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  1. There are sterilized/nutered strays about that will take your leg, a hand or your throat should you get between them & their food.
  2. We endured a shelter in Riberas for 5±yrs, max 16 dogs usually 20+. Unbelievable noise of fully stressed dogs without any on duty staff at night or on weekends. I can not imagine 50±
  3. Exactly where is this dog pound? Every one seems to know but no one posts the address? This is not the 1st request for an answer?
  4. Great Story, Great People Tks for sharing
  5. It better not be near us we & neighbours spent 5 yrs getting rid of the Old Lucky Dog. Same issues, no after hrs staff, few week end staff. They are much happier & better off were they are out side Chapala, towards the golf course. Too many doggie do-gooders here are creating the problems!
  6. Hotel San Diego is in the title/file name of the Photograph!
  7. Sooo Where is The Ranchito Cremeria in Chapala?? Tks
  8. Locally known as "Polilla" aka "False Powder Post Beetle" or "Corn Borer", active in the area especially where "corn" is growing My old casa note book has a name Tyson at Prisa for Contra Termite We have a traditional Palapa that has the powder post beetle which is active right now. I have the Palapa sprayed every other year, in the interim I hand pick the fallen borer's and save them a Glass Jar, less than a 100/year. You know their active when you have a fine dust on the tile floor below the roof. It seems that as the wood ages they are far less active & fly else where looking
  9. I do not believe AM has flown to Vancouver or any where else in Canada for that matter in 8-10 weeks. The only wrinkly that we have is arriving in MEX the day before our Direct flight to Montreal
  10. Put the Transito's on duty Friday & Sunday to manage the Traffic flows. Flashing Orange Lamps if we have them
  11. Simapa has pump truck, stop in & they will take a deposit & make a reservation. Quite reasonable.
  12. Love the Cyclopista improves ever day, every week!
  13. I was impressed at the effort, not the principal. Too much for too little.
  14. At about 12:30 biking by their intersection i biked over to their open door & inquired "abierto" si was the response. So off u go all u people that have been riped off ± by Poncho et all. Well u did not have to buy, did u?
  15. Regular visitors to our dunk pool, we have at least 3- 2 adults & a smaller one getting training, diving from the roof of the Bodega or the pool deck. Great fun, if the pool cover is on they let us know that it needs to be removed! Their hilarious!
  16. Both Panco & El Terito Offer free home delivery
  17. Between 14:00 & 16:00 all my birdies are having a siesta, smart little fellas aren't they? At 16:30 they all come bye for a short dip in the dunk pool, noisy bunch!
  18. We also received a Telmex message. At that time our service was working. Actually reminded us of CFE messages we rec'd all last summer
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