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  1. Highly recommend Ricardo GAlindo. His cell phone is 3317 462959..
  2. I highly recomend Ricardo Galindo 331-746-2959 who is very experienced in the caregiving you are looking for. He has been with us now for 7 months and works 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours later in the afternoon We hired him when my husband came home from the nursing home in April after getting a bacterial infection from a cruise we were on in January. He is now using a walker after being in a wheelchair for 8 months! Ricardo now works with him in the gym and swimming pool. He is also a great cook!! Mary Ann Waite
  3. Cafe Montana across the highway from Panino's has a very nice garden and very good food and good parking!! maw
  4. I love the food there! The roast beef sandwich with potato salad is my favorite!! And their lemon tart! So-o-ooo good!.. I always order an extra one to take home!! The garden area is beautiful to look at and the tables are as gorgeous as all the lights above!! I also held a private party there at 5:00 for 45 people and they did a great job! Beer & wine is also available! maw
  5. You can also buy bulk chocolate at El Granero in Ajijic next to Gossip's and across the street from the Ajijic Hospital.
  6. Just got back from taking the maid and Patricks caregiver home in the village. Leaving El Dorado the big tree in front of the guard booth is down. blocking the exit to leave! Had to use the other lane to leave. Returning home the libramiento is open to only one lane as another tree fell blocking the west lane!! Emergency vehichles are directing traffic to take turns using the east lane! Stay safe and stay indoors!!! maw
  7. There is also an Evento rental store in Chapala on Juarez near the mercado. maw
  8. I take my Samsung toner cartridge to the guy in the kiosk by Telmex and buy another like it that is filled. Cost is $500 pesos. maw
  9. CI Banco in Laguna Mall has an ATM that reads your card with a chip. They also have the lowest fee- $17.9 pesos to use their ATM. maw
  10. I agree. I refuse to give him any business. I read a notice on Super Lakes outside wall from a waiter that used to work for him. He wouldn't pay his staff- only promises that he would get paid next week. Empty promises, and eventually they quit and he hires more who fall for the same line.
  11. Super Lake does have a lot of items not seen anywhere else. It is worth the trip to go there. He also carries many items from Costco. He also carries a lot of bulk items from the abastos in Guad. I don;t mind paying the upcharge. It saves me from having to drive to Guad!! maw
  12. I had the best Beef Tenderloin at La Mision!! Our 50th is January 20th!! maw
  13. maw7815

    Curing salt

    It's been reported that El Granero next to Gossips now carries it!
  14. They are all closed on Monday to drain and clean the pools. The best day to go is Tuesday- nice clean water! maw
  15. It is easier to say if it is on the lakeside (south) or mountainside(north) because your directions are from driving from Chapala when we are driving from Ajijic! LOL! I m thinking you must be on the lakeside in the 2 story building near Upscale Resale. The last building on the right as you drive to Chapala from Ajijic.
  16. I used to sell Wendy's Chili at the Monday Market and sold out all the time. The funny thing is that they all thought my name was Wendy! LOL!
  17. I use the Bayos and kidney beans in my chili. Super Lake does carry them.
  18. Use your debit card at the ATM's There is no foreign transaction fee like a credit card charges. The best ATM with the lowest fee for using their machine is CIBanco in the mall across from Walmart. Their fee is $17.9 pesos- about $1.00 USD. Bancomer in the village is the highest at $69. pesos! Also- the taxi counter in the airport will take US $.
  19. I paid for my items in the $ store and after being put into the bags I then went into Wal-Mart to shop and had no problem checking out those purchases too at the check out. maw
  20. When I first used Uber in Miami before our cruise I thought I paid the driver. Wrong. Uber will debit the amount owed from your bank account. No money changes hands by yourself and the driver. If you do pay money to the driver-that is his tip!! You are quoted a price and if you accept it is debited to your account! I also found out that they-the Uber app- will tell you how many minutes it will take the driver to get to your address that you are calling from. If you miss the ride because you were late getting outside the driver can leave and you are still charged for the ride!! We found out this the hard way when we were in Paris!! LOL! maw
  21. I have Netflix MX paying monthly in US $. There is so much to watch. I used to have a VPN and gave it up. Decided I didn't need it. maw
  22. I just wanted to say that CASA had their Awards Banquet at La Mision on March 28th. The Dinner Choices were Beef Tenderloin, Salmon or Pork Chops. A large majority including myself ordered the Beef Tenderloin. I must say that it was the best Filet that I have had in 11 years of living here at Lakeside!! Better than Bruno's Baseball Filet and Tango's Beef Tenderloin!!!!! The meat was done perfectly as ordered- Medium Rare. The mashed potatoes were also the best I ever had!! Kudos to Chef Julian on being #1 for Steak & Potatoes!! And thank you to La Mision for hiring him!! maw
  23. Does anybody remember their mother making pot roast? Take a chuck roast and place it on heavy duty alum. foil. then spread it with Campbell's Cream of Mushroom soup and top that with a pkg of Lipton Onion Soup Mix. Fold up the foil and bake at 300 degrees for 1hour per pound. This was our favorite Sunday meal! My brother called it Stringy Beef! maw
  24. I heard that Megacable bought out Telecable and cancelled out all the English speaking channels.
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