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  1. Yes mi amor and if you remember i went to the vaping. Even It becane difficult to locate
  2. Will do. I Believe You are correct I do recall Clay being mentioned. Thanks pappysmarket I appreciate that
  3. Do you know how to log in to your modems information and settings page? If not send me a message and I will explain how and some settings you can Check. One being transmit power. That might improve your distance.
  4. Thanks Ibarra Yes it is my first MX Lic Would you happen to have a ballpark figure they charge? If not it's ok. But Again I do appreciate your help. Thanks Again and a ? to your account oh wait it let me give you a ? well done
  5. I went by and checked it out. I happen to be in the neighborhood. Very very busy. I'm not sure yet what all is required but I assume you need copies. There were vendors offering copies for a fee. I also saw where apparently you can use their vehicle to drive around that little circle they have setup for the driving part and demonstrate parallel parking???? Several people out front hawking something. Does anyone know what they are offering? I assume it's to help with something or maybe cut you through all those different lines? But what exactly? And what are the costs if anyone knows. I know a little Spanish but still find it difficult when they talk so fast. Yes I know they were speaking Spanish normally but a Spanish speakers normal speed is approaching mach speed to me. Thanks in advance for any help large or small you may provide And Thanks in advance for any criticism or sarcasm from you hardcore webboarders
  6. South Dakit's Tags. Is what I would call a Full Time RVer friendly state. Are there other states equal in that regard?
  7. Hello Cedros This is chicamysterious I am trying it through someone else's account to see if it works this time. Maybe it's something in my account I sent another to see if it worked on the third try and grabbed screenshots during the process. the third one has a small bar across above your name that says message sent. Did you get any messages?
  8. Yes There is a bus that goes to airport from downtown trolley station . Look on airports website. I use to take bus to trolley to San yasidro and walk in to TJ
  9. I read on one page you send BOR as in borrar. Its been a long time since I did it but have not had any spam in a year Telcel started spamming me daily with SMS messages long time ago. All the messages were coming from 2525. I thought it would stop if I didn't respond, but no luck so far. I did some research and it appears that I need to cancel my profile with the service. To do so, send the message BOR to 2525 (BOR is short for BORRAR, to delete). It will send a confirmation message, asking you to confirm with BOR SI or deny with BOR NO. After I sent BOR SI, I got a response stating that my profile has been eliminated. Hopefully that will stop the spam. and here is some graphic info at this link below. you may need to use the pdf magnify option the pdf is hard to read my eyes are shot http://www.ideastelcel.com/pdf/chat_ideas.pdf
  10. Go straight to the Lab is more than half off local chapala price and half off other specialty guad pharmacies and on comparison $150dlls NOB here (At Lab)$847pesos. But AT THE LAB not the local or specialty pharmacies in guad PISA.com.mx select english. they also have a 800 number and and extension with english. there is a little store front attached to all the Pisa labs on ave espana. Pisa Makes it and sells it to all the pharmacies who in turn mark it up of course. At the lab store front there is a price but it is a suggested price for the other pharmacies it will ring up close to half price. If you are getting it from a Local Chapala Pharmacy then its even more than suggested price because they are going to get it in guad.
  11. Ok I think I have been misconstrued. In My original posting I talked about aircraft, drones, etc. This was in response to several posts that this topic is for nuts. I was stressing that UFO stands for Unidentified Flying Object. Sorry if you feel different but that is a FACT. Now I was showing that people do really see them. The examples I gave in fact did turn out to be Identifiable. There are many other that have not been IDENTIFIED. and it so happens Mexico has a lot more sightings than other countries. I am not in anyway trying to put off people who have seen lights or UFOs or not. Are you kidding!!! I would love to capture on film a Unidentified Flying Object. ESPECIALLY one that after photos still cannot be explained. Now I asked where because I would like to setup unattended cameras that would capture these things. I read this I am tired of repeating myself trying to answer my question on where??? The where in this entire Post is not to specific. A few do narrow down the field. But I need more specific. First... don't repeat yourself or enter a post on my account. Enter and post because you want to be involved in the conversation. Again I do not want ANYONE to post or feel obligated to post on my account. If you do not like my question then ignore it. do not respond again nobody should feel obligated to post or reply to my post. It is strictly volunteer. I would absolutely LOVE to show that vehicles or whatever are visiting from another , Time, Dimension, Planet WHATEVER Jeez who wouldn't want to make the greatest proven discovery of our time. But I have no absolute proof. There are theories, unexplained phenomenon. It seems a lot of the people here are one side or the other and if you are not on a particular side then you are the enemy. Well that to me is not open mindedness. I am not taking any side. If there is something unexplained going on I WANT TO SEE!! I do not want to poop on someones party. Now I see this trying to answer.... repeating myself (which was "repeatedly" posted by the way) DO NOT ANSWER ME IF IT CAUSES YOU ANY KIND OF STRESS. I do not intend it to. Just pass on by. and I know these are just words on a page that lack the emotional tone of our voices and sometimes in our minds we attach what TONES WE THINK THE POSTER MEANT... I am posting in the kindest way. Want to attach a tone to my Posts. Ok My posts are Aunt Bee Explaining to Opy . Now If Someone Would Like to be more specific in where these things are Happening. I have Gone through this entire posting several times. And taking out the sarcastic or funny or non serious locations. I am left with the following. Chapala Haciendas San Luis Soyatlan, on the South side Lomas del Manglar our house was at the top of the hill facing the lake hills above Mezcala San Luis Soyatlan Chapala Haciendas overlooking the lake West of Ajijic Tijuana is a little far but I give it an honorable mention. The Lake is 75-77 miles long and 12 miles wide. The above does narrow it down a bit. but I need more specific. I would like to Setup Cameras that for a week at a time point at a specific location and try to capture something I am interested in being realistic and capture it. Not just talk about it or bash each other about it. Again I am not trying to make or poke fun at anyone. One Man's Ski Trip is another Man's Snowstorm. I am hearing there are some unexplainable things going on. Fantastic!!! Whoever wants to find out more (but not bitch, gripe, or bash) and doesn't feel obligated or unhappy to do so then please let me know. PM or Post me. Other than that, I will continue looking into it and setup cameras. Thank you for your time and attention.
  12. It is run by or part of Sec Salud. They have student doctors all over. Some of the Drs do not speak any english, but they will grab another Dr. OR in some cases they will grab a student Dr that speaks english OR is actually an American going to Medical School here. There is also DR. Garcia at Mascaras. He has the additional Lic needed for special Prescriptions AND he speaks perfect english. I will also say this. If you go to the Lab in Guad for the medicine it will be in some cases more than 50 % less
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