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  1. Yes this is very common all over Mexico and is a common driving courtesy that helps reduce congestion. It is sometimes called threading the needle and works well only where there are no Gringos who just don't seem able to master the concept and/or technique. As it is meant to work, if the shoulders are clear, on coming traffic will both pull over into their respective shoulders to allow faster traffic to pass in a virtual middle passing lane. Like it or not, legal or not, argue until you are blue in the face if you want - it is what is. When in Rome, do as the Romans do... Sadly,
  2. The local furniture store, not too far from Superlake on the same side as you head towards Riberas, will bring in anything that you find online. I can't remember the name of the store. Other than that, you may want to make a drive to Ocotlan. Lots of furniture outlets there and along the way. Much of what they build there is sold worldwide.
  3. As a foreigner your passport and immigration documents even for flights within Mexico are the only ID's recognized officially. I just flew back from Vancouver today (and boy are my arms tired). It was busy in all three airports along the way. The check in agent in YVR said yesterday was the busiest day she had ever seen in her 15 years there. The Canada day weekend is the official kick off for summer holidays so happy summer travel season to all....
  4. Hospital Civic (the new one) has a cutting edge nephrology clinic. PM me if you want contact info.
  5. The entry used to be at the glorietta before you get to the parking area. Instead of going straight to the airport at the glorietta, keep going around to the 9 O'clock position and look for the security gate and sign. As I said, This is how it used to be and that was along time ago. If there are no sign posted, be safe, give yourself extra time and ask at the airport.
  6. School is out so leave yourself a full 2 hours, no less. More if you can stand to get up that early. If you are lucky you will breeze through and have time for coffee or breakfast. If you really have bad luck you will get the holiday crowd with a thousand bags and kids to check in. In this scenario you will barely make your flight with a 2 hour lead time. Whoever said 15minutes never had to check bags during summer vacation. If you can, go to your airlines website and check in on line. This will save you time and, if you succeed, you should only have to look for the baggage drop line up (docu
  7. Hey, don't hide behind the girls, when it's the boys who are screaming in panic... :-) Other than that, you have hit the nail on the head. This vote is nothing more than an opportunity for Britain to renegotiate for better terms. Whether this means the end of EU or a renegotiated and strengthened EU remains to be seen but either way I think the main benefits can be retained under more realistic terms that allows each country to protect their own sovereignty - without an un-elected Brussels bureaucracy dishing out unilateral orders. \
  8. I really don't understand the constant outrage I read about on this board over restaurant prices in Ajijic. They offer some of the best deals around, anywhere. Bar none. I am currently in Vancouver and can assure everyone that prime rib, especially the high quality imported prime rib that Arileo offers, is most definitely NOT available here for anywhere near their extremely reasonable price. Here is a link to a menu from one of Vancouver's own popular steak houses that you can use to thank your lucky stars you live in Ajijic. Of course, if you really do enjoy being outraged over prices al
  9. The true pine nut is pinkish or white, very small and very expensive. Costco sells a larger white variety in the same section you find the unsalted almonds that is a lot cheaper and does a fine job. Once you taste a pine nut, you never go back. Just be careful when you toast them, a requirement to really bring out their yumminess. They scorch very quickly so keep an eye on them and take them off the heat as soon as you get a whiff of them toasting.
  10. Thanks for doing that Jrod, So it seems there is no need to panic. So for HSBC clients, we just have a couple weeks minor "inconvenience" (lol) of having to talk to a human at the bank to make a withdrawal while they remodel. Hey, maybe it's a nice way to get to know the people who work there. They really are very nice. The rest of you who bank elsewhere, well, ....there is always Walmart, Bancomer etc etc, or you could become an HSBC client if you find them convenient while your own bank is less so.....?
  11. Ah, a literalist. What you say may well be true, but where would be the fun in that?
  12. Since I am eating a late breakfast,I could have done without the picture Lol, but yes, these are the famed Chapulines served barbecue flavor in Oaxaca. For those who have tried them, now you know! I am told they taste just like chicaron. Sadly I am of the school that says "if it tastes just like chicken.." I would rather eat chicken.....
