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  1. My ??? Is what happens to the Izzi clients who paid a year in advance..Sounds like “bend over time”....I saw the news on F.B. LOL..
  2. So what would a person dial to call a local 376-766-6666 from the U.S.? and what would dial to call 206-766-6666???
  3. There is Motorcycle repair shop in Chapala on the West side of Hidalgo, fairly close and across from the PEMEX station..Always a bunch of moto's there , you might want to stop and check if they will rent one for a few days..A spanish speaker would be helpful..
  4. Similar issue with the warm water in our house a couple of years ago..Turned out to be the submersible pump which we replaced and the issue was solved..The electric will usage will also increase, so will your CFE bill.
  5. True statement..but I would tell the neighbor I have decided not to sell..(Based on what he has learned) ..
  6. Who was the Notary that told you what you have written..Sounds like you should head to another Notary and start the process over without a word about the other Notary..
  7. You must 1st clear immigration then claim you checked luggage and then clear customs, then recheck your bags just beyond customs and proceed to your new departure gate which may require you to depart your arrival terminal and take a bus to another terminal..PIA.. Stop and ask as you proceed thru the terminal where the new terminal is located and ask if is walkable..You better have at least a2 hour layover and 3 to feel comfortable..YMMV..Good luck..
  8. We live just around the block and eat there often..We typically sit on the bottom level across from the Bar..never see smokers there ..there are 4 levels we never go up, too lazy. They have great Marg's and food is typically quite good..It has become our go to place..There are 2 additional places trying to make it on the North side of the main street leading to the fish places...Casa Barragan and Toca De Madero..food and hours vary..Good to fair..but quiet and typically not crowded..We liked Cozumel but they seemed to have slipped over the last few years..still have unlimited Marg's or Wine...There are several good small mom and pop places scattered around but not on the main streets, a new one is Antojitos 2 blocks North of the back of the Mercado ..On the N.E. corner of Juarez and Degollado..
  9. The moth ball smell is not harmful in the concentration that is suggested above..Plus it will remind you of your grandparents stowage closets..LOL
  10. Go to the CFE office in Chapala with a fistfull of $500 peso notes and your CFE bill..Scan your CFE bill and start feeding peso/s until you have what you calculate is needed for your absence..then add another 500-1000 extra...I do it for the year..has worked for 20+ years without any issues..
  11. Same thing happened to us 4 months ago (had misplaced top portion of form) we filled out a new form on our flight into GDL. Handed the new form to the IMN with our RP cards, he promptly stamped the new form and threw the other half in the garbage and we were on our way..Your friend got the guy with an attitude that day..Filled out new forms when we left and they were accepted promptly for our flight out..We keep several extra forms for just such an occurrence..The INM office in Chapala does not have any of the INM forms and will tell you that you have to go the the airport to obtain them..So best to keep a couple of extra blank ones handy..Just in case..
  12. Harry has hit the nail on it's head..Way to many "do nothing whiner's" that are chronic posters..Amen Harry..
  13. I pay in advance at the CFE office...I pay what I calculate to be 6-12 months in advance and check it online every 2-4 months..6 years and never an issue..the bills have been correct to the centavo. Take a bill and scan it at the payment machine outside the office then start feeding it peso's...or go inside and pay the lady with your credit card..You can do the same with Telmex and cable bill at Izzi (this one is painful do to their miserable service)..This can all be done around the same time that you pay your property tax bill and water bill, etc..Good luck..
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