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  1. Most Interesting comments, Tks! Over the weekend the pool water was moving before the pump started, but no wind or diving birds having a bath? This yr overnight the pool water temp might drop 1-2° no pool cover? Pool temp is the same as Aljibe water temp? Ezzie I will follow up with Simapa, Tomas I am going to have the Aljibe cleaned again & will have the pump wiring inspected, I know the pump casing is warm/hot to the touch.
  2. Aljibe is under the carport so little direct soar gain/heating. I could drain to lower the level below the float then place a bucket under the outlet to take a reading? The last time the Aljibe was cleaned the plumber had a problem with the pump & I really do not know if they knew what they were doing. The temp at the outlet water is the same as around the pump, not conclusive so I believe I will test the incoming water temp in a bucket. We had large seismic event here a few yrs ago so anything is possible, until we can eliminate all other sources. Strange but I always wished for rad
  3. Has anyone experienced this? Water Temperature is in the cistern . Either the water line or Aljibi is on a thermal or my submersible pump is heating a 10,000 liter cistern aka Aljibi. Who to call for inspection & repair. Tks
  4. Perfect I'm in that area tomorrow, many tks to both of you. I have often speculated to myself, how do I know that I'm getting Roja in the tank?
  5. Any where in Chapala, Riberas, SAT or Ajijic. Tks tried Riberas today nada
  6. I have a Free Canon MP560 c/w 10+ cartridges, 3 larger dbl black cartridges included, all in sealed cello. The printer requires a new print head, the original was clogged from lack of use. eBay has many listed QY6-0073 Printhead For Canon iP3600 iP3680 MP540 MP560 MP568 MP620 $24.98± I have removed & cleaned the original head several times without any success. Removal is simple the U tube videos are straight fwd pm me for contact info
  7. Does anyone have this site listed somewhere, used it last year with some success. The on-line message had concluded with a statement that the actual decal would be mailed. 1 year later went to their office on Delgado & the staff member went to a back desk that held about 150 200 decals, pulled mine out & flipped it to me. Well now I know! They kept my receipt that I had been holding in case we were stopped. So no web Site Data
  8. In Mexico artificial turf is translated into Lava Rock, comes in a multitude of sizes from basically dust to a pea stone sized nugget to great big chunks. Trust me much much nicer than AT. No cutting or watering necessary. Place potted plantings were ever your heart desires. I hate grass especially AT. If you go this route place a water permeable weed barrier down under the lava rock.
  9. Two tv's hooked up, 1 is OK, the other refuses, keeps saying I'm Not Connected to the Internet? Both are Smart WiFi TV's Re-input my Password, on a similar problem last week I had to reset Netflix. Same TV. Whats up? Today the wife changed the input to HDMI3 it's actually on Wifi! Netflix now asked for email & password, last evening nada!
  10. Part of the problem with solar panels is their efficiency at various pump speeds. We have solar panels & a continuously variable speed pump, fully programable. If we run it at 900 rpm for 2-4hrs the solar is extremely efficient. Think about the time the water has to heat within the solar panels, longer is better. Water temp can easily go from 76° to 81°±
  11. There is/was a new commercial development on the way East towards San Nicolas along the lake that is currently being dismantled piece by piece?About 2-3weeks ago it was completed, landscaping, painting, screening over the yard fencing. Signage identified it as a Holding Yard for Vehicles recovered or impounded by a local towing company. First the roof over the shops & office came down, then the fencing, now the steel roof structure? Is this due to some general misunderstanding during the government change over here in Chapala? Just curious as it will be completely gone by the end o
  12. Many Thanks, they had a translator the last time I used their services, although the MP spoke perfect English? I will check LCS site again, I'm sure the days do not change, just the sign up times.
  13. Does anyone know when the Minister Public is available at the LCS with a Translator Tks
  14. Yippie, Tks for that I was a bit worried that photo radar had got me? Feliz Navidad!
  15. Done: Razor blade to an edge, the whole thing peeled off! Lighter fluid for a small amount of residual glue. elapsed time ±2min took longer to find the razor blade scrapper. Tks for the response S117
  16. Is it custom or law that most all vehicles I see are covered in a complete history of their stay in Jalisco? Are the owners allowed to remove & replace with a current version? Anyone have any advice on how best to accomplish this, if not against the Local Transito laws?
  17. Try "Lands End" Excellent sizing including custom inseam lengths
  18. Better get their stand over height: Crotch to planted foot
  19. Thats my thought, Just spoke to Manager of the wash guys, he saw the whole thing & relayed it's a US plated truck thats in Walmart all the time. So who knows. Repair to front fender, mostly scrapes $2,000± mxn if he can buff out the lamp lens, if not, likely another $2,500± They told me if I get a plate# that it can be traced, Just a thought if she wants to pay up?
  20. No injuries! Minor damage. Lady driving a Black Avalanche Truck. Stopped by Parking Lot Staff before doing anymore damage. Driver left after giving a phone number 767-2189? On calling a recording states the number does not exist? Should have damage on most of Passenger side. Red scrapes. The parking staff did not get plate number or State. Any advice Appreciated?
  21. I have a Hyundai which is a fine car however you will VOID your warranty by taking it anywhere else! Even if the car has sat for 6mths you must adhere to their every 6mth service plan at apprx $2300mxn I was advised but liked the car & the price so buyer beware. I have a KIA in Canada they said one a year was just fine
  22. We do not bring a car down anymore but others that do can perhaps provide recent experiences. First of all Eastern Canada is a pretty big bite. Perhaps a province and major city location could be beneficial to the travel. Secondly Credit cards, I recall being frustrated by gas stations requiring a US postal code to fill up at the pump. If they still do perhaps you Canadians can help with the actual code or codes that were accepted? 11111 Enjoy the trip, both ways, it truly huge continent! Your looking at up to 4500-6000±km one way. Lots of cash for gas & a bed.
  23. Well to update u. Simapa did not arrive yet however when I depress the float valve the water entering is now clear. So without confirmation from the water gods we are all still in the dark. It reminded me of a diatomaceous (sp) earth suspension Tks for the help, another day, another mystery?
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