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  1. My husband (a physician) had an angiogram and three stents placed in January, 2018. Dr. BriseƱo, in our opinion and experience, is excellent. He is an Intervention Cardiologist so he can do both the assessment (like a regular cardiologist) and the recommended procedure (which requires his specialty.) He had his father, also a cardiologist, assist him. I just looked up the costs back then: Doctor: Hector Briseno, Interventional Cardiologist. Performed procedure of angioplasty and 3 stent placements
  2. We just got a call from the same number: 998 395 7729, which actually is from Quintana Roo and not PV as our long lost "friend" had claimed. Wanted money sent via OXXO. We declined.
  3. Thank you so much. We followed the instructions, put up flyers in Spanish and English announcing the reward and now have her safely home with us.
  4. Our Dachshund is missing as of Sunday evening, October 15, from Riberas del Pillar on Sta. Margarita. She left when the gate was open but rarely barks or leaves the yard. Please contact us if you see her or find her. David at: 376-765-7319 or cell: 331-825-7331
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