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  1. Try a papeleria for FAX...Trinidad in SAT has one
  2. Last week , in Chapala, for a new Mexican license, I was given the 50% discount based on date of birth without an INAPAM card...had to pay at one of the two banks posted on the wall at the entrance (remember to write down the bank account numbers that appear under the bank names posted on the wall , and the exact amount) and after paying at the bank you need to go to the nearby copy store to make a copy of the bank receipt . Some typical waiting in line after each step but all in all pretty efficient.
  3. I also thank you for posting this. As of last week Volaris had no flights to JFK through September...today they do!
  4. You might consul the various dog rescues for opinions as they care for hundreds of dogs /year ..and have experienced all kinds of health issues
  5. Part of The big deal is that it’s the policy, whether you personally agree with it or not.
  6. Tough call. Doctor bills in the US could eat up $13,000, your ten years of savings, fast ..even considering Part A/hospitalization Is automatic for everyone
  7. I also fail to get what the (fluctuating ) exchange rate of some other country’s currency has to do with with an appropriate wage paid for services here in in Mexico.
  8. I recommend “Tito’s” for delicious rotisserie chicken! Juicy , nicely seasoned (not too salty) . Located inside small doorway across from Mario’s Restaurant on Ramon Corona Saturday and Sunday only . Usually a sandwich board on the sidewalk in front.
  9. Dr. Lupita has been very open . She tested negative in Jocotopec, was not comfortable with the process went to Guad for a retest and confirmed positive. Test done in Guad, will be reported as Guad case.
  10. Was there around 5pm today. As I walked in I noticed immediately the baggers had masks on their chin , pulled them up whenever customer came to the register. Inside the store a few had no visible masks at all-including the young woman cutting cheese in the deli and girl stocking shelves. Most with masks had them under their nose. Maybe 3 workers wearing masks properly. I said something to the woman at the desk but she just nodded and kept at her paperwork. Seriously, how hard IS this? Especially now with COVID confirmed in nearby Santa Cruz I won’t be going back unless/until they take things
  11. I regularly call a US 800 number on my Telecable/WIZZ landlines using 001 880 xxx xxxx. Never had a charge
  12. My SS check is direct deposited to my US bank...so according to the IRS.gov info since I don’t have banking info on file with the IRS that’s what I expected for the stimulus check. But website says the check is scheduled to be mailed (I have a US address on file with IRS) on May 8. Doesn’t matter but I was surprised
  13. So first hand knowledge - are there checkpoints or not? (The question isn’t whether you or anyone else thinks they should/should not be)
  14. I’m seeing a lot of SUV -packed driveways in la floresta this holiday weekend..have they stopped blocking non-residents from non-essential entry to the area?
  15. Essentially a loan against future goods & services. even once they’re running again businesses that survive may not not be able to repay the ‘loan’ for some time -or never. But a worthy idea if you’re ok with the idea it might well in the end be a donation to a good cause
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