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  1. Haven't you heard the latest update about climate change for our area? Now its rains during the day and sun at night....
  2. Don't be too quick to blame the restaurant. It is not unusual for a restaurant to rent itself out to groups for private functions. We have done it many times for fund raising events. The restaurants have never asked us for guest lists ahead of time. I can easily see why a group such as this one would have preferred hiring a private venue vs dining in public. I also see no reason why the restaurant would have had any idea who the birthday/engagement party guests would be. Did any of you supply proof of identity of your guest list at your own private events over the years (weddings, retirement p
  3. Rule No. 1: Never believe anything you read in the papers .....
  4. Nino Heroes and Gonzalez Gallo in GDL are the nucleus of construction supply. If they do not have what you want, ask them multiple times for a referral. You will eventually find what you need. Welcome to shopping "a la Mexicana". Also some good guys out San Agustin way in GDL, Check your internet.
  5. Most seed companies will ship here in my experience. Try Googling your favorites. If that fails, expand your horizons to other providers. Good luck.
  6. You need to report the theft to Bancomer. Most ATM machines have cameras now, if this was one of them, make sure to ask for a picture of the guy. Next, file a report with the police just to have it on record. Give them a copy of the picture. This is important as it will help raise aware, if not get your money back Thanks for the heads up a good luck.
  7. Don't be too quick to blame the OP. That office is well known for it "capricious" behaviour. The level of service you get at any government office should not depend on whether or not you bring them nice snacks for lunch, or if you smile , or or or. Their job is to provide up to date, consistent and unbiased government services. Period.
  8. Neither did I until I googled it. I am not advocating the method so if you try it, try it in a well ventilated area...just in case :-)
  9. I see no one has an answer yet, no in an attempt to be helpful I saw caustic soda ( Sodium hydroxide or Lye) for sale at the ferreteria next to Technolite in Riberas this morning. I realize this is not what you want, but maybe if they sell that you can also find soda ash in the hardware stores? You can also look for washing soda at Superlake in the laundry detergent section. Failing that, make it? http://naturesnurtureblog.com/ttt-turn-baking-soda-into-washing-soda/ Good luck.
  10. Here's a list of ant species in Mexico, and yes, fire ants are among them. The tiny red fire ants are a bother but bigger tiger ants are the real painful ones... http://www.antwiki.org/wiki/Mexico
  11. Also do your research (IE: not limited exclusively to google but also talking to your doctor and getting second opinions), such as how long it takes to adjust to your new vision to the different types of lenses available and what you can realistically expect post surgery. You will notice differences, both positive and negative. DYODD.
  12. That is interesting, did you ask them why they were refused?
  13. Prisa is good, also check out all the different paint stores, they are your best option short of going to Home Depot.
  14. While you are at it, why not plan to stop for lunch at Arileos, it will make for a very enjoyable trip. The Vivero is best done in the mornings if it is a hot sunny day, but if it's cloudy, go anytime. Hmmm, I may just have figured out what I will do today.....
  15. Lol, she certainly has attitude that girl....
  16. Yeah, I like Unit Converter too. Best of all, it seems to be ad free too (at least so far). Al's advice is good though. Everyone has different needs and different preferences. Just make sure you are not paying for them first.
  17. Niki, sorry you had such a bad experience, but like the others who vouch for him I too must comment that your experience is so far out of the norm for the Jackie we all know that I find myself grasping at other reasons why he did not show up for you. Are your dogs kept clear when he comes? He may be too polite to say anything to you. Just guessing.
  18. Lithops can be found at the vivero de Cactus, located mountain side not far from Arileos. Sorry, its beena a while so don't recall the exact location on that stretch. Follow their signs. It is well marked. You will also find yourself in cactus and succulent heaven when you arrive, most are small in size for a collectors market. There is another cactus vivero on the lakeside near Alcaseca, but this is not the one. They too are worth a quick visit just to view their lovely large cactus.
  19. Thanks Ednet94. I do not fly viva aerobus so did not know the latest scoop on GDL T2. BTW, in case anyone worries why not, I do not fly them because they do not go to where I go, no other reason. For those interested, it is owned by a consortium including Europe's Ryan air and some of Mexico's largest bus companies. I have been told by a user that they are pretty good as far as discount airlines go. I am not surprised to hear about T2 given the colorful history of that terminal. I suppose it was inevitable. I am hoping DF's T2, also owned by Aeromexico, goes the same way once the new airp
  20. OK, here is the scoop from a weary traveler. 1. Always go through immigration at the airport where you leave the country (port of exit), NOT where your trip begins. In this case if you to fly from Guadalajara ("GDL") then Mexico City ("DF") then Paris, you will go through immigration in DF. If you leave the country from here, then you go through immigration in GDL. 2. If you are asking about T1 or T2 you need to specify which airports. Both GDL and DF have a T1 and a T2. GDL T1 is where all but Viva Aerobus leave from as a previous poster correctly explained. So even if you are flyin
  21. Death, taxes and rising gas prices. All three are a money grab that just keeps on giving...
  22. Cedros, What! I thought all Americans remembered the Alamo (apologies, couldn't resist). Los Alamos is the section of highway between the Periferico, and the turn off for Lazaro Cardenas and Tonala. Specifically, it is that topographic low just after the by pass fr the Tapatia Hotel and Residencia and is where all the buses stop, You will see a KFC and a used car tiange there, as well as a big pedestrian overhead (that no one seems to use). Failing these visuals, it is also where that massive traffic bottleneck occurs. Hope this helps....its only roughed in by the blue circle....
  23. Lots of drunk and/or careless drivers on that stretch. Not overly bike friendly there either. The Ribera Chapala is not for active people of the kind used to the ease of sports activities NOB, especially if its REALLY NOB, like the Seattle and Vancouver areas. Active sports are doable here but it takes, planning, co-ordination, large groups for safety, nerves of steel and a deep masochistic tendency that makes love of the adventure of it all worth the effort. If you plan on staying active well into your nether years, this is not the place for you. The local inertia will soon have you wat
  24. Ahem....did someone forget to pay a bill on time??? Ni modoTodo salgo bien...
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