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  1. Head to Manzanillo, Bay of Santiago, Playa La Boquita
  2. Well we can choose to disagree! As a designer of many many wayfinding master plans for major transportation hubs I have always felt that an "Engineer" & "Traffic" are totally dissimilar in Goals Techniques & Standards, but thats me & yes I have been known to make mistakes from time to time, like right now. Cheers a figure of speech in which apparently contradictory terms appear in conjunction
  3. We have never been invoiced for any fees annual or specific to a transfer
  4. Golf is waste of a good walk
  5. I was thinking of the late "Chris"topher
  6. Plumbing Plumber Plummer Who Knew?
  7. I have noticed that the ideas & well meaning comments about the cyclopista have disappeared now that the project is nearing completion or seemed to be complete when we left in June.I know off topic some what!
  8. I do not believe you could buy the necessary wood for that price? The skill set to accomplish that impressive piece is not readily available anymore.
  9. We had our Meter Borrowed? Likely by a small time contractor who kindly donated their old meter during their construction. Once their construction was completed our meter, now much advanced with additional kilowatt/hrs was returned. Resulting in a huge $2.500± extra pesos on our Tab which we paid. CFE sent 2 people to examine our home, testing for any leakage to stray neighbours. None found, so while we were relegated to the DAC for one period as opposed to 6 months, they did acknowledge that our consumption never came close to that amount before or after. We sucked it up & had a massive c
  10. 52 yrs ago I started teaching Mommy & Me or something like that & adults usually non swimmers, my first adults were in their 80's. It was a blast, for all of us! Unfortunately we are looking at snow falling NOB. As I recall the 1st thing we did with every one was play motorboat. Thats played with the mouth blowing bubbles. Part of essential water accommodation. Sounds like you have pool, go for it, Dad or Mom (u have one of those names)
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