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  1. My feeble attempt trying to be Ironical
  2. I hope u meant "email" our local postal services are prone to thinking in days weeks or months never ever hours.
  3. 2nd the recommendation, not only nice work, but nice people with a charitable past.
  4. Doug tsk for the link, I'm still in Canada but others in Chapala are in need of information? Google says the cost is: At both airports, the laboratory managers will charge passengers on international flights 450 pesos for the antigen test and the PCR 1,450 pesos.
  5. Just received this notice from Aeromexico indicating that Chopo is supplying tests results for it's Travellers! Con tu reservación en Aeroméxico obtienes beneficios exclusivos al hacerte la prueba de antígenos o PCR para COVID-19 en los laboratorios Chopo y Lapi. Alianza con laboratorios Con tu reservación en Aeroméxico y Delta Air Lines obtienes beneficios exclusivos al hacerte la prueba de antígenos o PCR para COVID-19 en los laboratorios Chopo y Lapi.
  6. We drove an Ontario plated car back to Canada to sell it. The gentleman who bought the car a Honda suv noted that my Jack was missing? Go figure, 5400± km later! The gods of Mexico where with us, the jack not. A lesson without consequence? We have had great success with the body shop just West of Nomad on the Mnt Side of Hidalgo. 2 Brothers own it & do all the work with a small experienced staff.
  7. Not once but twice, I had to insist on expiry date change with bank so I shredded the card used my wife till we got back. The Bank advised that there were numerous reports of money laundering with-in CC shipments. I my guessing they are now scanned?
  8. It's a few years ago but Mx Customs was opening & removing the CC from its transit card stock!
  9. Hint: Your user name, followed by the Heart & Hip fund? Then we have to assume your have the permit documentation detailing valuations, age. Now we need a warranty? All this & only 3 posts
  10. $699.00 usd https://www.google.com/search?client=safari&rls=en&q=Nakto+Electric+Bike+Ranger&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8 $1,348 mxn
  11. So after much back & forth, the policy came down from $8,783.46 pesos to under $3,500 with a 5% deductible down from 10%. We accepted! As some of you advised they refused to change the total loss stipulation? So thats the result for now! Looking forward to Chapala travel possibly April/May, very cold & damp here. Now, to top up the property managers funds for the staff looking after all the gardens & pool.
  12. I can 2nd Cedros recommendation, his boys are excellent they are all knowledgeable. He can be more expensive but you get what you pay for.
  13. Is your Juan a larger man with a happy way about him always dressed in denim with smaller side kick on the ladder detail. If so, I challenged him once on short changing me 100pesos, he pulled out a bill & handed it over. On review I discovered he had not shorted me so I handed it back. He just smiled. I only fill up once a year now with our new pilotless hot water heater. Our Juan was with Los Altos when we last used him, however he has been with several different companies in the past 11 yrs. Always the same cell phone number thank goodness!
  14. I use the over flow method of keeping my guppy pond happy, a trickle of water, never any food, they eat the algae or the young. Just like any regular native pond!
  15. She is also a very pleasant person, smiles et all!
  16. So Daisy, who did you end up with if you don't mind telling or sending us a PM. We did receive a quote much reduced like 50% but as Angus states the whole car must be stolen. I not sure if damage to the car in an accident is covered? Will ask!
  17. We have a gated car port, u can not see in, it's locked from the inside. The electric garage doors are disconnected, the car battery has been disconnected from inside the car, the rims have wheel locks? All keys are here in Canada! Parker wants a min of $8,783.46 pesos? I'm in Riberas. If you can offer any further advice, sound off! We would be prepared to pay to have limited theft & damage insurance but do not believe any company offers this with their property insurance for a stored car? All observation are appreciated. S&S stores cars, do they offer storage Insurance?
  18. Bisbee is right Reading from left to right on MC's ticket, all top line data relates to Departure the last aka the T1 should have been closer to the Date & Time on the left. What Date, What Time, the terminal #, then which airline etc Have safe flight!
  19. Take a water sample to your pool supplier & have the water tested. Make corrections & test again. Then use the recommended Chemical. The pool company East of super lake has an instant test device. An internet search will also provide alternates available in Guad. That Green is a very nice colour especially if the water is crystal clear.
  20. Its always about Gate Availability. Have arrived Domestic GDL MEX T2 walked a very long way to InterNational Departures T2 & boarded the same Plane? same Crew? same Seats? Go Figure
  21. I have been using xe for yrs to transfer money converted to whatever peso's euro's to accounts all over: they remove the agreed money from my account at an agreed rate & transfer it any bank account in the world that has the standard international banking information (Swift numbers). Never a problem , repeats are extremely easy, money usually is deposited in 3/4 business days.
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