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  1. On 3/7/2021 at 8:10 AM, lcscats said:

    We use XE and have had good results with good rates.  As you use it more and more you get your money faster.  Due to money laundering stuff sometimes they have limits and you do have to answer questions like what the money is for etc etc. Allow a little time to set up an account while they check you out.  We have moved 5000 USD before but mostly use 1 or 2 thousand moves.  Not all banks can use these services.  They seem to prefer the big banks like BOA so we have to move money from our credit union to BOA and than move it to BBVA from BOA.  We can't use XE directly from credit union.  Overall we are very happy with the service and remember they convert the dollars to pesos so BBVA does not have a chance to give you a bad exchange rate. Also XE gives good exchange rates but takes a little longer to get here but fast ones usually give you a worse exchange rate.

    Good Luck!!

    I second that.  Have been using XE for years to transfer from my Canadian bank to BBVA without any problems.  Highly recommend this service.

  2. 4 hours ago, Tingting said:


    In my case I also get the minimum bills because we leave all 4 breakers on the panel switched off.  The fridge is left propped open. No electricity is being used at all.  I got this mystery charge. Th is despite of all payments (as per the bills) being made on time by my bank.  I have not been able to get an answer as to what this $7,500 amount is for.  This did not appear on any bills.  We have not been using any electricity since we left in March 2020.

  3. Two or three weeks ago our maid, was doing her monthly house check when she discovered the electricity had been shut off.  She checked the panel in the house and it was OK.  The electric meter at the street screen was blank.

    We assured her all CFE payments were paid directly by BBVA Bancomer and noted the minimum payments were made on December, 2020 and February 2021.   

    Our maid contacted the CFE and was told that we owed $7,543. They said that we were informed by some blue papers left at the house. The CFE would not tell her what this amount was for.  She checked this week and no one in our condo has seen any blue papers and they were not in our house or mail box.  We have no idea what this is about.

    We are often away for extended periods of time and the house is not occupied in our absence. In 2019, after we had again just returned to Ajijic, we reported to the CFE, in person, that our old style meter wasn't working properly. The CFE immediately installed a new electronic style meter. Everything worked fine.

    We have not been in Mexico since the end of March, 2020 due to COVID.  We expect to return in October 2021 after getting vaccinated and allowed to travel again.

    The power is turned off at the panel so we don't use any electricity when away.  Do they think because of the lengthy period of minimum billing that we're stealing electricity and have made an arbitrary decision demanding this fee to turn the electricity back on?  What can we do other than pay when we're stuck here in Canada? 

  4. On 2/3/2021 at 1:30 PM, conejorapido said:

    Interesting. Must have changed shortly thereafter. Our RP's were issued in Feb. 2013 the CURP is the last line of the personal data next to the picture on the front.

    Interesting ours were dated Feb 5, 2013 and all it has beside the picture is the birth date  ... so they must have started including the CURP after that.

  5. You must not have a Temporale or Permanente visa.  If you do have and have not claimed a capital gains exemption in the last 5 (maybe 3 years now) then you have the exemption regardless of the original price on the deed.  Suggest your explore your immigration status option to reduce the tax.  Your notary can also have a survey of improvements to reduce the capital gains in the event you can't change your immigration status.

  6. The receiver must be upgraded.  All the older receivers below the 600 & 800 series can't receive the MPEG 4 compression as Pete explained.  Some of the 600 series may require an on line upgrade. 

    The short way to check this is to turn on your TV, then switch to channel 988.  It will say No Action Required; need to call Shaw; or that you need a new receiver.  Obviously don't call from a Mexican phone number but when back in Canada or from a Canadian phone number contact them with your receiver Model # and serial #.  If it's what they've done in the past Shaw will give you a great upgrade price on new equipment.  In most cases it isn't necessary to even return the old receiver.

    You can get all the details at the following link.


  7. The Telmex meeting did not come off. Total confusion. Hotel claimed they  didn't know about it. Some people had driven in from Joco. The reason is unclear but it's supposed to be rescheduled for next week.  The name to contact that finally ended up on the hotel bulletin board is Sylvia Galiado (Sp) 331 599 8612.


  8. Evidently they were hacked.  My bill is paid thru my bank and the charge has been reversed when Telmex checked my balance yesterday.  It seems that the customers affected are random and the hackers are transferring the $150 pesos credit to Telcel phones and charging it back to someone's Telemex land line bill.  This problem is certainly creating lots of extra work for the Telmex desk reps.


  9. It should be noted that the Province of Ontario and 3 or 4 other provinces including BC allow you to be out of the PROVINCE (not country) for 7 months, specifically 212 days, and still maintain your position in the health care system. In other words if one spent 6 months in Mexico and a month+ in another province other than their own in the past 12 months you would no longer qualify for Provincial Healthcare. You would have to wait the 3 months (or provincial requirement) to be re-instated.

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