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  1. Wow! Similar as served in Beirut. Delicious!
  2. Sorry my experience with ViLuMa started out swell, then when we tried to confirm a price estimate 6 months later he was 30% higher & would not discuss his revised estimate. Went to Chapala & got the job completed for less than his original budget. Go figure? Thats two of us?
  3. His booth had or has a drop box, leave u'r cartridges with your name & number & he contacts you
  4. My submersible pump in our 10,000 litre aljibe is hot to the touch. Aljibe was recently cleaned with a float switch replaced. Can anyone recommend a reliable pump mechanic. TIA
  5. Just covered the feeders & the rainbirds are out & noisy/ Riberas Mnt Side
  6. My recipe is 1measure + 2 measures + 3 measures: this requires a deduction of how many margs at what size, then I use what ever tumbler or glass seems appropriate for the #1measure as you all know the ingredients I'm sure u can figure it out. Just my opinion but a shot glass or jigger is for 1 marg, use a tumbler to make a jug full, keeps the guests happy.
  7. Many years of cross country skiing & snow shoeing in exactly that scene. Is it possible that better conditions are upon us. It might make me go back earlier?
  8. Not positive but I understand that there are 3 wells in Riberas, one above Hidalgo the other(s) below? We are above, with a zeolite filter on all incoming water, backwashing ever 4-6 days. So far the problems (stains, tar like substance) we had before the new well went into service above Hidalgo have completely disappeared? It's been my belief that the many breaks, leakage in the water lines are causing the issue, by allowing the contaminated soils to re-enter the water lines when the pumps cease to operate over nite. AkA water flows downhill sucking contaminates into the lines after
  9. We have used Gualberto Real successfully for the last 2-4yrs. Very nice family firm that knows their appliances.
  10. Thank you gentlemen, i will have a talk with Rafael who was on my list.
  11. Currently using QuimPool AlgiBac & not happy with the result. Any recommendations are appreciated. Regular weekly Shock in use & regular granular Chlorine applications. Thinking of switching to a stronger product that covers both Black & Green
  12. It rains heavily here in the summer, directions vary but there are some consistent Heavy Rains from the North East or the Lake storms from the South West which can be deadly as well as the rise slowly from the Lake to get over the mountains. For your inspections always have a marble with you too simply test the slope of all terraces & patios etc to insure that driving rain will not actually fill your favoured home with wind driven water! As an alternative make plans to mitigate this potential problem by roof extensions, drop curtains, windows etc.
  13. I bike on the shoulder of the highway between the Train Station in Chapala which is ±1 km just East of Christiana Park towards the Vista de Lago Golf Club & then further to Mascala. Bike against the traffic being aware of random bus stops & very large agricultural equipment, shifting when req'd to go with the traffic on the other side of the highway. I always acknowledge vehicles who give me some extra space as they approach. they seem to appreciate a nod of the head for giving way as they move towards or over the centre line. All bikes & pedestrians are to be waved at & spoke
  14. A word of Caution: Take a small magnet with you when you research the available products. Good stainless steel will not respond /attract the magnet. Poor inferior quality will react & the magnet will attach. Pool water is a very corrosive environment. You want all safety equipment to be able to support & assist on the stair without imminent failure.
  15. I'm using Safari & had no problem downloading & opening our latest bill. I have concerns about the design, layout & content Printed at letter size much is unreadable lacks significant details such as no. of Dias. Beta testing, we are the testors! Pattern Recognition: 7th Mexican Conference, MCPR 2015, Mexico City, The concept of testor (and typical testor) has had numerous generalizations and adaptations to different environments [10]. In this paper, we focus on the classical concept defined into the pattern recognition area, derived from [5], but using a notation similar
  16. Tks for your observations. Much appreciated
  17. Has anyone any recent experience with Lydia Raygoza "Lydia's Tours" we are very interested in their Copper Canyon Tour? Thanks in Advance
  18. I can 2nd Fonda dona Lola for Mexican Food I never eat burgers out.
  19. Tom your a gentleman, I will take you up on your generous offer, age does not matter, connectivity does, do you partake in reds whites or roses? Just on our way out will call tomorrow.
  20. Tks for the info. We stopped picking up hitchhikers 35yrs ago.
  21. This is not unusual. I did not know there where so many different usb-min cables? Now I do & am more reluctant with out backup info from Garmin? Tks for you help
  22. Looking to replace a Data Cable for Garmin Nuvi GPS, USB to Mini, locally Chapala: Already Tried Stern
  23. Sorry for being so annoying: but had failed to notice a Confirmation Page from the renewal folks: Voila a copy of receipt of payment & a facsimile of both sides of a decal. Some one is doing a great job if an old fa-t with some English limited French & Spanish can manage? Adios!!
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