11 27 93 37 (cel) or juancarlos.espacios.arq@gmail.com. He has several homes in the area so you can see, first-hand, the quality of his work. Speaks better English than I do, if that's a factor. Suerte!
  6. Anyone have knowledge or experience with this service..May provide Netflix service here?? Getflix Lifetime Subscription for $39 StackSocial offers a Getflix Lifetime Subscription for $39. That's tied with our January mention, $816 off, and the lowest total price we could find. (A 1-year subscription costs $33.18 alone). This service allows you to access popular streaming services globally without a VPN. Deal ends June 10. Note: This offer does not include subscriptions to Netflix, Hulu Plus, Vudu, or other streaming services; it's just the VPN service. You can read this online at: http://dealnews.com/1696532.html
  7. Just for info for the rest of us what was the item that Aduana took exception with? We may be able to avoid your problem in the future..
  8. The previous post supports what has been the story on Escalers for years ..I assume that some of their work is legit but there are too many of their shady diagnostics with the vehicle owner taking their vehicle somewhere else to find that the fix was a minor issue and not the major work or rebuilt that Escaleria said was needed. Proceed with caution..
  9. We had Spencer's office file the paperwork with INM when we moved after receiving our Perm.. Had to supply some documentation, ie., electric bill,maybe copy of deed..Actually easy as it was all done by his staff online...
  10. The easiest method is to stop by the CFE office in Chapala and use the payment machine or a cashier and pay in advance..called "anticipado". I put in enough $$ to cover our bills for approximately 6 months. The bill still arrives or can be checked online...It will show a 0 balance, you will have to keep track of your credit balance ..Have done it for several years without any issues..
  11. I totally agree..We have used his services and talent for over 10+ years..He has built custom matching shelving for our kitchen. Numerous cabinets,chairs, end tables, desks, benches,stools ,,etc. Just today I purchased a huge Talavera bowl that my wife has been eyeing for 2 years in his shop...A real craftsman and artist...And a great guy..
  12. The problem,as mentioned earlier, is estimating your average monthly water usage when you do not have a meter. One can buy a non-Simapa meter and have it installed by your own plumber at your turn off valve..Monitor for several months for liters used, do the math and then determine whether it is better to have a Simapa meter installed or continue with the unlimited usage annual bill. My bill had grown over the years with a large property, large house with 11 bathrooms, gardens and pool to over $3000.US/year..But my help and plumber both told me not to get a meter as it would cost more...Never did find out if they were correct or not..The bill went up every year and the only discount was for paying, in full, early...
  13. What is the brand of Tequila you are drinking?
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