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  1. I highly recomend Ricardo Galindo 331-746-2959 who is very experienced in the caregiving you are looking for.  He has been with us now for 7 months and works 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours later in the afternoon

    We hired him when my husband came home from the nursing home in April after getting a bacterial infection from a cruise we were on in January.

    He is now using a walker after being in a wheelchair for 8 months!  Ricardo now works with him in the gym and swimming pool.  He is also a great cook!!

    Mary Ann Waite


  2. On 6/16/2018 at 12:59 PM, Lexy said:

    Sure would like to know more about the food here.


    I love the food there!  The roast beef sandwich with potato salad is my favorite!!   And their lemon tart!  So-o-ooo good!.. I always order an extra one to take home!!  The garden area is beautiful to look at and the tables are  as gorgeous as all the lights above!!  I also held a private party there at 5:00 for 45 people and they did a great job!  Beer & wine is also available!



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  3. Just got back from taking the maid and Patricks caregiver home in the village.

    Leaving El Dorado the big tree in front of the guard booth is down. blocking the exit to leave!

    Had to use the other lane to leave.

    Returning home the libramiento is open to only one lane as another tree fell blocking the west lane!!

    Emergency vehichles are directing traffic to take turns using the east lane!

    Stay safe and stay indoors!!!


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  4. I agree.  I refuse to give him any business.  I read a notice on Super Lakes outside wall from a waiter that used to work for him.

    He wouldn't pay his staff- only promises that he would get paid next week.  Empty promises, and eventually they quit and he hires more

    who fall for the same line.

  5. 7 hours ago, HoosierMex said:

    Been here only (2) weeks.  I have been doing our grocery shopping at Walmart.  Does this Superlake have products others don't?  Are their prices competitive or is it simply a store closer to your residence?  Just wondering.

    Super Lake does have a lot of items not seen anywhere else.  It is worth the trip to go there. He also carries many items from Costco.

    He also carries a lot of bulk items from the abastos in Guad.  I don;t mind paying the upcharge.  It saves me from having to drive to Guad!!


  6. 12 hours ago, El Timon said:

    Is in Riberas del Pilar , a few meters ahead of the clinic maskaras, if you go to chapala is a small business located on the left side

    It is easier to say if it is on the lakeside (south) or mountainside(north) because your directions are from driving from Chapala when we are driving from Ajijic! LOL!    I m thinking  you must be on the lakeside in the 2 story building near Upscale Resale.  The last building on the right as you drive to Chapala from Ajijic.


  7. When I first used Uber in Miami  before our cruise I thought I paid the driver.  Wrong.  Uber will debit the amount owed from your bank account.

    No money changes hands by yourself and the driver.  If you do pay money to the driver-that is his tip!!  You are quoted a price and if you accept it is debited to your account!

    I also found out that they-the Uber app- will tell you how many minutes it will take the driver to get to your address that you are calling from.

    If you miss the ride because you were late getting outside the driver can leave and you are still charged for the ride!!

    We found out this the hard way when we were in Paris!! LOL!


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  8. On 1/13/2017 at 2:26 PM, suegarn said:


    When was the last time you dealt with CPM?  Their new property management director, Liz Verar, is extremely helpful and polite.  She's actually gone above and beyond with anything I've asked of her.

    I agree Liz is very nice & helpful and I also heard that Russ is no longer involved in the business!!

  9. I have heard the same story from a resident in Chapala Haciendas that she has seen UFO's hovering over the lake. It happens around 2am when she awakens and looks out her window with a clear view of the lake. She also said that sometimes they dissapear into the lake!


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  10. I will second Avineda La Paz- that street has many, many stores- small & large with everything to outfit a restaurant or a home kitchen including appliances. The prices are much better than Belle Cuisine plus you can bargain and get discounts. I took a friend there and she got a nice set of dinnerware that reminds me of all the unusual dinnerware they use on "Chopped".


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