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  1. I too am looking for a dog sitter. I don't want to openly advertise when I will be gone so please pm me. Thanks- Kitty
  2. Tried to pm but it wouldn't go through.  I need a  pet sitter and would like to talk.  Won't post time or number where others can see.  Pls contact me- Kitty

  3. mostly lost- you give an address but don't give a city. City please.
  4. I see no one has replied to how far ahead one can renew. Any info? There was a time when one could renew in Ocotlan and/or Tjalumulco I think it was, rather than going to Guad. Does anyone know the answer to that question?
  5. I have questions for a local dems abroad person but have been unable to find any contact info. I don't want to email or type out the info here or on the international dems abroad site. I really want to talk personally to someone. Can anyone help? Thanks- Kitty
  6. Does anyone know if we can renew Mx. dr. licenses in Chapala again? If not here, then where? My license expires in June. I am moving to Nayarit. I will be there in May could/should I renew there? Thanks.
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