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  1. Tough call. Doctor bills in the US could eat up $13,000, your ten years of savings, fast ..even considering Part A/hospitalization Is automatic for everyone
  2. I also fail to get what the (fluctuating ) exchange rate of some other country’s currency has to do with with an appropriate wage paid for services here in in Mexico.
  3. I recommend “Tito’s” for delicious rotisserie chicken! Juicy , nicely seasoned (not too salty) . Located inside small doorway across from Mario’s Restaurant on Ramon Corona Saturday and Sunday only . Usually a sandwich board on the sidewalk in front.
  4. Dr. Lupita has been very open . She tested negative in Jocotopec, was not comfortable with the process went to Guad for a retest and confirmed positive. Test done in Guad, will be reported as Guad case.
  5. Was there around 5pm today. As I walked in I noticed immediately the baggers had masks on their chin , pulled them up whenever customer came to the register. Inside the store a few had no visible masks at all-including the young woman cutting cheese in the deli and girl stocking shelves. Most with masks had them under their nose. Maybe 3 workers wearing masks properly. I said something to the woman at the desk but she just nodded and kept at her paperwork. Seriously, how hard IS this? Especially now with COVID confirmed in nearby Santa Cruz I won’t be going back unless/until they take things seriously
  6. I regularly call a US 800 number on my Telecable/WIZZ landlines using 001 880 xxx xxxx. Never had a charge
  7. My SS check is direct deposited to my US bank...so according to the IRS.gov info since I don’t have banking info on file with the IRS that’s what I expected for the stimulus check. But website says the check is scheduled to be mailed (I have a US address on file with IRS) on May 8. Doesn’t matter but I was surprised
  8. So first hand knowledge - are there checkpoints or not? (The question isn’t whether you or anyone else thinks they should/should not be)
  9. I’m seeing a lot of SUV -packed driveways in la floresta this holiday weekend..have they stopped blocking non-residents from non-essential entry to the area?
  10. Essentially a loan against future goods & services. even once they’re running again businesses that survive may not not be able to repay the ‘loan’ for some time -or never. But a worthy idea if you’re ok with the idea it might well in the end be a donation to a good cause
  11. Likely these aren’t happening at the moment but they are happy to give you a tour and answer any questions. visit and judge for yourself. it’s a privately facility so all services are out-of-pocket. seguro popular ,or whatever it’s called now, will not pay.
  12. Quedate en casa...”Stay home” means Stay Home....to slow the travel of the virus. Good intentions surely . these areas are sadly & historically very, very impoverished , for a myriad of reasons having nothing to do with, and existing long before, the Covid-19 pandemic BUT The very insularity of the those villages east of Chapala and those on into our neighbor- municipality of Poncitlan (San Pedro etc.,) right now is their main protection from being hit hard by the virus and will save lives. . Lakeside we are fortunate- the government has placed blockades for us to prevent outsiders coming into our villages and to limit our exposure to a pandemic virus . These villagers aren’t so lucky. there’s no government blockade to prevent well-meaning gringo outsiders from entering their villages (with zero medical services btw — use the existing channels in those local governments to distribute charitable donations. stay home and keep them safe
  13. Though she lives 2 blocks away I asked her to Stay home..full pay. who knows how diligent she — and others in her home — are about following restrictions. And she can’t know for sure about me either. Safer all around. I miss her but like most of us lived without a housekeeper all my life before moving here. (Not exactly ‘social distancing’ to be in the close confines of a car with anyone outside the family you live with. masks might help with the air but the virus can live on surfaces .exposes yourself and your housekeeper to risks. you’d feel so terrible if you unknowingly are a carrier and she got sick for the sake of having shiny floors. To my earlier point If you’re housekeeper is ‘happy’ with you giving her rides I’d be concerned about what other precautions are being circumvented in her household
  14. WIne and (some):beer at Pancho’s this afternoon
  15. Received a voucher for a cancelled flight.this month but I want to pursue a refund....has anyone been Abe to reach them? No answer on any of the numbers on their webpage and there’s no online customer service feature
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