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  1. We are having the same issues with a new 800 series pvr? Very erratic response. Have tried refreshing which seems to help eventually. I do not get an error message just a notice that the Guide is Still Loading & I should wait or we can use VOD or PPV, works for Shaw, not me however?
  2. Tks all, feel stupid as I have never noticed it before. cheers!
  3. The plastic Frame on my glasses has failed at the arm. I wish to mend while waiting for replacement frames & lens. Has anyone seen this product locally?
  4. RV, any chance u can recall the "iron Worker's" name or an approx. location. When u say can not be cut what tool or tools are u using? Tks
  5. Just realized that that link takes you to ELECTRIC Inserts, not good economics here. Below is the req'd link for a ventless log set in propane https://napoleonfireplaces.com/products_categories/vent-free-gas-log-sets/
  6. We installed a similar system as BisBee. Napoleon GVFL 18P We purchase others through Lowes USA delivery to Laredo We also installed their remote thermostat controller as well, heats beautifully, we also have an enclosed fireplace no chimney although we added an fresh air duct at the pilot.
  7. That is a treat, even the time taken is better than our usual 2 months+. On another note all those awaiting packages from on-line international sellers I attach below the numerous steps taken by Mx Customs & then by Mx Postal services. I check daily for the glacial progress of package thru the system. Cheers All. This translation by Google Hello! This year I bring new things. This post was compiled with the comments of other users and the information presented here is entirely written by me. The post has new sections in which they are presented below. The states have been su
  8. This topic was initiated in 2013? First Posted October 12, 2013
  9. Good News! We saw the door open as well & were hoping!
  10. Flying Montreal to GDL we were charged for the Tourist visa by Aeromexico. Called their customer service, emailed a scan our Permenante Visa I received a refund to our CC about 5 days later. Covered the Baggage Fees! Off topic sorry
  11. Will the entrance on that side take u west to the Costco at the Southern Lopez Mateos area? I was on google maps the other day & it indicate taking the entrance off the North bound Chapala GDL highway to the Hyundai Dealer on the other end of Lopez Mateos? I know there about 15-20 km apart (Costco to Hyundai)
  12. "Live Edge" generally indicates that the profile of the slab shows bark on the public side of the bar, while the shape in plan view conforms to the original growth pattern. There is a bar/restaurant west of Ajijic that has used these slabs to great effect. I will follow up, tks again.
  13. REC: I have been looking for a source for a Bar Top. I have had the supporting legs for about 2 yrs while looking for a top? Does he carry & can he modify "Live Edge" slabs of wood, finishing the top & support ing legs, attaching my legs & install all in our Casa?
  14. Another recommendation for the Gualberto Real. Father & son team. They removed & replaced a seized pump motor assembly saving us a substantial capital outlay for a new dishwasher. Use it or u may loose it.
  15. Exercise Caution as to the quality of the Contractors current crew or crews, all are trained to different standards. So a current crew leader should & can be detailed in your contractual documents. Make sure all involved know the value of an alley or marble in determination of the correct slope. Buy many & have them available on-site. Unlike heavily used bubble levels, marbles can not be incorrect. Water like the marble follows gravity. Once base construction material sets or hardens at an incorrect level, it becomes increasingly difficult & expensive to correct the error after the
  16. I had thoughts about posting however after reading through these three pages have decided to not to, Time will tell all. 2-3 weeks!
  17. Highly Recommend Frida's Tacos: New owners directly across from SuperLake. We enjoyed #5.6.&7 plus 2 small Pozole Chicken stews, 3or4 tacos + a couple of beers & table salsa. Bill a modest 170 including a tip
  18. We have a series of 4"x6" Palm Roof Rafters quite short in Length 4'-5' that are showing signs of infestation? Any advice is appreciated! We hope to keep them?
  19. Any marine supply outlet has "Ditch Bags" some expensive, some not. Ditch means taking a step up to the dingy/life raft. Annual adjustments required depending on the depth?
  20. Don't quote me on this but there was a theory back in the day 2008 that no landline meant no internet would be available. Telmex did not market internet without a landline. However no smart phones either at that time.
  21. Just added your bookmark back into my Browser. Welcome back!
  22. My apologies, I can be annoying!
  23. All variables: No of pax, no of bags, Time of Dep https://www.interjet.com/en-ca?gclid=Cj0KCQjw1dDPBRC_ARIsAJZrQfr1uzFufTjMAVDX_-nhWHxsqKbJwUXc4fbCGc6ibgBguxpsRLdKfXAaAnXHEALw_wcB
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