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  1. Truer words are seldom allowed on this venue...Hope they prevail the censor's fingers of doom..
  2. Yes, almost directly across the highway from Telecable on the Lateral.. Great guy, an artist and craftsman who delivers on his promises. Has neat items and furniture in his shop or show him a photo and he can build it/duplicate it..
  3. MY question still remains..When or if will the Driver Licensing Officials return to Chapala to renew and test for new licenses?? It was all set up back in August and cancelled at the last minute..ostensibly to be rescheduled to accommodate the large group who stood in line with their documents and receive our #ed card.. Any accurate info??
  4. Take your "SS Minnow" to P.V. or any repair person locally that works with fiberglass as they do excellent work.
  5. I would leave the water pump bill alone..Don't stir up trouble..CFE is no friend and you have a great rate now..My thoughts..
  6. If your info is correct then you have a big problem..The water pumps will continue to need electrical service to function as will the street lights..Someone will have to deal with the the electrical company..Suggest you contact a lawyer..Spencer would be a good 1st choice..Good Luck in Santa Maria..
  7. The only issue is the highway/road one has to travel after the turn-off from the Guad.-Chapala Hwy...Because of all the heavy truck traffic it has potholes and craters that would swallow and digest all the Golf Carts and ATV in Ajijic and Chapala..Dees is a nice place for your pet..the road may be the worst in Jalisco...Not her fault..
  8. Several months ago, (July), there was a sign up for new licenses or license renewals. This was all going to happen in Chapala . The testing was cancelled and we were told that it would be held in a week so. After 2-3 weeks I stopped by the Sec. of State office and asked when the license renewal would take place and she said in a few weeks. All we received was a numbered card that the color determined whether you were going for a renewal or taking the written and driving test. We are now in OCT. with no word and I am back in the States till Dec..Did this fiasco ever take place or are we still WAITING?????
  9. An hour or so before you leave your home go online and check with the airline/flight # they are on to assure that it is on time. Leave you house 10-20 minutes prior to the scheduled arrival..Then do as tomgates recommended..Nothing worse than arriving at the airport only to find that their flight is an hour or more late arriving..There will be 2-10 Mexican family members at the airport arrival area awaiting each family member arriving regardless of time of day or night..LOL
  10. Man.. This news is a bummer..I check your site daily and will miss it..Good luck in your future travels Tomas
  11. Meloxicam is known as Mobic works as an Non steroidal anti-inflammatory that is much easier on the digestive system but you need to assure that the patient drinks plenty of water (human or animal) to minimize potential kidney issues..Hope it works for Virginia..It is available in Mexico w/oa prescription..
  12. The mobile unit is supposed to return but no date scheduled yet.There were maybe a 100 or more who signed up at the end of Aug. for their renewals or new license/ exam but the mobile unit did not show up on the appointed day..Still waiting with our "NUMBER" that we received on sign up day..
  13. I went by the Sec. of State office in Chapala Friday to find out the latest from our sign ups a month ago..Still no date or info from the lady at the desk out front..Keep the # you received for either the renewal or new license...JEEZ..
  14. I recently closed my U.S. dollar account at Actinver for various reasons also..It will take a week or so for them to produce a check in your refund amount..Cash it at the teller window when they give it to you..It is not cashable anywhere else. They did not tell me this, I deposited it in my US bank acct only to have it returned..Then got a run around at Actinver but finally had them issue another check..A real PIA..
  15. A real gem..Rescued female, 8-10 months old, Boxer mix, Veterinarian examined, all shots, treatment record, spayed, dewclaws removed, rides well in car, house trained, leash trained, gets along well with other dogs, gentle with children. We have her ready for a great home. Please call 765-3719 to meet her, your place or mine.
  16. We had some friends do it quite a few years ago...I can't even estimate how much they spent with various lawyers, etc...Over $25,000 U.S. possibly more and 3-5 years. Finally made it happen but left Ajijic as they were worried if they returned the process would start over again..Mexico makes it very difficult for foreigners to adopt..
  17. Wife and I ate there today...Very good taco's..2 are a meal and the Marg's are very good. Shrimp taco's are 17 peso's, fish 15 peso's..Small new place prior to Maskaras as you head West toward Ajijic mountain side..They also had grilled fish on the grill. All served with large assortment of salsas on the table. Well worth the trip.
  18. PORTIMOM,,,Great idea for the scared little girl. I completely understand and will be willing to help share the cost with you. We also picked up an abandoned little girl mix off the Chapala Malecon 3+ weeks ago..Even thinner and more timid than your girl. We were finally able to lure her close with food scraps and put her on a leash. Off to the Vet to be examined, 6-8 months old, had her spayed, vaccinations, wormed and dew claws removed..Brought her into our home, made her meals, bathed and socialized her..She has turned out to be a beauty, well behaved,and smarter than many people we know..It is amazing what a great dog they can turn into with a little love and care.. Here she is now, what a change, iust wish I had photo's when we got her.
  19. Thanks for all the info..Thankfully I passes this stone yesterday and on the mend. Had surgery 10 years ago to have a "boulder" sized marble broken up and removed. Have read about the Apple Cider vinegar as well as lemon juice, etc. As an aside: I had our dog operated on 3 times over the years for massive amounts of stones each time, had him on a diet dog food (lamb and veggies)and bottled water. The Dalmatian breed is genetically prone to having this problem..
  20. Thanks for the Dr. recommendations, any thoughts on a hospital to use or stay away from?
  21. Recommendations for name of Urologist(s) and hospitals for treatment of kidney / bladder stones..
  22. If you want it Pay the price and don't whine or bitch...other wise do without..or head to Bubba 2 Shoes area and TRY and find it..
  23. It was most likely a fatal accident as a motorcycle hit the side of a pickup that was turning left towards the lake. The moto was demolished and its driver was layed out against the planter wall with his head covered as I believe it was crushed..Just happened as I was driving by..Very gruesome scene..
  24. No need to show anything other than your passport to the cruise line when boarding..No reason to ever show your RP...Your passport is all you need. Your cruise card and some form of ID when on shore..
  25. This is an excellent restaurant/// I have heard the complaints about the Libremiento car and truck noise but "No Flies" and good solid food.. The best Chamorra lake side as well as brick oven pizzas plus kick ### Margs..I love this place/ Eat there 1- 2 times per week..Also dogs allowed on the patio on leashes..A go to place that is often over-looked.
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