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  1. I have been using xe for yrs to transfer money converted to whatever peso's euro's to accounts all over: they remove the agreed money from my account at an agreed rate & transfer it any bank account in the world that has the standard international banking information (Swift numbers). Never a problem , repeats are extremely easy, money usually is deposited in 3/4 business days.
  2. We have not had any luck getting through to BBVA? We are in Canada using a VOIP phone The combinations are exhausting: 800.228.2728 as suggested then we tried the following below: 01.800.etc or sub 880 for 800 or sub 833 for 866 001.800.etc add 001.52.800 or sub 880 for 800 or sub 833 for 866 All we get is a loud rising & failing tone. So all help is appreciated
  3. Try Lake Taco about 10:00am. Hard to miss 10 Telmex vehicles parked in front, however they do move around.
  4. Well I will admit that Hazel is usually right, however Toronto has a small island airport "Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport" at the base of Bathurst. Been there forever.
  5. Does anyone Know the Bancomer Preferred Customer 800 number?
  6. We are BBVA on line customers have been for years 15± Just went online & while I can see our balance they seem to be blocking any data till I give them additional Information. CANADA COUNTRIES WITH TAX RESIDENCE Enter or update the countries where you have tax residence. Add more ADD DATA OF THE COUNTRY WITH FISCAL RESIDENCE Country Tax ID number Update your tax information. You must fill in all the fields! SECTIONS ACCOUNT We are Canadian Citizens with a Tax relationship with Canada only. No investments or earnings in Mexico where we are Residente Permenante.
  7. Our account was credited on the 26th as well, but the notation was for the 28th? TD Banking during a pandemic.
  8. Payment Dates CPP/OAS September 28, 2020 October 28, 2020 November 26, 2020 December 22, 2020
  9. Get that in writing. When we purchased in 2016 he had a fee associated with that service. $500mxp±
  10. See upholstery shop Oscar. Just down the street, next block east of end of Christina Park Tennis Courts
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