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  1. This should help. https://www.google.com/maps/dir/Centro+Laguna,+Libramiento+A+Chapala,+Centro,+Ajijic,+Jalisco/Rangers+BBQ,+Carr.+el+Salto+430,+45681+El+Quince,+Jal./@20.4110761,-103.3070731,11.5z/data=!4m14!4m13!1m5!1m1!1s0x842f414aa10778d1:0x6ee6c8566c4451dc!2m2!1d-103.2434435!2d20.298659!1m5!1m1!1s0x842f4b7ccc5ad94b:0xb776dcdc6b2ebec9!2m2!1d-103.2624608!2d20.5433355!3e0
  2. nolajoe


    The first three restaurants grill the lamb over a wood fire. Tony's in San Antonio - Lamb shoulder cut into thin steaks. Last time I had it there, it was overcooked. Available on Sundays. Tony's Campestre - Same cut of lamb, but done properly. Available on Sundays. Janelle's Garden - Lamb loin. Available on Saturdays after 4:00. Johanna's - Thicker cut of lamb shoulder cooked in a pan. It is on the menu, but not always available.
  3. Do you like fishing? The next meeting of the Ajijic Fishing Club is 9 am January 7 at Fonda Dona Lola. Look here: http://drhook50hp.wixsite.com/ajijicfishingclub Hiking? Weekly hikes meet on Tuesday and Friday at Min Wah Restaurant around 8-8:30. The Facebook page is: Ajijic Hiking Group. https://www.facebook.com/groups/ajijichiking/permalink/1971840412885601/ Birding? Read the monthly newsletter for information on activities. For January events, the December newsletter has phone number and email contact information. http://www.chapalabirders.org/
  4. I searched the forum and got this information: "Saul the window washer. 333-454-4625 is his cell which I find is the best way to reach him, or his home number 376-765-4507."
  5. Check out Bodega Organica in Guadalajara. They are on Lazaro Cardenas near the Abastos. https://www.facebook.com/B.organica/
  6. You could try Trinidad Copy Center in San Antonio. They printed a page size photo for me that I had saved on a thump drive. Be sure to ask them about quality of printing and photo paper.
  7. Directions from Centro Laguna Mall to Galerias Mall: https://www.google.com/maps/dir/Centro+Laguna,+Lib.+A+Chapala+206,+Centro,+Ajijic,+Jal./Centro+Comercial+GalerĂ­as,+Av+Rafael+Sanzio+150,+Camichines+Vallarta,+45030+Zapopan,+Jal./@20.4894964,-103.4046908,11z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m14!4m13!1m5!1m1!1s0x842f414aa10778d1:0x6ee6c8566c4451dc!2m2!1d-103.2434435!2d20.298659!1m5!1m1!1s0x8428aebe75ab8329:0x8d5f001385206f13!2m2!1d-103.4316784!2d20.6770519!3e0 I purchased the tickets at Charter Club. They navigated the Ticketmaster site, we found the tickets that I wanted, then executed the sale using my US credit card.
  8. No power all day on Santa Isabel in lower Riberas. It appears that CFE lineman are stringing wire on the the new electric poles. They said that they would be finished by 6 pm.
  9. American Legion in Chapala has grits, hash browns and biscuits, all reasonably priced. Their bacon is good, too.
  10. It was a lot of trouble for me to navigate Ticketmaster's website. I ended up going to Charter Club. They facilitated the purchase of the tickets and charged 100 pesos per ticket for the service. I used my AMEX card.
  11. Second for Liverpool at the Galerias Mall. Galerias Mall is easy to find and there's lots of parking. Ticketmaster is on the third floor in the section against the far wall from the escalator, then to your left. Be sure to take the form that was sent to you from Ticketmaster, the credit card that you used to purchase the tickets and an I. D. They accepted my Visa for I. D., but I had my passport with me just in case. I took along a couple of friends and we made a day of it.
  12. Hi Joe,

    I will be sitting in Riberas the month of August, then scrambling to find a little casita til Sept 18th, when my next sit begins. It goes til Oct 8, then I am available til the beginning of November, just in case you know of something.

    See you soon!


  13. Their insurance covers 90% for vehicle theft and 95% collision coverage. Ask to see the insurance coverage details before you rent. Nice people, good service.
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