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  1. Actually both are correct: 30,000 meters is approx. 98425.197 feet. as in length or a distance Not applicable here 30,000 sq m is 322,917 sq feet as in area
  2. Actually a brief answer is possible: Moles are generally removed surgically, depending on size & type may require a biopsy by others after removal? Fwd from Sea: Posted August 10 From her card: Dra. Martha Ballesteros cell 044 33 3408 0951 Email: skin_ballesteros@hotmail.com Her number in Guad at the office: 3631 8037, 3632 9495 She attends to patients at the LCS, check their schedule & sign up.
  3. I believe Craig may be best served by starting a new post on his recent problem. This thread was started by bmw1150rt Originally Posted January 12, 2015
  4. Apples vs oranges: results are based on when data was selectively imported. 95281-9519 = 91/3=30.33 1 / 15.71= 0.06365372374284* 30.33= 1.93061744112034 Represents a 19.306% daily increase for the 3 days cited by chapel weather vs the 14days previously cited by Conagua The rate of increase in the lake level has increased dramatically over this last weekend with much more to hopefully arrive shortly?
  5. Always best to question the "Inspector" on any on going, past, present or future conflicts of interest that they may have with the contractor, the developer or the architect. Listen carefully for any nuance that may require further investigation.
  6. Which year will you be arriving? Do these folks actually have a permit? All the short term renters will be well served! Traffic & confusion on an already dangerous stretch of highway! Garbage & sewage to where? There goes the water pressure! The car wash lads will be very happy. Progress is when the large lot across the street goes for 2 similar low rise projects.
  7. We need repairs to our 8yr old sliders. The weather strip on everyone of these gazed doors has failed. Will give him a call on our return. Tks for the post
  8. You donate your own blood, they centrifuge the blood Platelet's out & inject directly back into your knee joint. Was advised it is quite good for Osteoarthritis aka OA? So are omega 3 supplements, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) has gained popularity in recent years for treating sports-related injuries. The attachment is not a gentle read, I'm trying to see NOB Canada Dr to gain some local knowledge & Pricing? http://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0182496#sec001
  9. Many Tks Sea, Dr Martha has an office in Ajijic, mountain side clinic just west of Telmex with a accessible ramp to front door. Take the mountain side lateral just east of Telmex drive west to the clinic.
  10. On departure from GDL a brand new pump can of Dr Martha's sunscreen was lifted from my baggage. If any of you also have some of this product spf 45±, Extremely dry after a few seconds, does not run into your eyes when you sweat, she was selling it for $200±mxp. Not your normal hand pump, the whole top lid depressed. If you have the name & manufacturer off the product the info would be appreciated as I'm trying to track it down. If anyone has her email that would also work for us. Tks
  11. I do not know who is throttling the CFE downloads, however the speed trickles down to nothing? Result is an error message. So as I'm NOB I will have to wait for all of you locals to get your bills. I will try CG suggestion: check ENVIO CFEMAIL.
  12. We 2nd Bournemouths recommendation: Rene has rekeyed & duplicated many keys, installed new hardware & replace used equipment under his personal warranty, then if he is not busy he can drop you off at the airport. Very nice person, glad we know him & family!
  13. Half glass: Perhaps you might provide us with some information on the heavily modified barrel next to your cooker. What ever it is (Fermenting vessel?) it sure is well executed. I can't change this font?
  14. I can second Phxfunguy comments about Juan! He has provided more than competent service on our street for years. When he left his last company we all moved to Los Altoss immediately.
  15. We cash US$ or C$ denominated NOB cheques at Intercam on as needed bases, to top up our BBVA account. In by 13:00 with our cheque, the money is in our BVA account by 14;30-15:00 same day. We have learned to make the cheques a significant amount, say over $1,000 under $5,000, your rate is always an extra 0.15 extra/$. Very friendly staff with few changes.
  16. Thanks all, I do keep an eye on the source code for unusual addresses via email, thats a given these days. My worry was the lack of contact numbers to call, if waiting it out failed to resolve an issue. These mx banks are no different in my option than any nob units here in Canada. Constant change, going live with poorly tested releases, no warnings for the most part. Although browser warnings are becoming far more common, takes me back to when the internet started? Now that was fun? The rapid changes of today's banking world like photo deposits would have seemed totally unrealistic back then.
  17. Appears they, BBVA do not like a copy paste of our Debit Card #. I manually entered each digit, it replied with request to use the "Random # Generator" Did could not believe it but it came to life & popped out a # which I manually input. I'm in! Now that is security that is likely due in part to the new ip address NOB & my copy paste attempt.
  18. Has anyone rec'd this message on log-in: Por su seguridad su contraseña ha sido bloqueada. For your security your password has been blocked. We are NOB & have not experienced this before. We have been receiving numerous emails offering to issue us a credit card?
  19. Ricardo Arredondo 766.5490 331.407.0194 La Paz #63 San Antonio Speaks English
  20. Many Thanks, I like my name better as the image (it does really look like a snake head) was likely created to scare off any attacking birds? Wikipedia has the butterfly "Owl butterfly"displayed with both wings seen from above now this really looks like an owl, but I can not see/visualize a snake head? Further into the Wikipedia Images are several shots where both wings are at rest above & behind & here you do see the evolution of a snake head! Dual Purpose Graphic, incredible!
  21. Any experts or knowledgeable individuals out there that can provide some background to this incredible insect
  22. March 28th: Since using the additional LED Rope lighting March 11th± for 4 nights in a row all signs of the bats have disappeared? Do not know if the LED lighting is fully responsible or some feeding habit; insects or fruit availability created the changes. In any case thanks for the ideas suggestions! Cheers
  23. Suegarn, after 10-12 years u get to know that there is a wealth of knowledge here. On the other hand u got to add a reply? I will see if I can google a Seattle web board. Tks all
  24. We are arriving in Seattle SeaTac at 22:15. After clearing Customs can we safely take the "Link" to the Space Needle Area? Aside from the Taxi ranks are there any Hotel Shuttle to that area? Tks in Advance!
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