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  1. I just recently compare Strom vs Storage place by wal-mart Strom priced in dollars and much higher costs like the access of the storage place near wal mart got the 10 by 10 by 8ft tall -- 750p/month
  2. beats me w/ facilitator... applied early than you, fingerprinterd in September and still no card - over 1 month
  3. i've been fingerprinted in less than 3 months time, but still waiting card - after at least 3 weeks. wonder why such different results. seems do it yourselfers fair better
  4. usually mon and wed. if you have lots of items ..... if just a few items and they aren't busy - most volunteers will take them in on other days... usually slow before 11am
  5. last night used the Kindle's Text to speech on a book and just let it play... very monotone.... no sleep timer effect... but fell asleep without pills.... for 4 hours!! woke up with it still playing. turned it off... wasn't able to fall back to sleep, so turned it back on and fell back to sleep.... eventually battery ran out, but got about 5 hours.
  6. anyone willing to share their best drug of choice -- etc. alcohol. best doctor for managing problem?? and dosage/ cost info having many nights waking every few hours
  7. furry friends and Dee's Place -- both advertise in local mags/paper
  8. how many would get by without friends with cars??
  9. those that taxi as needed, take the buses, and walk certainly must be saving money when you consider insurance costs, but for where i live i prefer the convience. when i drive a friend without a car, they usually chip in for gas. Would you be able to get by if none of your friends had cars?
  10. i have an old bit switch type.... you can have call if you want it 766-5620
  11. upscale currently has a wheelchair and a motorized scooter.... with folding ramp. and a cane too
  12. smokie's - clothing/ shoes jewelry in bugavilla plaza
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