  13. Usually true unless there is another meaning for the same word. In this case Google translated sage to sabio. which means a wise person. Too funny...
  14. Since you are shopping around for quotes (great idea by the way, get as many as you can). Both Strom and Lake Chapala have excellent reps around here. Why not also quote this Guadalajara company so you have other options in hand. Gou have moved my effects 2 times and each time was an excellent experience. The last time was when I moved to Chapala. I do not know how they compare price wise with the locals but they were the cheapest of everyone I quoted and are pros in my books (no breakage, prompt, clean etc). http://www.mudanzasgou.com/
  15. Sweet car, it reminds me of that old London taxi I always wanted to buy and customize.
  16. Ignore the nay sayers. There are lots of vintage car clubs in Mexico, google "club de carros clasicos en mexico". You may even want to look into the Panamerican car rally - classic cars only need apply. If you speak Spanish, maybe start here: http://www.federacionautosantiguos.org.mx/ If you do not have spanish this will be good time to start that too!
  17. ....And while you are testing for "reacciones febriles", ask for parasiticos too, bringing that embarrassing little sample with you to the clinic. Make sure to use a sterile container, you can even buy them at most pharmacies to have a stock on hand. After all, Vermox Plus does not cure all the parasites to be picked up around here. Once you have your results in hand, if you are positive, PLEASE do not self medicate. That is why these bugs are becoming resistant to treatment. Take the results to your doctor for his recommended course of treatment. Then follow it! Thanks all. This was a gr
  18. Sad but true, anyone can and everyone does. I hope this inspires a few to get tested more often. That sore throat you described Portimom is one of the myriad of symptoms of Salmonella. It sort of feels like you spent the night snoring really loudly! There s also the vice grip around your temples....
  19. Yes Dr. Rodriguez is a nice guy and can get you patched up and on your way, but watch out for his network of specialists who tend to dramatically over charge! Many posters on others topics have had similar misadventures to report about Integrity, but then Typhoid and Salmonella is a tough bugger to diagnose without the blood tests. It can have lots of weird symptoms. Still, I don't know why so many doctors everywhere misdiagnose it, perhaps they just get calloused from seeing so many complaints every day, or perhaps are bored by their routines so they get sloppy? I am hearing much better repo
  20. Looks like Portimom and I agree on getting the blood tests. Might not hurt to get it done as a just in case. Especially if you have ever had a symptom that you treated yourself and now, after reading this, are wondering about. BMH, yes, that doctor was an a$$, but he cured me so not a total loss. So sorry to hear about your friends. Being a stoic does not always make sense but it is not only that. Unfortunately for many indigenous communities medical care can be largely absent, or is too expensive, or is very poorly served. Combine that with local lore and traditional beliefs or super
  21. Yeah, it can take about 10 days or longer before they culture enough that you feel symptoms. Glad you got over it - I bet you are too!. The important thing is finding out and then getting the right treatment. I sometimes wonder if anyone who self medicates may inadvertently be asymptomatic after not being treated for too long. Who knows, maybe ask for a salmonella test any time doc orders a blood work up? I dunno if that makes sense.'
  22. Yes, it can be confusing and If you have that info about H, O then you have had the tests and are dealing with a nasty bug. All the same, you had best ask your doctor the differences between the strains and the designations between them. You can also try googling "difference between salmonella and typhoid". Most cases here are salmonella infections and not typhoid. There is a difference technically but when you have either, you really don't care much about what is what, unless you want the bragging rights after you get better. I am not a doctor and do not want to give unqualified medical adv
  23. Portimom, yes to both your question.I have had the vaccine and, due to the remote locations I have worked in. I have enjoyed Salmonella typhi 4 times, each with varying blood counts from a mere 80 or so to several hundred. Believe me, you can feel the difference. The lower the count the harder it will be to diagnose or mistake for some other ailment. There is a difference between having that and full blown typhoid, determined by your blood count and by the strain of infection. Regardless, Bmh nailed what to do if you do get it. It is critically important that you follow what the doctor s
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