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  1. Thanks so much. I’ll try that. My tiles are only 2 years old
  2. Alan, would this work on Mexican floor tiles? When they are wet they look normal, but when dry turn splotchy white and chalky.
  3. I think it’s to stop the traditional 14 stations of the cross where people go up to the shrine and back. Part of Easter tradition here.
  4. ive used Dental express for 8 years and Dra Edgard for surgery. yes he does implants. He was trained in the USA and Guad. he also has another certified dentist that does implants. currently they are booked up to the middle of January. call the office to find out cost for implant and crown combo.
  5. An alternative to snakes could be what my son found in one of the Truper stores. They look like giant windshield wipers, metal tops with soft rubber bottoms, that you screw into the bottom of the door. They are permanent and can be cut to size.
  6. Línea car rental next to Multiva Bank
  7. Try here, next to liquor store on carretera and Serdan
  8. The hardware store next to Oxxo in Ajijic carries spray cans of enamel paint, plus the undercoat rust paint. Use fine sandpaper, spray the rust proofing, spray the white enamel. I just did this and I'm a girl
  9. This is what the NE corner of Marcos Castellanos and the carreterra looks like today.
  10. Buzz was found late last night wandering around Superlake, a long way from home. He was taken to a local vet and picked up this morning. What a relief.
  11. (This is an old thread reopened by a newbie to report a new lost dog. In the future do NOT do this, start a new thread. The original lost dog in this thread was found and rescued.)
  12. Flying from MX to BC. I believe you can avoid a US stop by flying from Puerto Vallarta direct to Canada on WestJet, at least you could a month or so ago.

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