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  1. There is another just a km or 2 beyond. They are mountain side, signage was indicating where & parking available. Beautiful display garden by the Entrance
  2. For the last week or two? Surprised that no one had raised the fact? And it rained last Night
  3. I believe they are still overwelmed on the uploading of data. After adding an additional traveler the upload would get to 12% then finish with the message "Upload failed" Tried 6x before leaving it alone for a couple of hours, retried & got the OK. That's when it got interesting, tried to input the Departure info & was blocked from giving our dates, realized that the old Entrance Standards required that the test be conducted 72 hrs in advance. Well OK, but the new standard does not require a PCR, so why not allow the data to be completed. It could easily withhold Official Verification until the 72 hr window & send it to you requiring acknowledgement of No Symptoms? So now we wait for the final countdown then wait again & wait again. I worked in just about every mayor airport in Canada. I had a short statement that fully describes the departure process: "Boarding interruptess, how many times am I going to be unnecessarily stopped & questioned or asked to show a boarding pass yet again? Now the process has expanded to the Pre-pre boarding & that's before I even have ordered the cab. Aeromexico has added a space between Aero & Mexico. Any idea how much it costs to repaint a plane, never mind all other documents a corporation handles.
  4. Rec'd a Notice of Entry Requirements that incorrectly stated that Travellers Must Have PCV Test. WRONG called this newly named airline & it's agent confirmed that if fully vaccinated NO PCV test was required. That is not the way the notice read! I won't rant any further about the ArrivCAN app. What a waste of our money & time. Be aware their tested app is NOT tested: extreme patience is required!
  5. mkshawn

    Lunch Box

    Pepe y Lola los esperan en lunchbox. Para que disfrutes de tu platillo en Guadalupe Victoria #48 Ajijic Jalisco. Pepe and Lola are waiting for them at lunchbox. For you to enjoy your dish in Guadalupe Victoria #48 Ajijic Jalisco. Translated
  6. Is there anything official that we are required to do?
  7. Can you Help me? (all in Spanish, a male) My wife is having a Baby, we live right there (points vaguely down the street) I need Peso's for either a Taxi or Gas) Yesterday on the sidewalk along 16th de Septembre, East of Colon. 14:00! I thought he wanted a ride? Our back seats were down with no room to sit anyone. he walked away. Previously a week ago (Just found this out, we don't talk much) in Riberas, North of Hidalgo, rang our bell & introduce himself as a neighbour (pointing vaguely down the street). Neither were very aggressive, just repetitive. Later I did find a fine straight cut above my elbow? Box cutter or razor? Both instances the individual seemed to be alone. Just a heads up, over the years, I have been approached many times at Super Lake but never quite like this..
  8. Tried this one which is where I bought the first load of 1 1/2" The debris during the rainy season seals the larger stones in till the grasses take over. Thanks for your thoughts
  9. I Have been a bit perplexed by the total absence of larger size gravel. Yes 1/2" / 3/4" is readily available but on our street my neighbours downstream get it all after the rainy season. So Im looking for a yard with the 1 1/2" which seems to stay put I am willing to go anywhere between Jocotepec - Ixtlahuacán to inquire pricing delivery etc. Tks As gravel pits are sometimes remote any assistance in getting directions is appreciated. Telephone number Pit name all is helpful.
  10. Translation: I will assume that Tomorrow means Today Thursday Jan 20th at noon!
  11. In addition to SunFans answer: if your pressure system is set for a pressure range say 30-60psi you can add a pressure regulator to the sprinkler supply lines limiting the psi to a stable amount of pressure say 30psi± This of course limits the adjustments necessary as the pressure tank empties.
  12. Folklore is the beauty of any location
  13. Go to your Local INM office for a review, there always seems to be interpretive wiggle room in what is required. Take home all that they do not need. Good Luck. I just spent 45minutes picking up & activating my Intercom Debit Card? Took 4 different people, a telephone call, a verbal review of all my documents & 2 different Debit Card readers to complete the transaction.
  14. A sharp eyed spouse spotted a crumb on a counter top? Eureka! My missing screw found, a 1/1000 opportunity. Archimedes Supposedly, Archimedes was so thrilled and excited with this discovery that he immediately hopped out of the bath and ran onto the streets to tell the king, shouting loudly 'Eureka! Eureka!' (I have found it! I have found it!), in delight. About Eureka! - Bellarmine University https://www.bellarmine.edu › learningcommunity › about Search for: Who famously said Eureka? my missing screw
  15. Prescription Glasses, Frame Repair. Lost a crucial screw this morning that holds the lens frame together. Anyone know a location that may have spare flat hd screws too tiny to guess at size
  16. I may not have understood the purchasing process on Mercado Libre? The wanted my INE & I only hold a INM which was rejected. Any advice? The package price looks good however I have Only One panel that is leaking at the moment.
  17. Tks to all. I have been away for some time so will check them all out. Cheers
  18. Need 12 Bags of the small 20peso coin size. All assistance is appreciated!
  19. Thank you for posting that. After much ado I was able?? to register both of us. Did you receive a confirmation via email? We had our 2nd does in Canada so am not sure how that affects us. Our big deal was to know what a CURP looked like and after that, all was a snap. Time will tell.
  20. Where in Ajijic is there a "bus station"? Bus stop maybe?
  21. They do manage to reach a neutral population demographic based on food availability & water conditions. We have had a garden pound full of Calla Lilies & guppies that we have never fed in over 12 yrs. Fresh Water very slowly overflows the pond into the garden, no pump. We have a suspicion that as the females berth their fry, there are others nibbling on the resultant competition. They certainly learn hiding & schooling skills quickly!
  22. Lots of good information & advice! Again thank you. Dropping down to 4°c tonite enjoy your day.
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