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  1. I agree and have been this route. They also are not suppose to add a charge for using the card according to the rules. I was at a resort (in Mexico) almost every store had a Cash vs Credit price. Visa/MC don't really enforce it that I have seen. They Should though
  2. I have even seen cheaper than 699. But not name brand like Nike Etc? If you know of some place please tell me. I attached a WhatsApp photo from the day. I was checking the size and sent a photo to someone to ask. It happens to show the price. The ones in the photo are Puma for 1899. And like before. I have seen them for double that at gallerias. I saw some Adidas for over 3500. I've even googled and have not name brands that cheap. I know of some air Jordans are jeez several hundred dollars a pair. I wasn't going to go that far. Some of these kids are in the early teens and I am sure the
  3. Well in fact neither do I. Walmart or No Name is fine for me, But I can tell you for name brand shoes that is cheap. Next time your out and about check out Nike or Reebok, Etc believe me they were good prices. 1500 pesos is about 75 dollars. Yes I was buying name brand. They have probably never had before. People will say yea they don't need them etc. And they didn't ask for them either. It made me feel good to do it. And even since Christmas they haven't been allowed to use them. Except for midnight mass so They are using them as dress shoes. There are good arguments that it is a waste of mon
  4. That makes a lot of sense. I haven't even thought about of all the things you mentioned
  5. Years ago everytime I used a card in Mexico they asked for ID. Recently I was at Liverpool and they ask for an ID, compared the signature and copied it. (I know some people won't allow people to copy their ID but I don't mind) I asked why and They said to prevent a charge back. I though the new chips were to prevent that issue but apparently they can hack those also.
  6. Well I would agree but I was specifically told "American Cards". The person in front of me at service was told the same thing. Maybe they mean all International or maybe really just American. Don't know? And again I talked to Coppell through chat and email. They only apologized, Said I could buy everything online with even options to pay such PayPal and that it was a "Local" decision.
  7. Oh God, you know it is or was Christmas time. Long lines, few cashier's, yes I was embarrassed. But I've had problems before where the communication between countries was the problem. That's why I asked to see what it was saying on her terminal and saw ERROR in bold black type
  8. YES the cashier did exactly that and asked if I could go get cash. After the 3rd card I asked to see the screen and it was saying "Error"not declined as cashier was saying. I was eventually, after asking for a supervisor, sent to the service desk where the "Don't Take American Cards" was explained. And again The Coppell Website states they take foreign cards and go to lengths to say make sure your banks know your travelling. I kind of understand the local decision thing. Maybe some areas have large fraud claims or they are franchised or something. But Chapala of all Coppell not American Cards?
  9. Yes I pay no foreign transaction fees and get 5 percent in cash back so I would have received about (equivalent in dollars but converted) 500 pesos more or less back on that transaction
  10. Some were more than that and some were cheaper. It depended on the size but I've seen them in Guadalajara at Gallerias for more than double that
  11. Went to Coppell today to purchase several pairs of shoes for the Kids of my neighbors today for Xmas. I could not pay with 3 different credit cards. (Yes my bank knows I am here and they work fine everywhere else) I was told to go to the service desk. They informed me that they do not accept American Cards. ????? I was not the only one. Another Expat was in line in front of me and he was also told they could not accept his card. My purchase was near 10,000 pesos (Yes, still cheap for 7 pairs of shoes) I don't know what the other person was trying to buy but I heard the
  12. There are several different types for sale near Santa Cruz. And the danger everyone talks about is due to the air currents around Mountains. But if he is experienced he should already be aware of that.
  13. I got one. Don't know if you would classify it as an actual scooter. I wanted something that could handle the faster roads so I got a Veloci 250R. It's what is called a double purpose bike. We would call it an enduro in the US. But it has served the purpose of not waiting for buses.
  14. It's been a while and it may have changed but a few months ago I saw what you did. It had the word "Most"
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