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  1. Figured as much, so didn't go near the link. They are quite easy to spot in my opinion. aka 1 post, yrs old posting, link included, not much of relevance in tone or context. Blocked
  2. Threw 2 x1" Cloro Pucks into the alibi a couple of days ago. Went back the next day to see how clear the water was. 3.3m down there they where
  3. Thanks Tom, with my luck I will get another ticket while paying this one.
  4. Got a parking ticket in Chapala the other day. No signs but what the heck. Anyone know where I pay this? Do we still get a discount for early Payment. No fine listed just Articulo 99 Fraccion 11
  5. Telmex Ajijic office stated that they were only informed this morning. CFE cut the power to the Telmex Terminal Junction Box?
  6. Does not appear on my statements! Yet?
  7. We work to provide you with a better service Av. Hidalgo west road north side Riberas del Pilar. Nov 14, 09: 00-18: 00
  8. Start at the well, how do get the water to the house, go to any tap then explain all the devices he is installing, as an example we have 7± different stages: pump pressure tank 2 filters UV purification zeolite filter water softener
  9. A colour wheel's a great starter. Actually if they enlarge yours they can use it! Then buy some small cans, pint size & test before you splurge on the big buckets. Trying to remember what we were paying for Sherwin-Williams but it is not cheap by the us Gal. Anyone bought any lately
  10. Is your option verified, they have/had another facility further east as reported by fordtruckman
  11. Contact Bernardo at the Palapa Eventos, Tahawi by the Lake. Take the Boulevard down to the Lake from Mums restaurant in Riberas. Ours is getting on in age, Corn Borers or Powder post Beetles view Palapas as a feast. Spraying is necessary to prevent the infestation from getting out of hand. As the wood ages & drys out the problem disappears, expect tiny little holes in the wood & Frass on the floor. Use the wrong wood species and everything falls down. Bernardo knows his trade. Good info from Ferret above
  12. Always interested in alternatives: we are NOB so no Ojo, if u have contact info that would be appreciated! Tks in advance.
  13. Different Airlines different Policies, good advice
  14. If you are flying any Battery powered tool may be confiscated as you try & clear security with carryon or in checked bags. The old exploding lithium battery problems created problems for non lithium batteries as well. Better to bring them down in a vehicle.
  15. In another life we maintained a sail boat with "Whale Hand Pumps." Pump lower unit is connected with plastic tubing through the top of the Garrafon. Voila. This does require a counter top to secure the pump. We have this set-up in our cabin for drinking water under the kitchen counter. https://www.westmarine.com/buy/whale-pumps--vertical-self-priming-hand-pump--255427
  16. Good News, time to go in when we return. Tks for the heads up
  17. only yes if Inapam cards are available, we go in 2-3 times a yr & have never been able to get the card. Response is always the same come back on ______ u fill in the blanks
  18. He is/was good friends with Jackie@H2olé u might try contacting him? 331.394.4413 is the last # I have
  19. The location near Oh-Shirts was their Body Shop for Years, possible consolidation in the works
  20. Go Solar, are they not both North of the Bus Station? We have used José Luis Gonzalez Aluminios Y Vidrios North of the Bus Station East Side. This year 2018 he was very busy with a large housing project near Guad which was dictating his schedule, but he did tell us. I have given up on Viluma, many different reasons mostly attempts to inflate previously quoted jobs beyond any rational amount.
  21. a French haute cuisine restaurant using a British potato? If Google is correct "Marie Piper" potatoes are aka "Maris Piper potatoes"
  22. There is a bamboo equivalent that some kind sister-in-law gifted us a few yrs ago. Works beautifully, sorry have no idea were to source it?
  23. https://mexiconewsdaily.com/news/amlo-announces-new-health-care-program/
  24. Santa Margarita in Riberas is certainly long over due for major repairs. Believe it or not there are actual cobble stones & curbs under all the muck!
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