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  1. This storm is moving pretty rapidly. Latest advisory (sp) has it coming even with the Lake at aprox. 7 PM, just south of us if it doesn't curve more to the south. Lucky us. The mountains will stop most of the wind, but the river and lake will get lot of water.
  2. Well, I feel better. I had no idea everybody was affected. Plus, if you want to find what the heck you did, who exactly do you call? This is exactly what happens when you lose power. If EVERYBODY is without power, then I don't feel as bad. I was running thru my last two posts wondering how I got in trouble by saying the "transition team" for Anitas was destroying any chance to save the place and a post saying the Lake was really rising fast. I was leaning in the direction of the Lake post. Hard to believe anybody would defend the "Transition Team".
  3. I live in San Juan Cosala, and walk some of my dogs on the beach. It has looked to me as if the water is moving up fairly rapidly. So, I checked the Chapala weather net, and it agreed. I don't know how to see if it is faster than last year, but looking at the water level daily, the dry beach is disappearing. We here aren't getting all that much, but maybe up the river? For a wonder, the official reporting body is updating almost every week day. Miracle. I seem to remember that last year, it was moving up more slowly. Wishful thinking? Anyone know how to see if we are doing better than last year? Of course, I will continue to check the restaurants to see if they are deploying sand bags.
  4. Most of the forecasts I've seen seem to think that it will really get going on the 24th of this month. Hope so. I want the lake to stop moving out
  5. The last Wednesday market that the original crew worked, they took in 3000 pesos. The new crew has never reported what they took in. If you stop the things that brought in the cash, how will you pay for food and the Shelter workers. Sounds like someone is lazy. The used clothing was very popular with the locals. Both sides were happy. Is there any long range plan to survive? Oh yeah, no books for sale? Do you have any idea how popular the books were, and how much money they brought in. Anitas was a social center for people. That is over. With the moves that the present crew is making, it's hard to see a happy ending to all this. I hope I'm wrong.
  6. update. He emailed my wife about an hour ago. We were starting to get worried. Travel in Mexico can get interesting.
  7. Any contact in last ten days? Tried email but no luck.
  8. Would you or someone please tell us why the format was changed?  The new one is difficult to read, the white is annoying, the speed is slow, and almost everyone liked it the way it was.

  9. I live in San Juan Cosala and Telmex internet has gone from bad to useless. Phone calls to Mexico City have not helped. Tech support says right out loud that Ajijic (San Antonio) does not have enough servers and is continuing to sign up more customers so the problem will get worse. Folks in El Chante report the same. Don't know about Joco. I am considering signing up for a Telecable package as their line goes right by my house. Can anybody who lives West of Ajijic on this side of the Lake report what kind of service and speed you are getting? Any other first person experience you would care to share would be greatly appreciated. When I speak to folks that live in Guad and hear the speeds available, I almost wish I had settled there. Almost. How bad is that?
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