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  1. This storm is moving pretty rapidly. Latest advisory (sp) has it coming even with the Lake at aprox. 7 PM, just south of us if it doesn't curve more to the south. Lucky us. The mountains will stop most of the wind, but the river and lake will get lot of water.
  2. Well, I feel better. I had no idea everybody was affected. Plus, if you want to find what the heck you did, who exactly do you call? This is exactly what happens when you lose power. If EVERYBODY is without power, then I don't feel as bad. I was running thru my last two posts wondering how I got in trouble by saying the "transition team" for Anitas was destroying any chance to save the place and a post saying the Lake was really rising fast. I was leaning in the direction of the Lake post. Hard to believe anybody would defend the "Transition Team".
  3. I live in San Juan Cosala, and walk some of my dogs on the beach. It has looked to me as if the water is moving up fairly rapidly. So, I checked the Chapala weather net, and it agreed. I don't know how to see if it is faster than last year, but looking at the water level daily, the dry beach is disappearing. We here aren't getting all that much, but maybe up the river? For a wonder, the official reporting body is updating almost every week day. Miracle. I seem to remember that last year, it was moving up more slowly. Wishful thinking? Anyone know how to see if we are doing better than last year? Of course, I will continue to check the restaurants to see if they are deploying sand bags.
  4. Most of the forecasts I've seen seem to think that it will really get going on the 24th of this month. Hope so. I want the lake to stop moving out
  5. The last Wednesday market that the original crew worked, they took in 3000 pesos. The new crew has never reported what they took in. If you stop the things that brought in the cash, how will you pay for food and the Shelter workers. Sounds like someone is lazy. The used clothing was very popular with the locals. Both sides were happy. Is there any long range plan to survive? Oh yeah, no books for sale? Do you have any idea how popular the books were, and how much money they brought in. Anitas was a social center for people. That is over. With the moves that the present crew is making, it's hard to see a happy ending to all this. I hope I'm wrong.
  6. update. He emailed my wife about an hour ago. We were starting to get worried. Travel in Mexico can get interesting.
  7. Any contact in last ten days? Tried email but no luck.
  8. Mainecoons, In Ajjic next to Intercom there is a big paint store that has exactly what you are looking for. I spent the weekend using it. You get the clear plastic, the catalyst and the solvent for cleanup. That will get you a quart. mixed. It comes in three containers, two with liquid epoxy. You mix half of the plastic with half the catalyst and I put it on with a brush. It dries fairly quickly. That ran me just over 500 pesos, not counting the brush. You put it on like paint. Try not to get it on your skin, but the solvent will get it off. I put it on a cat gym made of pine. Waterproof.
  9. Thanks folks. I was surprised not to read some horror stories. I like the ishop option. The manager lives next door to me. I think I'll take the plunge. When still in the states, I was very pleased with Amazon. Errors were few and quickly adjusted.
  10. Could I get an update on how deliveries from USA Amazon and/or Amazon Mexico are going. How are delivery times and how often does the package not get here. Stuff like that. Like most of you, sometimes it's hard to find someone to bring things down. What shippers are you all using? All info appreciated. Most of the things I want from North of the border aren't expensive. They are just not here.
  11. Lord, that's a good idea Harry. I'm sorry I didn't think of it. Sad though that it's necessary again. I'd be willing to bet someone besides the creep knows who this is, but maybe doesn't want to come forward. Anyone who has a dog might check with the vet Memo and see if he has some in stock or can get them quickly. I know he has had them in the past.
  12. Hey folks, There is a big weather system coming up from the south. If you have access to a radar shot or other means to get an overview, take a look. The hurricane people think it will drop 10 to 15 inches on Jalisco. It's the east side of a storm that is moving north along the coast.. It's not going to come ashore here, but we will get wind and water. The good news is that because the damns are pretty full, this will most likely kick us up over 95 meters. The bad news is I can't imagine what it will do to the potholes. Take a look at this puppy. I can already see the front looking south across the lake.
  13. A couple of thoughts about this thread. One: It's interesting what triggers off a thread that everyone gets involved in. In the past I've seen it happen with some unexpected subjects. Two: The person in question (in my opinion) does not have a language problem. She has an attitude problem and most likely had it before she got here. Three: There was an interesting and I think useful comment in the thread that I would like to address. The poster said to bring your cellphone with a translation program on it. Excellent suggestion. Think about it. You type in your question which gets instantly translated. You hand them the phone, and they type in an answer. There is a program out there called "Word Magic". Unlike some programs, it is only Eng/Span. It has various price ranges, but one is a home edition for $25. For $100, they have a version that is very powerful and has a very large dictionary. That would most likely let you go places in comfort, especially dealing with officials. I am surprised most people who have the more powerful phones don't do it already.
  14. Computer guy, one of the things I did was take my computer to the tech at Bennos. I automatically assumed that I either had a bug picked up on the net or had set something wrong. In other words, human error. The problem with that was when we turned my computer on at Bennos, it ran perfectly. I called a friend at Apple to see if there was anything else I could do, and he said "Move closer to Telmex's office". He may have been joking. He did say that Telmex may be giving certain areas preferences. I don't know if that's possible, but nobody has checked in from the racquet club to report this problem.
  15. This is kind of on subject. Does anybody have any info on when and what Izzi is doing or plans to do? I can't believe they would buy Telecable and leave it as is. They may have gotten Telecable in a good deal, but it still must have been a lot of money. With all the people we have on this board, I keep hoping some one has hard info. Computer Guy, it's not the speed. When I'm connected, I get 10 mips. Hey, I could live with 5 mips if I could only stay connected. If I'm watching a movie online or reading a pdf doc, no problem. It's more the news programs, and Email. The second you try to switch to another subject, you are looking at a 2 to three minute wait. That's when I get the dreaded "can't find server" message. I did think it was cool that I get different messages with the bad news. Same bad news, but slightly different.
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