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  1. Wife and I went this morning at 9 AM, went to Soriano check-out and paid the $489/pp. Went to the Covid testing building and waited 10-15 minutes filling out paper work. We were then tested, left and returned 2 1/2 hours later and picked up our test results (Negative). Flying out Sunday to Atlanta if the Weather is cooperative here and the gulf coast.
  2. I had Total Play installed just over a week ago. Works great (100MB). Have my fire stick hooked up and great viewing. I kept my TelMex lines, will wait and see if I will keep them, Happy with Total Play.(Sweet)
  3. I thought the admission fee was based on their : Silver, Gold or Platinum buy-in. Other than huge differences in upfront cost I do not know what one receives for the price differential. They ranged between $10 US and $100K. Please correct me if I am mistaken.
  4. My guess it will be several years based on the number of auto's, trucks, etc. Even with double the number of emission stations, 2-3 years. Not much different than their vaccine success.
  5. Does the word "circulate" mean daily,weekly,monthly,etc. There are currently only 2 places in Guad to receive the inspection and you need an appointment. It will eventually move southward but I do not see an issue until next year and then when they have additional inspection stations around Lakeside.
  6. At the rear of the Barber Shop adjacent to the Municipal Building on Madero ( main street in Chapala). Fast and inexpensive. Copies and Faxes
  7. Why not ask the property owner?
  8. When did you have the Antigen done? I do not thing they do the PCR test.
  9. The Pizza upstairs is outstanding, fresh made dough, top notch toppings, ultra-clean, dogs welcome on the outside patio. Absolutely great. Have not tried their many other Italian offerings..Forget the rest and enjoy the BEST.
  10. My issue with LMG billing was that they billed your insurance Stateside prices for services received in Mexico.
  11. Agreed, we recently ordered their Flounder Fillet..Perfect. Also have had 2 large orders of their coconut shrimp for parties, huge amounts and all were all eaten and highly praised..Always a great selection of fresh fish, they will cook/fry your selection and deliver..
  12. Any numbers regarding the number of non Mexicans who have tested positive or died due to COVID?
  13. In Fla..they are 0.49/lb..That includes Butterball Brand..Fresh (not frozen) are $1.49/lb..
  14. Sue, what hospital? and what was your bill $$, ??..
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