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  1. 6mm Plate Satin Finish 6 pieces Installed 2015 11 Estimate $6,900 mxp 2016 12 Revision $10,500mxp Jaime Remero of Vilma is asking for a 52% increase in pricing Does anyone know who else to get a Quotation from?
  2. crappy? Crappy is the 5 weeks of intermittent internet service, repeated calls to 01.800.123.222, 3 visits from telmex to check service, 4 maybe 5 visits to Telmex in Ajijic, 2 replacement modems. Speed is fine when it is available! Now we are really off topic!
  3. Upper Riberas: we have been out since mid nite last, just called Mx city 0.1.800.123.2222 Por favor, necesito un representante técnico de habla inglesa, Gracias 1st call disconnected, 2nd call lasted 3-4minutes, they asked for a speed test, then the connection failed again? Carlos (not slim) was the on the help line. So far no return call. Connection Quality to California a B, Dallas a D, Monterrey an F? Speed Test 10.06 Down 0.79 Up We are into the 5th week of crappy service
  4. Well after having taken the summer off on a paid holiday she just handed in her keys & said adios? So two questions. 1. As she quit what are my obligations today? Prorated Xmas & Vacation Pay plus a sign off on her Quitting? 2. Anyone have a document translated into in espanol to cover the legalities of the situation?
  5. What do i know? Always Learning! The 2" fruits ripen from an emerald green to a gorgeous chocolate brown. 300,000 - 475,000 Scoville Units. Originating from the Yucutan Peninsula in Mexico, this pepper variety is twice as hot as a standard Habanero Chile and over 80 times hotter than an Jalapeño Pepper.
  6. Great Idea Safety First: Wear Disposable Gloves & Safety Glasses, some of these peppers are dangerous.
  7. Follow up: Last Thursday I called Mexico City as u advised. They asked for my modem's serial # & reported that were issues (unstated) in our area. They RED Flagged it for service, Friday the same tech, Luis arrived for the 3rd time & stated that we were now on a different server " all things would be Perfecto" 1 hr later we were out again I called Luis back, he said he would be right back/ Never showed however the internet was more than less fine over the weekend; things started sliding down hill Tuesday. Today I was going to call Mx City, wonders of wonders they called me; twice
  8. Go Solar, I believe the above partially answers your question. The Jun 07 - 08 Aug was an estimate based on previous monthly use then they submitted the Jun 07 - Oct 16, 121dias for $2,733.00. So up to the Jun 07 we were fine. Since then we have this high usage followed by our normal.
  9. I started this Topic Nov 6th, since that point I have been calling both numbers daily. Nada, either on Holiday or has moved on? Sr Bernabe Lazcano 333.447.8103, retired from the CFE & his land line at 766-1274 So if any of you have another Electrician's name & number that would be appreciated. By the way in the interim I have been doing all our usual power consuming things & the meter shows that our daily usage is 6-7 kWh or in our case bang on historically!
  10. Well here we are Tuesday morning & the internet is failing minute by minute. It is windy, does that tell me there is a break in the line?
  11. So Sunday morning after the consistent rainfall & zero to some minutes of internet, the 4 top led's lite up & are still lite? It has been like Telmex flipped a switch. 24hrs later I am still holding my breath as things dry out.
  12. I have been into Telmex Offices 4-5 times over the last 2 weeks. We are in upper Riberas. I have had the Modem replaced, connections checked by a technician who advised that all was fine & that he would be looking for a loose connection in the lines? I was told by a Telmex Service Rep that the problem is with the server? Is anyone else in Riberas having outages. This is only getting worse! I am beginning to suspect the modem may have internal issues. While posting this it has gone out & then back on at least once
  13. Tks Go Solar I am adding a monthly photo of the meter to the tasks assigned to our Property Manager. Something I do myself when we are here, "just in case" as u suggest.
  14. First thank you for taking the time to respond: So I totalled our usage off the history on the back of our Invoice. We are way short of the DAC unless there is something about it that I do not understand. We are away April - October 183± days each yr. The house is not occupied, rented or borrowed. No AC, small dunk pool 362 + 463 + 402 + 356 + 196 + 389 the top 6 readings = 2168 389 + 277 + 404 + 396 + 349 + 204 the bottom 6 readings = 2019, yes I used the middle number 389 on both The other item we noticed is that since the last reading 26 days elapsed &
  15. We have rec'd an invoice which is 3x the largest bill we have ever paid $2,733 mxp. I approached CFE with a translator, end result they require an electrican's report on the inner works of our electrical system? At this point I asked who they would recommend: Sr Bernabe Lazcano 333.447.8103, retired from the CFE was offered. 4 days later we still have not made contact with him? So have any of you been in a similar situation? Do you have someone to recommend? They have our money as the account is a Direct Withdrawal, All assistance is appreciated.
  16. The young lady in Riberas handed me a document illustrating the process her product undergoes. Seems that the Mexican Government has passed some law that prevents local purification for resale (my assumption) She stated she MUST buy her water from the approved sources authorized by the Government. That alone puts the wholesale cost of bulk water up. This may be why the price hike is everywhere & a number of local sources have been eliminated. I would not be at all surprised is Coke & Pepsi amongst others had a hand in the mix to get this enacted. They would have the capacity to supply
  17. Yes, Telmex is our Internet & Phone while Telcel is our Cell: Most Obvious Tks Looks like anything I'm buying will be the Micro size so tks for the replies. The good news is I have dealt with Ana for 6-8yrs, always helpful! We are still up there NOB, so easy questions & answers (that's u folks) are are a challenge. Cheers
  18. We need to purchase new unlocked smart phones. Most seem to require a Nano Sim Card. Our existing sims are standard 1FF, Nano is 4FF. Some how? I do not think you can cut the 1FF down to a 4FF dimension. Are Nano Sim's available from Telcel?
  19. please send us the name of the individual: We have been using a gentleman from Ixtlahuacán goes by Rob Tks mkshawn.ca@gmail.com

  20. Contact Hugh to see if he can help you, then purchase & follow his instructions for shipment. He helped us 3 odd yrs ago. Great Service Recipients, We have reached our quota for the September Package Pickup Trip. We will not be taking any additional requests for transport for this trip. With that said, we want to announce our October Package Pickup Trip which will take place on the: 11th of October Deliveries from this Packa
  21. That access was under some construction last year which may have had temporary closures in effect?
  22. We are upper Riberas, Smaller Truck number 4 or 12?? senior moment. We am NOB
  23. In Riberas?? I've lived in Ribsras over 7 years and as bdlington states, trash days are Wednesdays and Saturdays.
  24. no problems https://www.theweathernetwork.com/mx/weather/jalisco/chapala https://www.wunderground.com/cgi-bin/findweather/getForecast?query=20.289,-103.232&sp=IJALISCO25
  25. I/We always try to err on the side of caution, hence the application for Ret Seg + a Receipt. We are both Res Perm so not an issue now. Really never enjoyed the drive so we have always flown home. I had read or heard stories about stamps in passports, receipts for TIP Removal etc. Got stopped flying out without a stamp in our passport, all alternate records in the planes belly, cost use $2400mxp ouch but cheaper than another 2 tickets. We learn these life events thru experience! Hoping??
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