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  1. Appears they, BBVA do not like a copy paste of our Debit Card #. I manually entered each digit, it replied with request to use the "Random # Generator" Did could not believe it but it came to life & popped out a # which I manually input. I'm in! Now that is security that is likely due in part to the new ip address NOB & my copy paste attempt.
  2. Has anyone rec'd this message on log-in: Por su seguridad su contraseña ha sido bloqueada. For your security your password has been blocked. We are NOB & have not experienced this before. We have been receiving numerous emails offering to issue us a credit card?
  3. Ricardo Arredondo 766.5490 331.407.0194 La Paz #63 San Antonio Speaks English
  4. Many Thanks, I like my name better as the image (it does really look like a snake head) was likely created to scare off any attacking birds? Wikipedia has the butterfly "Owl butterfly"displayed with both wings seen from above now this really looks like an owl, but I can not see/visualize a snake head? Further into the Wikipedia Images are several shots where both wings are at rest above & behind & here you do see the evolution of a snake head! Dual Purpose Graphic, incredible!
  5. Any experts or knowledgeable individuals out there that can provide some background to this incredible insect
  6. March 28th: Since using the additional LED Rope lighting March 11th± for 4 nights in a row all signs of the bats have disappeared? Do not know if the LED lighting is fully responsible or some feeding habit; insects or fruit availability created the changes. In any case thanks for the ideas suggestions! Cheers
  7. Suegarn, after 10-12 years u get to know that there is a wealth of knowledge here. On the other hand u got to add a reply? I will see if I can google a Seattle web board. Tks all
  8. We are arriving in Seattle SeaTac at 22:15. After clearing Customs can we safely take the "Link" to the Space Needle Area? Aside from the Taxi ranks are there any Hotel Shuttle to that area? Tks in Advance!
  9. Counted 34 assorted Police & Military vehicles all around Christina Park? Mostly Jalisco Police a few Marines & an assortment of Big Black or White unmarked Suburbans plus a press bus a military bus & 1 Helicopter? Some one important is hosting an event?
  10. Why do I always end up behind a vehicle with-out Brake Lights? Even newer ones, the beaters I can understand. On the other hand most Mexicans here have a social contract with all of us. By that I mean if you are trying to merge off a cross st or other, it does not take long before some one will flash their lights &/or wave you in. Amazing grace, always give a thank you. Now I have noticed that this is not the general attitude in Guad?
  11. Fester has a clear matte sellador. 100% Silicon Based $650mxp 5 litre can. Very watery so it absorbs into the clay tiles very quickly. After 2weeks, the small amounts of rain are beading up immediately. We used it on flat sq tiles on our buttress wall caps & on concrete steps, tops & fronts. So far very effective. Only time will tell?
  12. Well, awakened last night to a flight of bats doing laps around our covered terrace, none had displayed their flight numbers so had no idea how many or who was winning? Turned the terrace lights on realized that this owner was at fault as the feeder was missing it's cover. Give me 3-4 things to do & I generally miss 1? Mirador has been fine with an extra string of rope LED lighting now if I can get the feeder cover in place we may just resolve the problem, I hope!
  13. We are experiencing nightly problems with Bats or at least one stubborn Bat. Actually the bats are not bothering us, it's their leaving's that have become an issue. We have LED spot lights shinning into the ceiling of our mirador which historically have been more than enough of a deterrent. Not now! Does anyone have any suggestions?
  14. I am looking for a replacement here in the Chapala area: Dr Ricardo Heredia's recent passing has left me in need of someone with similar orthopedic background & approach to medicine & treatment. Do any of u have a recommendation or know if his practice has a replacement Doctor? Thanks in advance
  15. We have friends, non Spanish speaking expats who managed the whole process without a facilitator? The immigration office staff are extremely helpful! My experience with this law office started out quite well over a number of years, but ended on a 15 minute meeting to discuss new document requirements. After waiting in the outer office for 20 min, our appointment proceeded with continual interruptions. As a conclusion, a request for $500 peso's was tabled in addition to the offices standard fees to move from temporal to permenante. 100 pesos per min?? Come on!
  16. Take an alley or marble the proof that all terraces are sloping in the correct direction away from the house. You may be very surprised
  17. Not sure what is going on but the last couple of weeks our usually reliable collection service on Wednesday & Saturday has deteriorated to possibly or not at all?? Do any of you have a source that we of limited Spanish skills can contact? Telephone & email would be appropriate then we can respond via email to confirm the conversations.
  18. The Vivero next to Telmex here in Ajijic had many types of Water Plants & Fish. Worth a visit?
  19. Do not know what the law says about this activity. A family broke into a property nearby & has systematically been removing & cutting back at least 8 years of vegetation. The house & walls have stood vacant & secured for at least these 8 years, never observed anyone there. So appears that these people, who seem to squat at a very rough half built structure up the street, are going to move in. The property has or was secured with window & door security. Should this be reported or is there some rule regarding abandoned properties being free for the taking after some time
  20. I hate to knock Roberto's as we have enjoyed many many meals. On New years day a group of us were very disappointed in the quantity, quality of most meals & the very slow service. Roberto was about but we could not corner him with our comments. No one is is perfect, just disappointed.
  21. Does anyone have any experience with local waterproofing compounds by Fester &/or Castor. Application is mostly horizontal with perimeter verticals of small dimensions. The waterproofing compound will be layered over flat clay tile with membrane material cut to fit with generous overlaps at all seams. Then a top coating to saturate the membrane. Thanks in advance
  22. We were by the day before Christmas, a women was packing up & advised my wife that they were moving to PV.
  23. Just a thought, not all electronic starters are hooked up to the Oven. Ours must have a manual BBQ lighter applied to the down draft opening at the base of the open oven door as others have described. If the gas manifold is actually hooked up properly it should light every time? If all else fails follow the advice above!!!
  24. Anyone out there have a few good leads for a Smoked Bone-in Ham? I know, we will need a small fortune to purchase a small portion. Tks
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