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  1. Thanks to y'all for the information. Someone already has replied regarding Multiva.
  2. Is good for three years, and you can find your expiration date right on the policy. Second paragrap on the writting below the member name are four paragraphs; second paragraph states that has to be renewed and mine gives me a date which in my case is June 16, 2016. It also states that I can renew from May 17 to July 16, 2016. Thanks for reminding me.
  3. I am planning on having my SS checks direct deposited to a checking account in Multiva. If anyone uses this bank to deposit their Social Security check, I am trying to find out if the deposit is available on the 3rd of the month or does it take longer. Thank you.
  4. I met this dog last week when I was at the Plaza and he and my dog played a lot. He seems to be a very nice dog, is he adoptable at this point.
  5. These tiles are also on sale in Ajijic on the Libramiento on the left hand side going to Guad, they also install and they should be able to answer your sealing and polishing instructions. I was raised with those floors and also had them in my house in Merida. They are beautiful but slippery when wet.
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