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  1. Very dense cloud, as mentioned u can not see through it? Suddenly after several minutes its clear our flow alone would allow bubbles, this is like adding a liquid with a dense colour in it through your pool filter, only it's in our aljibe. Called SAT Simapa they said they would send some one to have a look?
  2. Does anyone have any information on Simapa doing additives to the water system in Upper Riberas. I was doing my weekly addition of 2 small chlorine pucks to our 10,000 litre Aljibi & noticed a white cloud at the incoming pipe. Bucketed out a sample & it was too dense to see through, but cleared in several minutes? No smell detected but very disturbing. No construction work visible on our street either?
  3. We use our Can or US Bank Cheques at Intercam. Sameday transfer to Bancomer this after establishing a verified account A much better rate using our XE Money Transfer account to Bancomer directly. Quite a significant increase in Funds Rec'd. The draw back is u wait for the funds to clear. However the more transfers u make the shorter the timing 3 days shortest to date, I recall 5 days when we started. These are both No Fee Transfers.
  4. Yesterday I logged on to my Bancomer account & was surprised that I did not have to use my newly acquired Number Generator? A ihr+ time in Ajijic last week. Owell there were still sufficient funds to stop at their ATM in Chapala. Well what a mess, people waiting everywhere inside the lobby, out the door, only 3of4 machines working, all locals silently waiting for the single large ATM? So as usual I asked, motioned to those in front of me if they wanted use the vacant machine, all declined. I did the usual logon procedure & punched in an amount over 2,500pesos. This activated a Sec
  5. Has Hector activated an email account that I can contact him with a community issue?
  6. Google "https://www.google.com/search?client=safari&rls=en&q=Printing+calenders&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8" Loads of service bureaus that specialize printing your document, they may even assist in layout most only provide templates that you manage for the final proof approval prior to the actual printing. A piece of advice, have someone else or preferably more than one Proof
  7. If the stain u are in search of is a dark reddish brown, quite a common colour used on doors, door mouldings & cabinets try using the meat of a walnut. The juice in the meat will stain the blemished spot. Invisible after the treatment.
  8. A week ago we paid 400 to Riberas, then gave him a healthy tip for man handling all our baggage.
  9. After 10yrs suddenly I can not access my on line account? We are still using the debit card without issue, so On inputting my card number repeatedly I get to a registration page with the following: Before choosing your profile and continue with the activation of your Internet Banking, it is necessary that you have signed your Digital Single Contract in branch. Yes I know just go to the bank complete with all credentials? I gained access 4/5 weeks ago from Canada but had to use the number generator
  10. Strange, if you buy a travel Insurance policy, they always want to know which province you are affiliated with? That way they adjust what they can claim on your/their behalf. Imagine u pay thru your taxes then you pay a third party insurer to do the paperwork all the while they are hooked up directly to OHIP claims. Some system, there is policy, they are just choosing to ignore 90% of all claims. Persist contact your MPP, contact the minister of Health Contact, the head of your LINE (sp) Do it again, your retired, they are not & wish u would go away! Of course this is now the run of mini t
  11. It is my understanding from a local mom & daughter water source that all vendors must utilize a certified source (Jalisco?) for their bulk potable water. i.e. like the big corps. This is the very large water tank you see in their back of house setup. This the then purify filter soften RV UV in the appropriate order & sell it to you. As cc stated it's word of mouth so most, likely all would not intentionally try to deceive you with bad water. I buy from Katya when ever i can find a parking spot &/or their trucks are out on delivery. Good water! Good Price! edit
  12. Received in this mornings mail. Happily includes an English translation. In the event that someone has been thru this before, please enlighten me what all this is about, yes I can Translate "Consideration into Money or Funds" however best not to Assume I'm not into foreign-currency trading Tks! Sort of looks like a primer lesson on corrected form filing for those not paying their taxes same day? Advise in Online Digital Tax Voucher
  13. I have been registered since they offered this service: 1 day 30 sec later they threaten
  14. Good to Know, Tks. My 1st thought was Phising (sp), but then there are always people in large organizations who need the thrill of intimidating all subscribes, possibly to eliminate bank commissions? Hence the option of paying directly online. Really 10 yrs plus, would you allow CFE unlimited access to your account? On second thought I'm thinking I am, What ever BBVA receives from CFE, BBVA pays without question?? BBVA does not pay until the very last day, so I do have a small window to correct?
  15. Anyone receive this email message recently "Domicilie sus Pagos y Evite SuspensiĆ³n del Servicio de CFE". My last invoice was paid as usual by BBVA. This invoice was just read online: $164mxn due? We are NOB however it States: Billed Period 05 JUN 18 - 03 AGO 18 Payment Limit 19 AGO 18 Cut-off 20 AGO 18 Today is 10 Ago 18? So, having never received something like this in 10plus yrs I am curious especially after reading all the Solar Credit Invoicing issues Tks
  16. Any reputable hardware store with an aerosol spray selection, choose 1 & use as instructed.
  17. To temporarily close off a leaking head, fold the small supply tube over & secure with a cable tie. Take a series of pics of the head you need to replace & head to the top of the Wednesday Tinge in Ajijic. Turn up the hill on the opposite side. At the 1st level spot a junction of 5 roads turn rt. Going downhill towards Vista Alegra on the left is the best supplier of RainBird Equipment. U may see his banners along the way. Best of luck
  18. Great camera work, so much better than the old fuzzy B&W. He reminds me of a neighbour? No I think not
  19. I had 3-4 hernia's as a result of a botched 5-6hr gallbladder operation, used mesh & it migrated, meaning any excess mesh rolled up above the hernia's. Sloppy! Not uncomfortable or an issue with the hernia's but? Can not tell u what type was used, the surgeon stated that this was a common result? All done in the great white north
  20. Seems that I have been down graded to a Newbie. Not that it really makes a great difference to my life but as I have been an active member since 2009 you wonder why these things happen, no warning nor restrictions being applied, yippie

    Cheers mkshawn.ca@gmail.com

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