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  1. Has anyone who has cable had a problem this last week with channels 63 and 66?   The English version has not been available.  It starts for 3 seconds and then silence.  Nothing at all.  There is no local telephone number for the office in Riberas, I called the 800 number and reported it and got a report number, but so far nothing.  

    Does anyone else have this problem or just me?




  2. I am in need of the 10 liter bottles from Santorini.   They don't come by here anymore.   They did come by once a week or so but I haven't seen them in almost 4 weeks.   The cell phone number for the driver is never answered.   Anyone have a number for a Santorini driver that I can call.   They are still in business I think.   Haven't seen any trucks on the carrteria.  Is there an 800 number?



    Thanks for you help.

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