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  1. Maybe they’re feeling sad for you because it appears you could use some actual live friends in your life to talk with…. I doubt many here are really interested in what you eat/drink when and your bathroom habits
  2. Thanks , just looking for a regular old podiatrist type..nothing complicated
  3. No luck with Google. hopefully someone you have personal experience with. Prefer individual provider (vs SAT Hospital or Quality Care) but beggars can’t be choosers
  4. Unfortunately For obvious reasons (though great dogs) it is very difficult for rescues to find home for Great Danes
  5. Todo Bueno (next to S&S auto). Tuesday- Saturday 10-3. Masks required
  6. Shelters are as mentioned above:: The Ranch, Lucky Dog, and the newest SOS Natasha refers to Bone Voyage , also a local dog rescue group. they do have not a physical facility but rather rely on fosters. They have a FB page and website with contact info
  7. ALL the shelters of course have limits…and wait lists ..but are sensitive to dogs in immediate peril and do what they can.
  8. All the shelters MtnMama referenced above have websites and FB pages with contact info…reach out and hope for the best. They’ll probably ask about the mama as they’re likely still nursing
  9. To each their own….I bought the Kirkland Sirloin Burgers, tried one but found it inedible…ended up giving to them to the dog - he enjoyed them!
  10. Supposedly they open at 4am….but my trip in January worker didn’t show up until 4:45. About 20 people in line by then . Multiple people in line asked multiple airport personnel — responses were just shrugs
  11. Re The Ranch, another option would be to donate the funds directly to them as dog food is purchased in large volumes and delivered by truck directly to The Ranch ….so your donation would go farther
  12. You might check with Bone Voyage…they’ve had occasions where they unexpectedly (flight delays/cancellations) needed to board dogs in transit from Lakeside to NOB
  13. This requirement applies to concerts only? Not required to just enter the property for other reasons (dining, visit etc)?
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