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  1. Wow Cedros, that story is a real blast from the dark ages. I am amazed CFE finds that a suitable solution and am sorry you have had to deal with it. You can avoid the hassle if you register with CFE online and provide your email and click the box opting for email invoices. CFE will deliver your bill to your inbox. I use the Switch app to pay it from my cell phone but have also paid it online. Either works great, although I have no idea if it works with a non Mexican credit card, Maybe someone can try it and post results here?
  2. I too had trouble with HSBC payments not going through, not the least because you have to enter that 30 digit reference number that changes with each bill. Simply too much room for error there. I now pay at CFE online directly using my Mexican credit card. They charge a 7 pesos service charge for the privilege of paying your bill with them, which is chintzy since you are paying at source so it costs them less, but that 7 pesos is cheaper than what the banks charge so its your choice. No extra fee to pay at a teller. I can't figure the logic out but it is what it is...well maybe the logic is a
  3. Curioser and curioser said Alice to the cat. I hope you feel better soon Giltner, come back anytime. Thanks for explanation Gringal
  4. Jose Luis Ruvalcaba through Chapala tree service. A top notch pro. Look under Tree Services under advertisers along the right side bar.
  5. Good grief Giltner, why so judgemental? Ever consider that we have been too busy participating in the local activities to worry about who says what on this board? With the kindest intent possible, please turn off your computer and go outside and join in the fun. You may discover you are less disappointed. Hope to see you there.... Can we go outside now please?
  6. Wow,I wonder if its from watching too much TV, you know, all those egocentric shows where everyone always has evil or criminal intent? This story is not like that. I suppose this is starting to stray off topic but, in addition to what Mexpat said, I would also like to add being a believer in rabies shots for all...
  7. Its too bad such a good story turned sour so quickly. I hope Mexpat +1 remember the funny side of this and can let the rest go, having learned the sad but valuable lesson about posting on open and public web sites. Good on you for standing up for your beliefs and good luck with the possums.
  8. This story was just getting funnier by the minute until the alarmists jumped in. I would think it logical the poster was not talking about killing them, else why go public with such a grisly intent? Using the dogs sense of smell to find out where they are hidden(perhaps behind a wall), so they can be safely removed before they die of starvation makes more sense to me. I am sure they have already looked at all areas accessible to people and dogs. Chances are the babe (s?) are well hidden behind or in some dark crevasse. A cat could find this too. Why not let yours in there to see what it c
  9. I am beginning to think that dealing with computer malfunction frustration now tops death and taxes on the list of the only things we have to do in life.......
  10. Here's a link in English. Very sad. http://mexiconewsdaily.com/news/two-police-officers-executed-in-jalisco/
  11. Also, as I understand it, if you remodel a home and pay the taxes and get the official factura, those remodeling costs can be used towards reducing any capital gains on the house when you sell it. Otherwise not.
  12. Ricardo Vasquez has a crew, truck, equipment, speaks English. Very good, very reliable, in demand. Cel 331 094 9686
  13. There are others on this board who can provide better info I am sure, but if you are provided with an official factura (taxable invoice) then you must pay it as he must may the government the 16% tax when he files his monthly income tax statement. This is the legal way to do business in Mexico. This 16% may or may not be recoverable by you depending on how you are organized for tax purposes in Mexico. By law all services must be invoiced for tax purposes. As we all know, this rarely happens locally but is on the increase nationally as Hacienda cracks down on tax evasion and the underground eco
  14. Lol 007tennis is making like a tough guy who depends on a gun to make up for certain other missing attributes.... Sorry tennis, I am afraid scare tactics don't work around this group. We tend to band together. Oh look, it seems your original post already seems to be taken down. So its game on. Anyone for tennis?
  15. Thanks guys, that's a great comeback. Sorry about the ear drums AH, It "sounds" like I didn't miss a thing. Hope they heal quickly!
  16. Sorry to hear that Mike. Did you go to the meeting last night to hear what was said, I am still very interested to hear about how things went. Anybody?
  17. Meantime...Does anyone have anything positive and/or constructive they can add about the meeting last night? Those of us who could not go would appreciate a summary of the event. Thanks.
  18. Why do you guys give him so much power over you by letting him get to you so much? Put him on ignore if he gets your blood boiling that easily. Otherwise may I kindly suggest chilling out. Your reactions only help to feed the beast and make the rest of us want to go elsewhere....
  19. LOL, I just asked a Mexican friend who had her car in for work at Oscars recently. She said he has moved to San Antonio. These are her directions so don't shoot the messenger. Follow the careterra towards Riberas from Walmart, pass Superlake and go over the bumpy section, but not the speed bumps by the 7-11 in Riberas, before the 7-11 bumps and past the bumps after Superlake, turn right. his garage is just off the corner. Good luck and God help us if they ever fix all the bumps. Viva Mexico...
  20. Don't know if its temporary, but the page appears to have been taken down......
  21. Ah well, what can be said from this point forward. If police are going to go airing their garbage in the streets - wherever they are...maybe, just maybe, that is how they earned their nickname? Then again, considering how this topic has digressed maybe we all like to throw our garbage into the street every now and then? My first comment on this thread still makes sense. Easy to manage, although admittedly taking more effort than commenting on this board....
  22. I doubt splitting hairs on who exactly it was is the right message. What matters is that anyone who is in a position of authority or who is a "persona de fe" has an obligation to lead by example. In fact we all have that obligation. Dumping garbage on the street is not how to represent your culture nor the respect you have for yor parents upbringing. I would report the incident. The authorities will know who had the red truck. Hopefully the relevant authority has internal disciplinary procedures.
  23. Antonio Arceo, a top notch pro. Master electrician and plumber and general contractor and a pleasure to work with. Has good working English too. Works with a team of pros. Cell: 331 520-8980
  24. Poetry Sometimes all you have to do is breath...
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