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  1. Locally known as "Polilla" aka "False Powder Post Beetle" or "Corn Borer", active in the area especially where "corn" is growing

    My old casa note book has a name Tyson at Prisa for Contra Termite

    We have a traditional Palapa that has the powder post beetle which is active right now. I have the Palapa sprayed every other year, in the interim I hand pick the fallen borer's and save them a Glass Jar, less than a 100/year. You know their active when you have a fine dust on the tile floor below the roof. It seems that as the wood ages they are far less active & fly else where looking for a more suitable meal of corn. Right now no "Frass" Google wood dust for great images

    I stand corrected, just posted what I had been told but neglected to check mr google

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