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  1. Last November on arrival here I noticed a post by an homeowner living in SJC. There home had been broken into via a Large Patio Slider. Key Words? There recommendation for their Insurer left me with the impression that they had not had any issues in receiving compensation. Our experience with our current insurance company is the exact opposite, delay, deny & undervalue. Of course on arrival there are many pressing issues, so I did not copy the response & send myself an email. So if this rings a bell with any one, pls let me know the company name. TIA
  2. Tony's new venture is in San Nicolás de Ibarra on the mountain side of the road to the golf club. 5 to 6 steps at the front entrance, I can not recall if there is a ramp. Opened about a month ago?
  3. Transitos were noticeable by their incompetence! Who was in charge?
  4. Valid as a rockfall completely blocking the bike path, never mind the surface is totally deteriorated. d
  5. I'm guessing you do not understand Yesterday to mean the 24th Feb? Actually I ventured as far as I wanted & had no need to go further!
  6. Drove the western end of the bike path yesterday from Villa Nova to the western end of the restaurants just before La Cima then back. The bike path, while quite wide & protected by concrete Jersey Barriers is a mess, drivable as small path, width 30 cm to 60cm all the rest is plugged up with the leavings of the contractors responsible for the scarifying the roadway. Dirty asphalt piled up to 10cm depth right across the pathway from 1-2 meters in length repeating at periodic intervals as if dumped? Sorry no pics!
  7. Once a year I go to see them & replenish my stock of parts for my system. As far as I know they are still happly designing & installing irrigation systems. That said many hardware stores will quote on some parts put few have stock on hand. I may be mistaken however, so if you see a rainbird banner ask & let the rest of us Know. Good Luck
  8. ea93105: Is that what all the fuss was about. Drove thru the corral both ways, on the way home they waved me into this free portal. No signage & the digital display is of no use to anyone but a frequent user? The old static display was very readable however not easily changeable. Simple stupid!
  9. Meant to mention that in my post. We used the Macrolibremiento on Monday last at 73, returning Friday the toll was 75
  10. Went in to pick up my sticker, she had it ready no printing req'd. The strange thing was it was exactly the same as the one I rec'd 2± weeks earlier. The only difference was the 1st 1 did not peel off as easily as the replacement she had ready for me. Old stock, who knows?
  11. We just returned from Manzanillo. There is a great deal of construction going on with a new interchange being assembled for the travel to or from Jocotepec on 15 towards 80 & 54D. No signage for a detour in any direction?
  12. I have been wondering what that was all about? It does not seem to have the usual holograms?? Have not pulled it off the backing paper yet.
  13. Lupita is a Keeper, says hi to you as well. Tks for the recommendation!
  14. Every once in a while I have a #1 cut, wife hates it, my son has a shaved head for 8-10yrs. I do actually have quite a bit of hair on the top but its so fine it might as well be gone. So thanks for the all advice, I will start with the closest & work my way out. Quite a few I had never heard about, so most curious!
  15. Coyote in Buganvilla Plaza is Gone, where are you getting your hair cut Now? San Antonio, Ajijic, Riberas? I'm a 72± senior, bald with a fringe, not really complicated! I found a shop called Panache(sp) across the street in the search function & have used the gentleman in Chapala however parking is hell right now! All recommendations appreciated by Coyotes old clientele.
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