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  1. Take a taxi...or spend the night near the airport unless you / they are familiar with the GDL.- Chapala Hwy. and exactly where they are going locally..
  2. Even her dog looks scared of being near her...Loco Coco
  3. Post her Photo on the main board and on Inside Mexico..She will be identified in a heart beat and then the community can inform her NEVER to return to the area after she apologizes to the the Caretaker and buys him a new shirt.. Another crazy in our midst...
  4. Tomas

    Chaplain Elevation

    In fact, the chaplain was not elevated. The congregation and the chaplain mutually decided that it was not a good fit, and the chaplain has moved to a different elevation NOB.
  5. Tomas

    Log in issue

    I tried that - no dice. What's your next suggestion? Thanks
  6. Tomas

    Log in issue

    One of my computers will not allow me to access Chapala .co web site ..All I get is the following msg.. "406 Not Acceptable An appropriate representation of the requested resource could not be found on this server. This error was generated by mod_security." All attempts to log on fail with the above Msg..Help
  7. She has been contacted and is aware of Fidelity looking to contact her..In good health and will be 93 in a couple of weeks..All is well.
  8. They are a joke, and the girls in the office do not have a clue...Luckily ny service returned in about 3 hours..Maybe time for Sling Box..
  9. Tomas

    Tremezzo - new Italian

    We had a delicious lunch yesterday, good food, good service, fair pricing, interesting selections (roasted beet dish was delicious), and even the chairs were ok for the hour or so we were there..A KEEPER in my opinion...Parking near-by is not possible on Sunday...a few blocks to walk..
  10. Thank you...Typical excellent service...I figure we are screwed for the weekend..
  11. Anyone else experiencing an issue...Centro Chapala since 3.30 PM...
  12. Tomas

    Message from CFE today

    Pay them well in advance with a credit to your account..as much as you want at the CFE office/machine outside their lobby..You will get your bill as usual showing nothing owed and after several months you can stop by CFE and get an accounting of your remaining credit balance, they are accurate to the centavo..No muss, no fuss and no depending on anyone else..So easy..
  13. Tomas

    G Mail

    Is there a way to get "Hotmail" back to it's original format??
  14. Looking for comments/experience regarding the local policy providers relative to Pricing and service when filling a claim. It would be valuable if they have a local agent to call in the event of an accident that would deal with the Transito's and other drivers agents.. Names of recommended companies and whom to avoid..
  15. Tomas

    Casa Linda Phone #

    Thanks..I received their cell # and it worked...045 331 298 2560..