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  1. Anyone know how to use this on a Motorola (Android)? Having had 2 cell phones stolen in the past It would be good to have.
  2. Ditto what Out1 said. I have both for now. AT&T is supposed to begin wider Mexico coverage this autumn with the launch of additional satelites and they plan to build more towers according to the asesor I spoke with. Didn't find mention of that info on google though. There is a lag between Telcel and AT&T calls, so don't hang up if you don't hear anyone on the other end, their voice will eventually come through - one of Slims last annoyances to discourage defectors I suppose? AT&T also offers a wider selection of cell phones to buy at much more reasonable rates than Telcel, de
  3. Is it possible the only real reason it didn't work before is because they did not maintain a regular maintenance schedule, opting instead to let it grow until they can come and do a mass cleaning every 5 years or so. Maybe a budgetary thing?
  4. Try the search function, there have been numerous past posts on this topic. Look for Electroventa.
  5. By the way, Civil defense was on the free highway just past Sayula blocking access due to the erupting volcano. Anyone planning to travel that way may need to make alternate plans.
  6. Well I left the garbage barrel out again and it is completely full of water. I drove through upper La Floresta and the river down the center drag has left quite a channel. I think the church may have flooded again too but did not get up that far to see. I drove out to Sayula today via Joco and the waterfalls off the mountains were beautiful. The damage along the stretch was impressive too, including a raging river where the bike path should have been and many of the roads too. I saw mud flows and rock and debris falls and a section of the Joco bpass that may still fail over the next couple of
  7. .....or worse, this could be seen as a tempting proposition except that rule of law requires just that,rule of law, else don't complain if you don't get it. Without it, you have anarchy. The problem does not seem to be in starting this sort of violence, it seems to be in how to stop it....
  8. Ni hay de que. Get into the lateral at Rio Bravo and continue west one short block. You can't miss it.
  9. Consider searching the topic, there have been many past threads that included very sound advice about the actual legalities involved.
  10. Have not seen him but have found wonderful black earth at the garden center just west of Rio Bravo on the north side of the Carretera.
  11. Alfa, you may not have heard the entire story from other threads. The perp was seen originally associated with the car that was involved in the chase- so not such a leap. Lets not turn this thread into a hair splitting session please. Its more important the perp get stopped or at least stop his next robberies. Did anyone get a picture of the second guy?
  12. This may be a bit out dated but the last I went, it opens at 6am. Adult swim time is the mornings (they offer aqua aerobics at 8am sometimes). The afternoons are dedicated for the kiddies. Best to reserve your time slot ahead of time of you plan on doing laps. If you get updated info, It would be good to post here.
  13. Did you also happen to get a picture of that white car that backed into mine when it was parked in downtown Ajijic the other day? The only alternative is to report it to the police and give them the license number. They are the only ones who have access to that information. Mind you, they will likely tell you the same thing the other two posters did....just get it fixed, like I am doing.
  14. I like to think its the owners who should be put down. So many dog owners seem to have a screw loose somewhere where they assign their pet human like rational and emotional capabilities. Their level of denial reminds me of Monty Pythons Black Knight in The Search for the Holy Grail :-) When I had my incident with the dogs in Canacinta the police told me they could do nothing since "we can't arrest a dog". They said I should go to civil defense and the procuraduria municipal to file separate reports. So the police are impotent to help in the event of a dog attacking a human. However, I did
  15. Its not about being a busybody, its about what happens when one of those kinfolk cry foul, die unexpectedly, gets hurt, food poisoning etc etc. The OP outlined a business model that incurs liability issues among other legal issues. I am sure many may choose to go it alone and cross their fingers nothing bad happens. Lcscats gave very good advice. I hope the OP looks into it first before deciding what to do.
  16. Lol. I love these new highways that are declared open years before they are finished. Of course no one uses a highway to nowhere (anyone remember the play "Our Town"). I see these roads as equivalent to a hotel California. You can get on anytime you like, but you can never leave. I agree that completed on and off ramps would be a good idea albeit a novel one if their past road building track record is any indication. So far all new roads built over the years have neglected to include off ramps int he Chapala direction and users are relegated to using those ultra dangerous U-turns, or driv
  17. There are no hard and fast rules as it seems situation dependent each time. In general 5-10 pesos depending on how much is there. Ten is the usual. If its a heavy load, 20. I have seen a few pesos (less than 5) given by my Mexican friends as a norm so we seem to be the big tippers . Gas attendants. If they just pump gas, nada to 10 pesos depending on attitude. Around here that is usually 10 pesos as they are nice. If they ask to check levels etc, 10 to 20 pesos if I am in a good mood, ...or they are. Home Depot thugs or other aggressive car loader-window washer types (you know the on
  18. Agree that the "best bank" is the one that offers you what you need. All banks here have pros and cons about them. If you can keep a balance, check out HSBC Premier or Advance. It gives you seamless access to all your cross border needs. HSBC also happens to be the only accessible major bank in the area, All the others have serious parking issue or are small private banks with more limited services. Search the topics for previous discussions on banks. There have been many.
  19. Lol, you are right on Mudgirl. Another thing to watch for with the auto updates is they seem to enjoy resetting your personal privacy configurations back to the Windows default options. They also seem to enjoy installing apps that track you "socially". Its a good idea to go back and check your settings after each update and look for any new installed programs and apps. Evernote was the last to appear in Outlook, but with no where to go to uninstall it. , by the way, Big Brother IS watching and he has a piece of white tape holding his glasses together..... Who else but a nerd would name hi
  20. It seems to me that the popularity of these sorts of events wax and wane with the years, depending on the organizers, the promotors, the level of politial and financial suport, and the times we live in. I grew up in a small town that had their annual festivities. Those festivities have provided me with some of my fondest memories growing up there. Yet those festivities came and went over the years. I just checked their website and am pleased to see they are back once again.. Perhaps you and your archive are a part of keeping that alive. For that alone I think it's historical importance is reas
  21. I still recall a time when paying CFE was a nightmare of long line ups and, when the new automatic tellers were first introduced, many incidences of fraud. CFE has certainly come a long way since then and there are many options available to suit most. Now if they would only see their way to eliminating the gratuitous 7 pesos surcharge. We already pay for the service we should not also pay just to be able to pay.... I think the issue to this story was also tied to forgetting to pay. Being an absent minded type myself I can identify with that. My workaround is to use my computer and my smar
  22. As everyone else said about good deals, but also get a police report on the cars serial number. Its a good precaution.
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