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  1. I went to LCS to pick up information on renewing my U.S.passport. I know I have to call LCS 2 days before the representatives from the consulate arrive to get the peso exchange rate and then go to the bank in Chapala for a check, etc. My question is: how much in U.S. dollars do I have to multiply the exchange rate by? What is the U.S. dollar amount now for a passport? I know you can't pay in U.S. dollars anymore, just need to know the dollar amount. Anyone know? Thanks
  2. Anyone have Dr, Lastra's office telephone number? thanks
  3. I currently have Telecable basic. Does anyone know what the next level or levels have to offer? Are there more English speaking channels? Thanks
  4. Thanks for the information, I will tell her.
  5. She isn't looking for a lift chair, just a recliner that has the foot that comes up.
  6. My neighbor is in need of a recliner for medical reasons. If anyone has one for sale please let me know. Thanks,
  7. I currently have Telecable and am thinking about getting Netflix. Anyone have any info on how it works? It goes through the computer, monthly cost can also keep cable? Any info is greatly appreciated.
  8. What is the name of the street, off the main road in Chapala, where the Hacienda (car taxes) can be paid? What information do you need to bring with you? Thanks,
  9. Just left West Ajjic, the line is amost to La Juarta Plaza. Don't know if the gas station in La Canicenta has gas or not. That was about 1 p.m. Traffice tied up in both directions.
  10. Is the Monday market open tomorrow? Thanks
  11. When Superlake does have Woolite, it's 498.00 pesos a bottle.
  12. Where can I buy a 2019 calander probably 12 by 12, with squares large enough to write notations on? In past years there was usually someone selling them in front of Superlake by this time. Where can I by one? Thanks
  13. Mike Riley is the best. He knows just about everything about computers.
  14. Are the flu shots for this year available now, Oct 8, 2018? If so, what is the cost?
  15. I just came from the Animal Shelter in Riberas and it was closed. No sign saying when or if they would reopen. I needed to buy dog food. If its closed why isn't there some sort of notification or sign? The Ladron animal clinic next door doesn't know anything. Does anyone know whats going on?
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