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  1. Well, I showed my spouse the image, went for bike ride & by the time I got back she had found the missing cable & 200mxp in an ID card holder for biking. Go figure, at least I had the brains to ask???
  2. I'm on Steren's web site, does not look promising. I will go in with the image. Tks for responding.
  3. Cable Req'd: HDMI Female to MiniDisplay Male Port on a MacBook Pro 2009 15"??? Does anyone know where I can get this here? How do I find the Help File to post a Picture? Tried several "Search" variations without success? WOW I did It! Nope it tells me .pdf is not allowed so why not tell me what is??
  4. Updated: Just restored a Fuzzy Picture, now Reasonably Clear as the rain rate increases. So question answered! Shaw did say a refresh could take up to 15 minutes?
  5. Just returned from NOB. Refreshed the receiver twice, have a green dish in the corner, credit balance on the account, Guide etc is working? Would it be the Rain?? This has not happened before & have been here in some deluges when the screen goes fuzzy. All help appreciated, anyone else experiencing this message lately?
  6. We have used Primus for the last 9yrs, about 15C$ monthly really cheap long distance. Nice small lite box, goes everywhere in the world with us. Have been looking at OOMA available at Best Buy. Cheaper monthly a few more perks that I may not really need. The in-laws are testing it out for us as we speak. www.ooma.com/
  7. you are about to experience an educational experience. nothing in the world is as u had it at u'r home. take a chance, there is everything to gain, keep u'r eye's up, make eye contact & wish all: "hola, buenos dias'.
  8. Aside from the debris in the wells, any opening, any leaks in the water mains will suck sand & dirt back into the lines once the pumps are turned off. On a restart the next day all this debris gets into your storage tank. Hence we residents try & report to Simapa? The fix usually takes far longer than necessary. In my experience weeks, I send maps pictures & a translated notice. You really need a good primary filter before the storage tank which is not always easy or cost effective as filters are expensive. We have a Zeolite filter on auto backwash between the Aljibie & the UV
  9. In the dry season you will be contributing to poor air quality. These machines do not know the difference between grass leaves dirt dust or dried doggy do: everything gets air borne. I have asked our gardeners to never use them. Brooms are so simple & do not spoil the air quality.
  10. We also recommend Jackie at H2Ole, we also had Jackie install a Zeolite filter, expensive $9000± mxp but it backwashes automatically to your water quality requirements. I'm in Riberas sh-ty water here, spent lots of pesos for paper filters that lasted a week with our simapa water.
  11. I also live in Riberas, we have a small stream of water flowing down hill 24/7 since we arrived 2 months ago. the stream measure 100-120mm across, 25-50mm depth. I will leave it to Simapa to estitmate the water being wasted.
  12. And u'r regular taxi might be??????
  13. My application for a permanent visa was not accepted today at the Embassy of Mexico in Canada. I was prepared with all documentation: Passport, Visa Residente Temporal, Application, Financials & Photographs. I was politely & surprisingly informed that if my existing visa had not yet expired, that my application was only acceptable in Mexico. No other explanation was offered. Over the course of the last 4 weeks I have spoken on 4 occasions on the telephone with Immigration Services within the Embassy of Mexico in Ottawa, Canada. In each conversation, I related that I held a Visa Reside
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