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  1. Why do some posters continue to poke themselves in their eye on line..WTFU..
  2. Thanks for the Article..It does not surprise me.. Also includes films..ie"Roma"..
  3. Mostly Lost is right on..You have adopted this brain washing that every Tom, Dick,and Muslim should be admitted and we should acknowledge their claim to all the free shit that is available, much of which is unavailable to under or unemployed U.S .Citizens..Give me a break..Those wanting to immigrate should apply and be vetted before being admitted and show that they are a willing worker who will adopt our country as their own and not demand that we support their bullshit religious mandates of hatred and intolerance towards our religions and heritage. No difference than in your moving to Mexico, adapt to Mexico's rules and regulations and if you don't or are here illegally pack your ### back to where you wandered in from..
  4. Good valid reasons Ferret..We also enjoy N.P. for their outdoor and indoor dining areas, their Chicken fried chicken with veggies in lieu of mashed potatoes is always good and their Azteca soup has always been good...There are many other restaurants that are much worse with the food served and a few that are better, BUT their are none that has N.P's. ambience especially with visitors, friends and family..My only complaint is that the Bar also closes at PM..
  5. Bisbee Gal is correct..keep your GDL stamped exit visa and the MEX gate agent asked for it as we were checking in for our flight from Mex to ATL..
  6. We used the window at the GDL airport a couple of weeks ago...Not an issue..It is a pain in MEX especially if going from terminal 1 to #2 with a close connection..I doubt it makes any difference as INM only scans the info in..There is never a flight check ..
  7. Several of us went and got 4 Philly's to go..Very good..Nice bread and meat plus several options..close to Soriana's. Also have had the Philly at Pancho's..also very good..Give either place a try..well worth it..
  8. SIMAPA accepted my A.E. credit card withot any issue and told me there was not a sur-charge...
  9. I also have Tricare but have never used it there..Sounds like the HSA might be a viable option..Please send me a PM with the particulars..Tomas

  10. What about the group of non-Mexicans who stand on the speed bump as you enter Chapala begging, stated that could make more begging than working..
  11. Borrow a Stethoscope and during a quiet time at night lay around and listen for the sound of running water..A camera is not a solution for finding a leak in this particular situation..Good luck, or maybe time to start excavating for that pool or pond you have never wanted..LOL
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