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  1. If someone could post a picture of a vet letter they used successfully I’d be grateful....my vet is asking me to provide a sample he can follow
  2. Can anyone share a picture of documentation they used to uneventfully bring their dog from the US into Mexico in Guadalajara? My vet here in the States , though he has the special certification required here to certify a dog to travel out of the country , has no idea —- other than the USDA form he gave me last year which was refused as invalid because it had a section that required notarization by USDA .(cost of visit US $160 !) I had to call in a vet from Guad to do a health check and certification (which was fairly painless but meant about 1.5 hrs. longer in his crate after an already long long trip ) I’d flown into Guad with this dog 4 times previously with absolutely no problem. Unfortunately I don’t recall what kind of documentation the US vet provided those times.
  3. I take Volaris GDL to JFK ...leaves 6pm -ish, easy direct flight . Nothing fast or easy to Newark
  4. I fly to US several times/year....the 3 hrs lead time is for a reason. Up to you if you want to Cut that short . maybe you’ll be lucky, sail through quickly and have to hang around —or-maybe not.
  5. Second Rafael...installed mine this week, tricky job done well.
  6. Does this explain the poor Tercel cell phone connections for the past 4-5 days as well?
  7. I’m finding that the salons catering to gringos - great as they are- are now beyond my budget. My favorite of many years today was just over $1,000p for low lights/high lights/cut which is unfortunately out of my league. (Please refrain from telling me this is much lower than the same service NOB as for me it’s a moot point). I’m willing to lower my expectations - its only hair after all- if you can recommend a Mexican-priced salon you’ve been happy with. Lakeside but location not important. Thank you
  8. LCS Prueba México Program 2019 Mexican manners. Course Fee: $250 MXN Instructor: Alfredo Pérez Course Dates: June 18, 2019 Course Time: Tuesday, 1:00 -3:30 pm Course Location: South Campus Board Room Min/Max Students required: 11/40 Enrollment begins May 09 from 10:00 to 2:00 pm at the LCS OfficeEnrollment ends Jun 15. Description: Cultural shock is a normal part of life when we move to another country whose habits are different, we have to observe and learn the local rules of urbanity, what body language issues are appropriate and which are not. Why the behavior of the inhabitants of the new place is different. What do local people expect from me as a new inhabitant of the area? What phrases should I use and at what times? What should I understand about the time structure of the local people so different from mine? Why are the procedures with the authorities so complicated? And a long etc. Our intention is to help you understand these basic and necessary questions for the real and adequate coexistence with my new neighbors. Another way to know Mexico. LCS classes are not first come first serve, they are first payed first served. To sign up, make sure your membership is current and covers the duration of this course. Registration requires payment. There is no refund.
  9. Also, Adelitas is closed on Wednesdays now
  10. typically the airline will insist that absolutely nothing be in the cage ..might have been different in the past
  11. Facebook ..Lake Chapala Rentals, Lake Chapala Rentals by Owners.....
  12. Rick, you’re streaming then from the Amazon Prime app? is your Prime account a Mexican Prime account?
  13. I heard back from customer service. They said they currently support Mexico only through their website ie you can’t use the app to stream
  14. Has anyone successfully subscribed to Acorn TV here? I downloaded the app to my IPad Iand want to stream to my TV using my FireStick but get an error message in the Acorn subscription process.
  15. Try the Several Facebook pages, ‘Lake Chapala Rentals’ etc.
  16. I too would stick with a business that contacted me in advance about a scheduling problem as opposed to just not showing up. It’s very rare
  17. Amazes me how she is able to find an endless number of victims for her schemes. I’d think by now there wouldn’t be anyone who didn’t run the other way
  18. Got mine at Chapala DIF on Degollado Tuesday.open at1:00 pm. No line , took minutes. If Spanish Is a problem for you the nice woman handling will help you filout the one, very basic , form
  19. At least they did yesterday, no doubt they’lll go fast. The woman handling arrives at 1pm. No line. took only a few minutes. If you need help with the Spanish she will help you fill out the very basic form .
  20. Read the article 3 times and i don’t know what it is really saying - other than the meeting was a long one!
  21. Wasn’t aware of this feature..thank heavens
  22. That trip is 7 pesos on the buses that ‘bajan’- the ones nes that leave the carretera and travel through the lower village, the smaller yellow buses and some of the smaller red ones. I do it often
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