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  1. Que locura. Thanks for a belly laugh Lobo. ...well, I am in West Ajijic, the weather is clear, I just had a non telmex technician fix all the lines inside and outside my house last week and my internet has dropped twice in one hour. Pretty much business as usual..... No tienen verg├╝enza.....lol
  2. If you read the customs declaration card you will see you are allowed to bring in a computer. Go online to see read specifics or pick up a form at the airport, available in Spanish and in English. Maybe some reader has a copy they can scan and post here? Since it seems to be a used computer I doubt there will be an issue. I have on a few occasions bought NOB and traveled with two computers, old and new. I have had both the red and green light when coming back with them. It was not an issue after a simple truthful explanation of why I had two computers.
  3. Don't know what you mean by the regular stuff, but SW does sell a water based enamel. I am about to try it out so don't know yet how good it is. Prisa has a high end product that I like better than Comex's very stinky enamel, but it needs to be sprayed for best results. Its called Milco and is an int/exterior oil based anti-corrosive enamel that dries hard as nails. Prisa is also moderately stinky so keep a lit candle in the room to help with the fumes, and keep the space well ventilated. Smell goes away quickly. Dries to tacky in about 2 hours but in this humidity, leave the paint to cure ove
  4. No hay de que. Make sure to discuss what kind of paint you want to use. There is a lot of great options on the market right now for hard wearing areas.
  5. Claudio Castillo. Speaks perfect English if that is important, reasonable rates, reliable, professional Cel: 331-436-3621
  6. They grow well in protected (ie: the warmer) parts of your garden with the right light. Our weather can get a bit nippy for vanilla orchids so if it dips around zero in winter, be kind and give it a blanket. The vanilla will tell you what works for it by how quickly it grows. You can self pollinate the flowers to get beans. Google it. There are videos on Youtube.
  7. Yup, this most certainly is not Kansas. Thanks to the Walkers and Alan Mexicali for saying it so perfectly. Yes to what everyone else said too, but you must understand that NOB "sue happy" ways just don't get much traction around here, so best to start out right. In your case you may need to go into recovery mode. If you start by yelling "j'acuse" two weeks into a job you will quickly find your reputation has spread. Take a deep breath, be nice, AND be polite when you do see the guy, heck maybe even apologize for flying off the handle saying something human like... " I just don't know how thi
  8. Where is Andrea Martin when we really need her...New to writing promo material are you? :-)
  9. Could you also post directions to "the auditorio" for those who do not know where it is? Txs
  10. Costco.com.mx has a link at the top of the page to Google translate. Set it to what ever language you want. Its far from perfect but better than nothing. Local Costco does not do nearly a good a job of maintaining their website as NOB Costco does so get used to going there to see is in stock. Use Amazon.com not Amazon.com.mx and click on the filter "ships to Mexico". That will solve that issue. Again Amazon Mexico does not offer nearly as much options as NOB Amazon. You'll figure it out. Good luck and learn Spanish quickly if you are here long term. You will vastly improve your quali
  11. Sorry, I cannot speak for the Costco brand but they do sell Citrical here at the local Walmart. Citrical, which is a calcium citrate, is more easily absorbed by the body that a calcium carbonate. Most calcium supplements are made with the cheaper calcium carbonate. Citrical also contains magnesium and vitamin D to help absorption. Bontekoe, read the post. Arjay can't very well read a bottle label in a Mexico Costco from NOB. It would help if Costco mx website would actually list ALL their products. But they don't so play nice and try be constructive. Whoops, Ferret just beat me to it. Now
  12. Arq. Roberto Millan. He has an office on Colon near the Malecon in Ajijic. Google him.
  13. I see it as fundamental legal differences accorded to temporary or permanent residency status vs full citizenship.
  14. Very true Chillin. My concern is the perp we are looking for has apparently already done time in jail so he will be more hardened than most "weekend samplers". Witness the recent car chase that resulted in the death of one of his associates and how quickly he is back at work after that incident. This bad boy is organized.
  15. Only a lawyer can answer that question Ajijic hiker, but it may have to do with why burglaries are also hard to convict NOB - lack of evidence. It may boil down to your word against theirs. So get a camera, video, voice recorder etc, anything you can to record evidence. Thanks for posting the new pics Anita. This new vehicle suggests he is using stolen cars. He also may not be a local fellow but drives in from GDL or elsewhere. We also see him potentially using disguises. The fellow I saw in RdeO was as seen in the first picture above and was spry and very friendly when questioned by a ne
  16. Ocotlan furniture stores have lots, mostly modern or contemporaneous styles. Depends on what you are looking for. Furniture for less will order anything you want, mostly deal with traditional stylrs (Palliser, Lane etc). There is also the furniture strip with Artex-Plascencia-Tutto Pelli (Italian leather) on Lopez Mateos at Popocatepetl, near Plaza del Sol, NW side of the road. "Mueblas Artex" and "Bo Concept" make lovely modern and Danish style furniture. Both have web sites. Major stores like Liverpool, Palacio de Hierro sell top line and designer models but have a good range of prices. Some
  17. Thanks again for your diligence. For those of you not on the mailing list here is a picture of the guy that was the subject of yesterdays chase. He appears to be wanted by the police in Chapala and Jocotepec too. I wonder if he also fits the MO of the pepper spray bandit that has operated on and off over the years around here. Either way. lets keep up the pressure so these guys never get an easy welcome. Notice as I received it today: ..."This is the Ladron who attempted to break in to Main Gate Rincon Colonial Condo. (photo of man here) This is the car he stashes near whe
  18. Any idea of his age? Teenager, middle aged, Geeser ( wink ).
  19. Thank you Geeser, this is important info you have obtained. I am watching my area in RdeO right now. Camera in hand. Make sure the police get that license plate!
  20. Whoa, this topic is out of control. Is this rainy weather getting ya'll down? Seems worthy of a William Golding novel.
  21. Search the topics on this forum. There was an extensive discussion recently on what is available.
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