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  1. I have been moving money via Xe to a Bancomer Account belonging to a Mexican Citizen. No problems if you have all the Swift Code & Account Numbers involved.
  2. It has been our experience as well. Below, too the South is much quieter than above too the North
  3. I'm looking at my 13/01/20 Target de Circulacion! Where is my serial number "Ref the Num de Serie 55972 Since I was renewed in 2020, what might the fine be? $824 + $110 in fines Can this be paid at any Bank?
  4. Excellent Information. The US TSA has really upped their Communications Game. Ca TSA not so sure?
  5. Ask the friend to call their airline with that question. If they try "carry-on" chances are excellent that the device & batteries will be confiscated! Never to be seen again!
  6. I'm also in Canada currently with Be!!, internet only, at over $100 monthly. 3rd party providers are allowed on existing fibre installations. Not sure that would be the case, so I am curious how you will receive your internet from Total Play in Canada. Tks in advance
  7. 2nd Ron Young, he is feisty about modern Engineering & passionate about simple effective design! aka old VW's
  8. Mi casa is on the mountain side of the cyclopista. Have rec'd many of these notices over the past year, but not this particular message. We usually rec'd locates aka street names so who knows?
  9. About time they moved, the older location was a nightmare for access.
  10. As part of a log In process I got the following message? BEFORE STARTING Do you allow BBVA to have access to the location of your computer each time you log in to your electronic banking? By official provision, as of March 23, this will be necessary to enter. Learn about our privacy notice at www.bbva.mx Give permission Not give permission I did not give permission? Every other website knows where I am so why this? Remember that as of March 23, by official provision, we will need the consent of the use of your location to be able to access. Found out Does anyone know what this means? Translation by Google
  11. Seems Oscar is still where he has been for 8-10yrs. Check the tread above for your answer, He does work in leather.
  12. Head to Manzanillo, Bay of Santiago, Playa La Boquita
  13. Well we can choose to disagree! As a designer of many many wayfinding master plans for major transportation hubs I have always felt that an "Engineer" & "Traffic" are totally dissimilar in Goals Techniques & Standards, but thats me & yes I have been known to make mistakes from time to time, like right now. Cheers a figure of speech in which apparently contradictory terms appear in conjunction
  14. We have never been invoiced for any fees annual or specific to a transfer
  15. Golf is waste of a good walk
  16. I was thinking of the late "Chris"topher
  17. Plumbing Plumber Plummer Who Knew?
  18. I have noticed that the ideas & well meaning comments about the cyclopista have disappeared now that the project is nearing completion or seemed to be complete when we left in June.I know off topic some what!
  19. I do not believe you could buy the necessary wood for that price? The skill set to accomplish that impressive piece is not readily available anymore.
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