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  1. Went this morning and to my great surprise the bagels are like the real NYC bagels I’m used to - well, very incredibly close at least- and the (warm!) walnut raisin bread loaf is to die for. Very pleasant place , pleasant staff
  2. Went Tuesday Dec 1st to Lydia’s , medical office 1 door east of Vinos America on the carretera in Ajijic. ,$750 for #4 flu shot you must get on the list a pay deposit
  3. FYI, anyone can send mail to the US via Ishop - for a small charge. You don’t need to buy a box
  4. My 7 year old dog has been diagnosed with Addison’s disease. Can anyone speak to their own experience with treatment for their dog locally for this ?
  5. My personal experience . Flew recently to US east coast and most pleasant trip since before 9/11 . Airports super clean and quiet and calm. no crowds/no rushing, no lines anywhere, super easy immigration experience . Everyone — 100% - masked , social distancing observed and everyone super chill. I fly a few times/year ...If only it was always like this
  6. Mostlylost....so when my friend pays the typical $200p for my Telcel Amigos Sin Limites plan she could also request / pay another 50mx for 30 days of North America coverage? that and connecting to a WIFI network as much as possible and using Roam only when I can’t connect, I should find my pesos going a good deal farther than 12 days?
  7. If you’re one of those folks who regularly use your IPhone both Lakeside and the US I hope you can help as sadly I’m very unsavvy about smart phone technology and lingo. I have an iPhone 7 and Lakeside I buy Tercel’s ‘amigo plan sin limites’ plan, 200p for 28 days.— all good. Im in the US and arranged for a friend to pay my Telcel for me while I’m away. But I’m obviously doing something wrong . With phone Set to WIFI , nothing works. With phone setting set to ‘cellular data’ ON all is good (phone calls, texts, emails internet) but the 200p paid lakeside lasts only for about 12 days. Is i
  8. Try a papeleria for FAX...Trinidad in SAT has one
  9. Last week , in Chapala, for a new Mexican license, I was given the 50% discount based on date of birth without an INAPAM card...had to pay at one of the two banks posted on the wall at the entrance (remember to write down the bank account numbers that appear under the bank names posted on the wall , and the exact amount) and after paying at the bank you need to go to the nearby copy store to make a copy of the bank receipt . Some typical waiting in line after each step but all in all pretty efficient.
  10. I also thank you for posting this. As of last week Volaris had no flights to JFK through September...today they do!
  11. You might consul the various dog rescues for opinions as they care for hundreds of dogs /year ..and have experienced all kinds of health issues
  12. Part of The big deal is that it’s the policy, whether you personally agree with it or not.
  13. Tough call. Doctor bills in the US could eat up $13,000, your ten years of savings, fast ..even considering Part A/hospitalization Is automatic for everyone
  14. I also fail to get what the (fluctuating ) exchange rate of some other country’s currency has to do with with an appropriate wage paid for services here in in Mexico.
  15. I recommend “Tito’s” for delicious rotisserie chicken! Juicy , nicely seasoned (not too salty) . Located inside small doorway across from Mario’s Restaurant on Ramon Corona Saturday and Sunday only . Usually a sandwich board on the sidewalk in front.
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