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  1. Once a year I go to see them & replenish my stock of parts for my system. As far as I know they are still happly designing & installing irrigation systems. That said many hardware stores will quote on some parts put few have stock on hand. I may be mistaken however, so if you see a rainbird banner ask & let the rest of us Know. Good Luck
  2. ea93105: Is that what all the fuss was about. Drove thru the corral both ways, on the way home they waved me into this free portal. No signage & the digital display is of no use to anyone but a frequent user? The old static display was very readable however not easily changeable. Simple stupid!
  3. Meant to mention that in my post. We used the Macrolibremiento on Monday last at 73, returning Friday the toll was 75
  4. Went in to pick up my sticker, she had it ready no printing req'd. The strange thing was it was exactly the same as the one I rec'd 2± weeks earlier. The only difference was the 1st 1 did not peel off as easily as the replacement she had ready for me. Old stock, who knows?
  5. We just returned from Manzanillo. There is a great deal of construction going on with a new interchange being assembled for the travel to or from Jocotepec on 15 towards 80 & 54D. No signage for a detour in any direction?
  6. I have been wondering what that was all about? It does not seem to have the usual holograms?? Have not pulled it off the backing paper yet.
  7. Lupita is a Keeper, says hi to you as well. Tks for the recommendation!
  8. Every once in a while I have a #1 cut, wife hates it, my son has a shaved head for 8-10yrs. I do actually have quite a bit of hair on the top but its so fine it might as well be gone. So thanks for the all advice, I will start with the closest & work my way out. Quite a few I had never heard about, so most curious!
  9. Coyote in Buganvilla Plaza is Gone, where are you getting your hair cut Now? San Antonio, Ajijic, Riberas? I'm a 72± senior, bald with a fringe, not really complicated! I found a shop called Panache(sp) across the street in the search function & have used the gentleman in Chapala however parking is hell right now! All recommendations appreciated by Coyotes old clientele.
  10. About 9:00pm it was back on in Upper Riberias.
  11. Have always used Sherwin Williams here in Mexico but with all the construction & the assorted colours we require, the trek through all the construction to SW is daunting. They will have to colour match our existing SW palette? We have a Casters here in Riberas the other is Sayer I believe. All comments & opinions are appreciated.
  12. Your most welcome! Let us know how it all worked out. Sched 40 is not that cheap to buy, but it is strong, wall thickness is 3mm± so a much better quality! Cheers
  13. I have followed Juan to 2or3 different companies. He came by to fill up our 300 liter tank & on making change for $1,858 propane bill he short changed me when he handed me 3x20mxp. I pointed this out to him & he apologized & immediately counted out 5x20 or 100mxp. Later on recounting the monies, all 20's I realized he had overpaid us by 20mxp. I should have rec'd 142mxp I held 160mxp. I will call him & ask him to come buy the next time he is in the neighbourhood. Life is always interesting here in Chapala! To error is human, I do it constantly these days!
  14. I'm for impact resistance, cardboard tube is resistant & light for shipping, will survive the occasional pitch during frequent loading, unloading. If you have ever worked with PVC, it shatters on impact, especially at the ends. If you must use it, buy "schedule 40" the thicker heavier version designed for pressure systems and stuff both ends with lots of old reporter. No worries if you are carrying the tube on board. Happy New Year to all! What a beautiful morning!
  15. West of Plaza Buginvilla on the side st just above Alex's Pasta Bar
  16. And speaking to non issues, you seem to be very responsive?
  17. I have had good success with the hardware next to Sunrise for supplies. For technical issues I have always appreciated the skilled service staff at JP Homeservices.
  18. I was curious if privatization had any significant impact without driving all over. Guess not! Have used the Pemex by Soriano but always coming from the lake side. The quietest one always seems to be at the top of the Libermento on the way to Guad. Thanks all
  19. Finally got around to paying the Fine. Tom gates was right, City Hall on the left inside. Do not know what the original fine was, however after much calculations between 2 cashiers I paid $124mxn, I' m guessing it might have been a lot less if I had gone in sooner as they appeared to be counting days since the I was ticketed? And I did not get another ticket!
  20. Figured as much, so didn't go near the link. They are quite easy to spot in my opinion. aka 1 post, yrs old posting, link included, not much of relevance in tone or context. Blocked
  21. Threw 2 x1" Cloro Pucks into the alibi a couple of days ago. Went back the next day to see how clear the water was. 3.3m down there they where
  22. Thanks Tom, with my luck I will get another ticket while paying this one.
  23. Got a parking ticket in Chapala the other day. No signs but what the heck. Anyone know where I pay this? Do we still get a discount for early Payment. No fine listed just Articulo 99 Fraccion 11
  24. Telmex Ajijic office stated that they were only informed this morning. CFE cut the power to the Telmex Terminal Junction Box?
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