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  1. Go Solar, are they not both North of the Bus Station? We have used José Luis Gonzalez Aluminios Y Vidrios North of the Bus Station East Side. This year 2018 he was very busy with a large housing project near Guad which was dictating his schedule, but he did tell us. I have given up on Viluma, many different reasons mostly attempts to inflate previously quoted jobs beyond any rational amount.
  2. a French haute cuisine restaurant using a British potato? If Google is correct "Marie Piper" potatoes are aka "Maris Piper potatoes"
  3. There is a bamboo equivalent that some kind sister-in-law gifted us a few yrs ago. Works beautifully, sorry have no idea were to source it?
  4. https://mexiconewsdaily.com/news/amlo-announces-new-health-care-program/
  5. Santa Margarita in Riberas is certainly long over due for major repairs. Believe it or not there are actual cobble stones & curbs under all the muck!
  6. Most Interesting comments, Tks! Over the weekend the pool water was moving before the pump started, but no wind or diving birds having a bath? This yr overnight the pool water temp might drop 1-2° no pool cover? Pool temp is the same as Aljibe water temp? Ezzie I will follow up with Simapa, Tomas I am going to have the Aljibe cleaned again & will have the pump wiring inspected, I know the pump casing is warm/hot to the touch.
  7. Aljibe is under the carport so little direct soar gain/heating. I could drain to lower the level below the float then place a bucket under the outlet to take a reading? The last time the Aljibe was cleaned the plumber had a problem with the pump & I really do not know if they knew what they were doing. The temp at the outlet water is the same as around the pump, not conclusive so I believe I will test the incoming water temp in a bucket. We had large seismic event here a few yrs ago so anything is possible, until we can eliminate all other sources. Strange but I always wished for radiant heating, now i may be the lucky guy except?
  8. Has anyone experienced this? Water Temperature is in the cistern . Either the water line or Aljibi is on a thermal or my submersible pump is heating a 10,000 liter cistern aka Aljibi. Who to call for inspection & repair. Tks
  9. Perfect I'm in that area tomorrow, many tks to both of you. I have often speculated to myself, how do I know that I'm getting Roja in the tank?
  10. Any where in Chapala, Riberas, SAT or Ajijic. Tks tried Riberas today nada
  11. I have a Free Canon MP560 c/w 10+ cartridges, 3 larger dbl black cartridges included, all in sealed cello. The printer requires a new print head, the original was clogged from lack of use. eBay has many listed QY6-0073 Printhead For Canon iP3600 iP3680 MP540 MP560 MP568 MP620 $24.98± I have removed & cleaned the original head several times without any success. Removal is simple the U tube videos are straight fwd pm me for contact info
  12. Does anyone have this site listed somewhere, used it last year with some success. The on-line message had concluded with a statement that the actual decal would be mailed. 1 year later went to their office on Delgado & the staff member went to a back desk that held about 150 200 decals, pulled mine out & flipped it to me. Well now I know! They kept my receipt that I had been holding in case we were stopped. So no web Site Data
  13. In Mexico artificial turf is translated into Lava Rock, comes in a multitude of sizes from basically dust to a pea stone sized nugget to great big chunks. Trust me much much nicer than AT. No cutting or watering necessary. Place potted plantings were ever your heart desires. I hate grass especially AT. If you go this route place a water permeable weed barrier down under the lava rock.
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