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  1. court0503

    Bus Fare?

    That trip is 7 pesos on the buses that ‘bajan’- the ones nes that leave the carretera and travel through the lower village, the smaller yellow buses and some of the smaller red ones. I do it often
  2. court0503


    If the tenant feels they made a mistake in choosing their rental they are responsible for paying whatever penalties are outlined in the lease. . Might be expensive but their choice to change their mind. no fault of the landlord (exception might be in the unlikely event the owner demonstraby misrepresented the property . But I can’t imagine any lease here guaranteeing ‘no fiesta noise’) .
  3. court0503

    Gas Heater

    The lighting store next to sunrise restaurant. Bought one a week ago..and I love it (probably me but I can’t get the auto start to work so I use a lighter.).3200p + 900p for the small propane tank. Filled the tank at the gas place across from El Torito
  4. Try Agustin at Viva Mexico? He knows the village
  5. Had to be done but it Took 55 minutes in bumper-to-bumper traffic SAT to Racquet Club yesterday/Saturday afternoon . And it’s only November!
  6. court0503

    Looking for a bell for the front door

    Check Todo Bueno consignment store in Riberas, I believe they have one
  7. Any feedback from last week’s meeting in Chapala?
  8. Ajjicbound, per my post Spanish isn’t an issue ...just looking for a (non-TV )source for airport status update
  9. I need to go to the airport mid-morning Monday...I understand there are again protestors . Any suggestions for how to check for delays/disruptions as a result of the protests ? I dont have a television so I can’t check TV news. I do speak Spanish so maybe somewhere I could call? Thanks in advance for helpful advice
  10. court0503

    Boys youth futbol

    I’d imagine the boy knows where/when all his friends play
  11. You ask if it’s ‘smarter’ to stay in a hotel..IMO definitely yes. Why take the chance of major potholes, & wandering livestock. And mechanical trouble can happen to anyone & a middle of the night breakdown with no one around would certainly not be fun for your guests
  12. court0503


    Lakeside7: Curious, when did this ‘asking /rejecting’ happen? How& by whom was the asking done?
  13. court0503


    Yes many airlines charge now to print boarding pass
  14. court0503

    Rental Agency question

    In one very recent case the agent told the (absentee) owner the house was empty for a long time when in fact there was a paying tenant. When the next tenant moved in they signed a lease for one amount, owner was told a lower amount., and a much later occupany date. Agent deducted fictitious expenses (non-existent gardener etc) from owner’s ( lower ) amount. Also turns out agent had not paid the taxes or water bills for years. ccw-agent is the business owner, she’s been around for years , not one of the larger real estate companies