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  1. Contact Hugh to see if he can help you, then purchase & follow his instructions for shipment. He helped us 3 odd yrs ago. Great Service Recipients, We have reached our quota for the September Package Pickup Trip. We will not be taking any additional requests for transport for this trip. With that said, we want to announce our October Package Pickup Trip which will take place on the: 11th of October Deliveries from this Packa
  2. That access was under some construction last year which may have had temporary closures in effect?
  3. We are upper Riberas, Smaller Truck number 4 or 12?? senior moment. We am NOB
  4. In Riberas?? I've lived in Ribsras over 7 years and as bdlington states, trash days are Wednesdays and Saturdays.
  5. no problems https://www.theweathernetwork.com/mx/weather/jalisco/chapala https://www.wunderground.com/cgi-bin/findweather/getForecast?query=20.289,-103.232&sp=IJALISCO25
  6. I/We always try to err on the side of caution, hence the application for Ret Seg + a Receipt. We are both Res Perm so not an issue now. Really never enjoyed the drive so we have always flown home. I had read or heard stories about stamps in passports, receipts for TIP Removal etc. Got stopped flying out without a stamp in our passport, all alternate records in the planes belly, cost use $2400mxp ouch but cheaper than another 2 tickets. We learn these life events thru experience! Hoping??
  7. Sorry but have to disagree! You have no Proof that the car is out of Mexico. No deposit on record so not an issue, we just removed the TIP & requested a receipt to PROVE that the vehicle had been removed. Many photographs where taken of the car's vin no's etc. Big Smile & we were on our way! Contract Closed!
  8. We chose to apply for the Retorno Seguro pass which clearly stated our departure window comfortably after the 3-4 week wait time. Copied everything in the application inc the courier receipt. In the event we were stopped, we were adequately prepared to prove we had adhered to the law, just not in possession of a letter. Left after waiting 5-6 weeks! No problems except for having to back-up at the TIP Permit booth to get it removed & retrieve our Receipt.
  9. Normally you call Intercam, mention that you have an account, request the rate for $x,xxx.00 C$ or us$ then get your cheque in before 14:00 or possibly 14:30
  10. I have biked in Ajijic & Chapala for the last 6yrs. The most dangerous areas in town are all intersections with the cyclopista (local in-town bike path), where gringos drivers enter & exit, Dog walkers are also prone to cover the path as are groups who randomly gather along the way stopping for extended chats. If careful it is doable. Most dangerous is the accumulation of fine dust &/or gravel! Without warning you will find yourself down if any slight turn is attempted! I personally have switched to the highway route from Chapala towards Mescala turning back after a short
  11. Calla Lillies (white flowers) An arrow head purple species (pic by stair) also does well. Both add shade which reduces algae, then add guppies to keep the mosquitoes in check. If things work out u have a balanced micro environment. No feeding required.
  12. http://www.banxico.org.mx/portal-mercado-cambiario/foreign-exchange-markets--exc.html This link is similar to an earlier post but takes u to the directly to the rates
  13. Ask Jackie to quote you on a Zeolite automatic filtration system, Works in a similar way to your water softener without the bucket of salt, 1-2micron medium. System backwashes as you require, automatically. Needs regeneration (new zeolite) about every 3-6yrs depending on usage
  14. The last paragraph provides a few hints: This may be your issue. Translation by google Consultation debiting LICENSE PLATE: Please check your vehicle providing the serial number or the last 5 digits of the same SERIAL NUMBER: To ensure better service we suggest you upgrade your browser to the most current version available. If you use Internet Explorer, it is recommended that you disable Compatibility View for this site.
  15. That may be why we never recd our Retorno Seguro at end of May. We bit the bullet "ouch" & just drove our J car home. No problems in MX or US thank goodness.
  16. Power Off/Open Door/Remove desired item/Close Door/Power ON
  17. We have an "Equator Clothes Processor EZ3600 CEE" Ventless Condensing Dryer in our cabin. These were expensive but it is 20+ yrs old, SS drum. We do not use the dryer often, a clothes line is much more efficient. Washer in use every other day, small loads are wonderful. Highly recommended. Originally installed in larger motor yachts & sailboats
  18. Cool! Tks, if you explore "earth" by clicking you can manipulate the programmed views & data display. Very interesting views of earth! Not quite as pretty as "East Pacific - Water Vapor Loop" from Chapala Weather left side bar
  19. Black Flies & Horse Flies diminished our Time in canoes! A Scot/French Father, Canadian Mother part Pennsylvania Dutch/German.
  20. I am Canadian, if I'm in Newfoundland I'm a Mainlander. If in the Yukon or NWT I'm an Outsider If I'm in Western Canada I'm an Easterner. All of you chime-in on the many others. It really is all about context & perspective. As for canoes, the saying goes that only Canadians can make love in a canoe, or maybe silly enough to try, never mind the resulting pain & agony. As pointed out Off Topic!
  21. The difference between 15% & 25% relies on where the monies are. If you leave your money in Canada, you will pay 15% with-holding tax as it moves into your hands. If you elect to remove all your monies from Canada then the with-holding tax will be 25%.
  22. We arrived safely at the Mexican border without our Retorno Seguro (Safe Return) letter. As Sonia warned, the waiting time can stretch beyond the 15 days. In our case, the application was couriered to Mexico City March 12th, we departed April 21st, some 6 weeks later which included time for Semana Santa. We had included a request for our preferred dates, any time between the April 18th - 22nd to arrive back in Canada before 183 days away. We departed with full copies of our application & proof of a courier submission. On arrival at Nuevo Laredo they iInspected our Permit & pu
  23. Started in Ajijic at 10:30 still backed up past Riberas going back to at Ajijic 13:00
  24. I rec'd a quote from IMG GlobeHopper Single trip Health Insurance for USA coverage on way back to Canada. Quite reasonable for the coverage compared to some others we inquired about here. Has any one actually made a claim with IMG? We would like to hear your experience?
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