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  1. https://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-utl/e-poster_payments.pdf
  2. Mazamitla? Seriously? If you don’t care about putting yourselves at risk I hope you will reconsider and so avoid putting others at risk.
  3. Open so far. Offering take out and delivery
  4. At 2:45 today/Friday a trip from SAT centro to Rio Bravo — 55 minutes of insanity! A glimpse of the future ?
  5. Agree Jorge Ulloa is amazing. My right shoulder surgery was done NOB but post -surgery PT was with Jorge.
  6. There are shelters for vulnerable animals only because of the sacrifices of committed private individuals who step up to donate significant time, energy and money Though obviously an extremely more complicated issue , I imagine there will be ‘shelters for vulnerable humans’ only if/when private individuals passionate about that cause step up and create them
  7. Beware airlines have their own requirements for health /vet documents .
  8. Tried to find this place yesterday....saw several taco/lunches places but no sign of a bakery or a ‘Vicky’s’ . What’s the place called? Is there a sign and I just missed it? That’s a nightmare traffic area so dangerous to crawl along searching
  9. Not worth trip to Guad..process in Chapala is easy. What you need: 1) Your passport and 1- copy of the page with the passport # and your photo including the page with your signature.This needs to be alone on a full 8" x 11" page. 2) An original utility bill in your name, not more than 2- months old and 1- copy of the bill. This needs to be alone on a full 8" x 11" page. 3) Your CURP card and 1- copy of both the front and back of the card. These need to be alone on a full 8" x 11" page. Copy shops know how to get both front and back on a single page. 4) Your "green card"/ Permanents from INM and 1- copy of both the front and back of the card. These need to be alone on a full 8" x 11" page. Copy shops know how to get both front and back on a single page. 5) One photo "infantile". You can get these photos taken at any photo studio and they know how they need to be taken if you mention INAPAM. Do not try to get photos at Farmacia Guadalajara, they are incorrect! 6) There is a one-page application form that you will need to fill out and it is in Spanish. I suggest you have a translator program on your phone or tablet because some terms are not ones that are in common usage . The woman processor is very kind and helpful but no English The DIF office is located at 327 Degollado in Chapala between 5 de Mayo Y Vicente Guerrero. They accept applications from 9-2 . Once inside, it is the door on the left marked Adultos Mayor about midway down just past the stainless steel bench. There is no charge for the card, the copies cost me $1peso each at a Papeleria and the photo was $50pesos, and included 2-extras.
  10. I know ‘Paws’.....sweetest dog ever! And being a new arrival he’s feeling lonely
  11. There are quite a number of animal groups locally - some that have actual AC status , meaning they are non-profits with the necessary Tax Id’s and license and are subject to strict oversight and financial reporting. (The Ranch, Lucky Dog, Friends of Animals , Operation Amor to name a few.). Other groups are more informal organizations of concerned animal lovers with various points of focus. My personal choice is to donate only to licensed AC’s (animal or otherwise). No disrespect to other worthy groups but Ive been around around a while and know stuff can happen so that’s my my comfort level. Others choose differently
  12. If someone could post a picture of a vet letter they used successfully I’d be grateful....my vet is asking me to provide a sample he can follow
  13. Can anyone share a picture of documentation they used to uneventfully bring their dog from the US into Mexico in Guadalajara? My vet here in the States , though he has the special certification required here to certify a dog to travel out of the country , has no idea —- other than the USDA form he gave me last year which was refused as invalid because it had a section that required notarization by USDA .(cost of visit US $160 !) I had to call in a vet from Guad to do a health check and certification (which was fairly painless but meant about 1.5 hrs. longer in his crate after an already long long trip ) I’d flown into Guad with this dog 4 times previously with absolutely no problem. Unfortunately I don’t recall what kind of documentation the US vet provided those times.
  14. I take Volaris GDL to JFK ...leaves 6pm -ish, easy direct flight . Nothing fast or easy to Newark
  15. I fly to US several times/year....the 3 hrs lead time is for a reason. Up to you if you want to Cut that short . maybe you’ll be lucky, sail through quickly and have to hang around —or-maybe not.
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