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  1. LOST DOG. Lost while dropping off other dogs at Furry Friends in Mirasol. REWARD.
  2. LOST DOG. Lost in Mirasol when dropping off other dogs at Furry Friends. REWARD.
  3. Thank you for this information. I appreciate your help.
  4. Thank you but this is not my itinerary. I need info re: Nuevo Laredo / Laredo.
  5. P.S. I read a post that said to take a bus from Nuevo Laredo to Laredo. Does anyone know if that bus leaves the same station where ETN will take me?
  6. Once I arrive at the ETN station in Neuvo Laredo, will I be at the bus station where I'll catch a bus to Laredo? Or do I have to go to a different bus station? Gracias.
  7. I am taking the ETN bus to Nuevo Laredo and then need to cross over into Laredo. (I have taken Turimex in the past - they go right in to Laredo but the bus is full the day I need to travel). What is the best way to cross over into Laredo? I suspect by cab, but I've heard the rates are ridiculous. Any hints, insights from people who've done this are much appreciated. Thanks!
  8. There are many police at the Libramiento near Walmart and also in West Ajijic. Large flatbed trucks are being loaded with vehicles - seemed to be mostly motorcycles but also some ATVs. Does anyone know what they are checking for, and loading up vehicles?
  9. I'm planning a trip to the abastos in Guad and would like recommendations for restaurants in or near the abastos. Thanks!
  10. What did you end up paying to get to Chapala? I have paid 550 pesos and 500 pesos to travel between Tonala and Chapala.
  11. OK, I have a question; I traveled out of Mexico by Turimex (Grupo Senda bus) a few weeks ago. We did NOT stop at an INS checkpoint; my passport was scanned coming into the US, but not leaving Mexico. So what kind of mess might this be when I return? Any ideas?
  12. There is a way to view chapala.com full-screen without the list of advertisers showing on the right side; I had it bookmarked on my old laptop but don't have it now. It's difficult to keep scrolling to read complete messages. I'm glad we have advertisers and yes, patronize them, but I'd love to be able to see posts on the web board full-screen ;-) Can one of you remind me how to do this neat little trick? Thanks!
  13. Thanks for all of these recommendations. On this extended visit to Lakeside, I want to get to know Chapala better and of course a good place to start is always with the restaurants!
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